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1933-03-27 role of Green Acre

USBN #73 - May 1933 - page 2

to Mrs. Ivy Edwards, Secretary of the Eliot Spiritual Assembly: (through his secretary)

"Your group occupies an important position in the Baha'i world for you are

situated in that locality where the Green Acre Summer School is held - the most

important institution of its kind in the world. Through your persistent efforts

all the people living in that vicinity should learn of the true spirit of the

Faith and be drawn to it. They should not only be made to befriend the Cause, but

arise for its active service.

"The world is in great turmoil and its problems seem to become daily more

acute. We should therefore not sit idle; otherwise we would be failing in carrying

out our sacred duty. Baha'u'llah has not given us His teachings to treasure them

and hide the for our personal delight and pleasure. He gave them to us that we may

pass them from mouth to mouth until all the world becomes familiar with them and

enjoys their blessings and uplifting influence.

"You inquired regarding the meaning of the sentence, 'The Mysterious Power

that creates new spiritual worlds.' This, Shoghi Effendi believes, refers to the

transcendental Essence of God who is the Creator of this world and the worlds to

come; for as Baha'u'llah says, God's worlds are infinite."

And in the Guardian's hand:

"May the Almighty bless you and enable you, together with your diligent,

able and devoted collaborators in Eliot to hoist the standard of the Faith in that

part of your native land, where its institutions are fast developing and where its

light will be fully and resplendently revealed."

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