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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p172

The Guardian has directed me to inform you of the receipt of your much-appreciated letter of Dec. 29th, and to express his heartfelt thanks for your painstaking efforts in connection with the translation of Princess de Broglies article on the Cause. Your rendering is, indeed, very faithful and fully expressive of the beauty & power of the original. But Shoghi Effendi feels that the publication of the French text would not only do more justice to the author but would greatly enhance the universality & effectiveness of the ‘Bahà’í World’ itself. At his request one of our German believers is also writing an article, the German text of which will be published in the year book, gnd thus will give an opportunity to thenon-English-speaking Bahà’ís to better acquaint themselves with the contents of the Biennial.

Dear & precious co-worker:

I was delighted to read Marys article for the forthcoming issue of the Bahai World - a welcome evidence of her initial international activities & services for which I cherish the brightest hopes. I have not yet answered her letter to me preferring to wait until I receive a copy of her play the perusal of which will no doubt deeply interest me & the early publication of which the Reviewing Committee I trust will sanction. I am praying ardently for the speedy & complete realization of the Master’s hopes in, & promises to you, & wish you to take the utmost care of your precious health. You & your dear family are often in my thoughts & prayers, I assure you.

Your true brother, Shoghi

1934-01-18 to May Maxwell re Princess de Broglies and Mary article for BW


Princess de Broglies was a celebrated 20th-century society figure, acclaimed beauty, minor novelist and poet, Paris Editor of American Harper's Bazaar, fashion icon, and an heiress to the Singer sewing machine fortune.

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