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1932-08-03 To live to teach today is like being martyred

No. 68 - November 1932 - page 3

"Every day has certain needs, In those early days the Cause needed Martyrs and people who would stand all sorts of torture and persecution in expressing their faith and spreading the mess-age sent by God. Those days are, however, gone. The Cause at present does not need martyrs who would die for their faith, but servants who desire to teach and establish the Cause throughout the world. To live to teach in the present day is like being martyred in those early days. It is the spirit that moves us that counts. not the act through which that spirit expresses itself; and that spirit is to serve the Cause of God with our heart and soul."

(To Tahirih Mann, Baltimore. Md., through Ruhi Afnan, Haifa, ·August 3, 1932.)

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