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Compilation on the Mother Temple and the Mashriqu'l-Adhkar

Compiled by Research Department of the Universal House of Justice.

  1. The Temple has, indeed, achieved one of its fundamental purposes in the Bahá'í community of today. For although its physical structure still remains to be completed yet, it has drawn to itself the attention of every believer throughout the world, and has become the focal centre of every important Bahá'í activity. In this way it has enabled the Faith to achieve the organic unity of its members, and to cement the bonds of co-operation and love between them. The spiritual significance of the Temple is thus made manifest to every fair-minded observer, and this alone is a sufficient proof of the divine potency with which it is endowed. What institution in our world of today has been able to weld together into one unit so many different communities, and has succeeded in concentrating their entire efforts on so noble and so unique an Edifice? Future historians of the Movement will undoubtedly consider such an event, which today seems to be of such slight significance, as one of the landmarks in the history of the world. 
(On behalf of Shoghi Effendi 31 October 1933 to an individual believer) 

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