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1932-10-21 the Covenant & inheritance

USBN #80 - January 1934 - pages 5

As regards the meaning of the Baha'i Covenant: The Guardian considers the

existence of two forms of Covenant both of which are explicitly mentioned in the

literature of the Cause. First is the covenant that every prophet makes with

humanity or, more definitely, with His people that they will accept and follow the

coming Manifestation who will be the reappearance of His reality. The second form

of Covenant is such as the one Baha'u'llah made with His people that they should

accept the Master. This is merely to establish and strengthen the succession of

the series of Lights that appear after every Manifestation. Under the same

category falls the Covenant the Master made with the Baha'is that they should

accept His administration after Him....

To divide the inheritance as it is prescribed by Baha'i we have to divide it

into 2,520 shares. But we can also divide it into 42 shares. Then every one of the

beneficiaries will take so many of these shares. These numbers form like a highest

denominator for the different individuals that will benefit in case of intestacy.

In case of the non-existence of one class of inheritors the Aqdas mentions how it

should be divided. As a general rule a part goes to the House of Justice, a part

to the children. - (To Mr. Dales S. Cole, October 21, 1932.)

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