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Her Eternal Crown: Queen Marie of Romania and the Baha’i Faith, Della L Marcus, pp195-6

The Guardian has already sent you a large bottle of attar of roses. He could not find beautiful small bottles here in which he could pour it. You could there find better ones and divide the quantity as you deem best. As the attar is very volatile you should be very careful in choosing the bottles.

The Guardian fully endorses your plan of having the Queen write a foreword to the Romanian translation of Dr Esslemonťs book. It will surely have great effect in helping the spread of the book and raise it in the esteem of the public . . .

The Guardian would very much like to know how the Queen will receive Nabil’s narrative; so in case she writes you anything to that effect please let Shoghi Effendi know about it. He sincerely hopes that the reading of that book and acquaintance with those heroic lives will deepen her faith and strengthen her bond with the Cause. It is surely impossible for a noble and altruistic soul to read those accounts of self-sacrifice and not become deeply stirred, or find a complete change in his outlook . . .

I only wish to add a few words in person, immersed as I am in a sea of correspondence, and assure you of my ever-deepening admiration for the spirit and manner in which you are promoting the interests of our beloved Faith. I feel that a prolonged stay of two years in central and south-eastern Europe would be most valuable and I would leave it to your discretion as to the time you should spend in the countries and cities in that part of Europe. May the Beloved bless richly your high endeavours.

1932-11-17 to Martha re Marie and Nabil’s Narrative

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