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1932-12-04 photograph of exterior decoration of Temple dome

No. 70 - January 1933 - page 2

... by Shoghi Effendi to the National Treasurer on December 4, 1932:

"The photograph of a section of the exterior decoration of the dome has

thrilled me. What a great and priceless opportunity lies before the American

believers! How great a responsibility rests upon their shoulders! It is in their

power by their self-denial, their heroism and concerted efforts, to lend an

impetus to the world-wide spread of the Faith, such as no believer has ever yet

witnessed ever since the inception of our glorious Cause. Let them ponder the

assurances, the promises, the warnings, of our departed Master and, despite the

prevailing depression, arise to carry out the last wishes of His beloved sister,

the Greatest Holy Leaf."

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