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1932-05-28 On Collection of Baha'i Funds

No. 67 - October 1932 - page 4

"Shoghi Effendi wishes me to acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated

May 8th, 1932, telling him of some incidents that transpired during the Convention

this year, especially when funds were collected for the Temple. He was very glad

to learn of the wonderful spirit that prevailed in those gatherings; for it is

only through such a spirit of devotion and sacrifice that the Cause can prosper

and its message embrace the whole world. It was also wonderful to see the interest

shown by the public in the general gatherings that formed part of the Convention


"Shoghi Effendi hopes that as the Temple is gradually completed this

interest will increase and they will try to share in the spirit that motivates the

friends and accepting the Faith of Baha'u'llah, arise to serve it and dedicate

their life to its spread.

"Such gatherings for collections of funds are permissible if it is done with

a true spirit of sacrifice, not when the audience is especially aroused to a

frenzy and mob psychology is used to induce them to pay.

"Shoghi Effendi has repeatedly stated that no pressure should be used upon

the friends and psychological pressure falls under that category. But there is

much difference between such gatherings often used by religious bodies, and a true

quiet, prayerful atmosphere when a person is, of his own accord, aroused to make

some sacrifice. The distinction is very delicate, but it is for the Chairman to

use his power to see that one desirable form is not corrupted into the other. All

the activities of the Cause should be carried through in a dignified manner.

"Shoghi Effendi is sure that the funds gathered at the last Convention was

not due to the play of mob psychology but to the prayerful attitude of the friends

and their desire to make further sacrifice." (to Mrs. Corinne True, Wilmette,

through Ruhi Afnan, May 28, 1932.)

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