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1932-11-11 politics and letters to Guardian

USBN #71 - February 1933 - pp. 2

"Shoghi Effendi wishes me to acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated

October 24, 1932, regarding elections in the United States.

"The Guardian has written the National Assembly in detail and given them the

principle upon which he would like to see them act. He has asked them to advise

the friends accordingly and also to expound the principle so as to apply to the

local conditions in America.

"To facilitate matters and avoid misunderstandings he prefers to refer you

and the individual friends to them (the National Assembly). He is sure that you

will obtain full satisfaction by putting the question to them. The purpose of the

Guardian in this is not to avoid the issue but only to facilitate matters and

eliminate misunderstandings. In all such matters the friends should first approach

the Local, then the National Assembly and only in case they can obtain no

satisfaction should they approach the Guardian on these matters. This way many

difficulties will be avoided." - (To Mrs. Corinne True, Wilmette, Illinois,

through Ruhi Afnan, Haifa, November 11, 1932).

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