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1934-01-29 re Persian youth traveling w/o credentials

USBN #82 - April 1934 - page 4

"I am directed by Shoghi Effendi to inform you that Mr. Yadullah Mobasser,

to whom you have referred in your note dated Jan. 9th, came last February to Haifa

and met the Guardian, and shortly after left for Europe. Having no recommendation

whatever from any Assembly in Persia, Shoghi Effendi insisted that he should

obtain a recommendation if he wished to meet and associate with the friends. He

apparently failed to follow the Guardian's instructions on this point, and had the

Paris Assembly or Madame Dreyfus-Barney been informed of that, they would have

certainly refused to give him any letter of introduction.

"The Guardian, wishing, therefore, to stress the necessity for every Baha'i

to abide by this important principle of the Administration, requests you to inform

the friends not to associate with him in case he comes to the States, unless and

until he can produce a recommendation from the Spiritual Assembly of the locality

in which he lives.

"Yours in His Service,"

(signed) H. Rabbani.

Haifa, Palestine,

January 29, 1934.

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