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1933-12-10 individual baha’is and the Guardian

USBN #81 - February 1934 - page 5

The [Guardian's] reply is dated December 10, 1933.

"As to the important issue you have raised in this connection regarding the

nature and significance of the ties which must unite individual Baha'is with their

Guardian, it should be made clear that such a relationship, though it transcends

any relationship to an Assembly, is by no means intended to curtail the authority

of the administrative bodies of the Cause, that it rather serves to strengthen and

consolidate the unity of the Administration. Administrative efficiency and order

should always be accompanied by an equal degree of love, of devotion and of

spiritual development. Both of them are essential and to attempt to dissociate one

from the other is to deaden the body of the Cause. In these days, when the Faith

is still in its infancy, great care must be taken lest mere administrative routine

stifles the spirit which must feed the body of the Administration itself. That

spirit is its propelling force and the motivating power of its very life.

"But as already emphasized, both the spirit and the form are essential to

the safe and speedy development of the Administration. To maintain full balance

between them is the main and unique responsibility of administrators of the

Cause." (Here follows the Guardian's postscript.)

"It is invariably my purpose and constant effort to uphold and reinforce the

administrative principles of the Faith, and I trust that nothing will be allowed

to interfere with the proper functioning of these administrative bodies."

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