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1932-05-07 “The Dawn-Breakers” book

No. 67 - October 1932 - page 4

"You may be interested to know that many of the distinguished men to whom

Shoghi Effendi sent a copy of "The Dawn-Breakers as a present, wrote him in answer

that it is one of the most beautiful books they have seen for a long time. This

proves how succesful you have been in that important task." (To Mrs. Marion

Little, Secretary of the Publishing Committee, New York, through Ruhi Afnan, May

7, 1932.)

In the same letter, written by the Guardian:

"I wish to reaffirm in person the cable I was moved to send to your address

expressing my keen appreciation of and profound gratitude for the manner you as

well as your collaborators have cooperated in producing such a splendid and

impressive edition. It is a striking and abiding evidence of the efficiency and

exemplary devotion which characterize your work for the Cause."

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