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1932-09-02 purchase of Mount Carmel lot

No. 67 - October 1932 - page 2

On September 2, Shoghi Effendi cabled this important information:

"Prolonged delicate negotiations resulted purchase (for) $5,000 a lot adjoining the precincts of the Bab's Shrine. The deed has been officially registered (in the name of) American National Assembly, Palestine branch. Mailing documents to national Secretary. Inform all believers who, in response to my appeal, transmitted their donations through the National Assembly."


This refers to the appeal which the Guardian made in his letter dated October 24, 1925, at which time it had become apparent that certain non- Baha’i interests were contemplating the purchase of land on Mount Carmel. As the result of that appeal, a number of believers sent contributions to the Guardian. who purchased various pieces of land in the name of the individual donors. Other believers contributed to this special fund through the National Spiritual Assembly, and it is these combined and joint donations which have made possible the latest purchase mentioned in the cablegram.

Within the past few months, the Spiritual Assembly of Honolulu has taken steps to transfer to the National Assembly, Palestine branch, the title to the property on Mount Carmel which they purchased some years ago through the Guardian and had held in the name of one of their members as trustee.

It is for the best interests of the Cause that as many individual believers as possible, who now hold land on Mount Carmel! follow the example of the Honolulu friends. The Guardian will have the transfer of title made at Haifa, and believers may write him of their intention.

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