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1934-05-02 local newsletters (USNSA)

USBN #84 - June 1934 - page 13

This question is decisively settled in a letter to the National Assembly

dated May 10, 1934: "Concerning local Baha'i news letters, the Guardian strongly

feels that they should be primarily devoted to the spread of local news and

activities, and should under no circumstances contain any statement implying

criticism of or even interference with the policy of the N.S.A. They may

occasionally refer to items of a national scope, but this should be done only with

the view of assisting and not hindering the national body of the Cause to carry

out effectively its program and decisions. There is thus a definite line of

demarcation between correspondence initiated by local and National Assemblies.

Local activities should always be subordinated to those of a national character

and importance. This is intended not to minimize the role of the local Assembly in

the administrative order, but to establish and insure a sane relationship between

that body and the national organism of the Cause."

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