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1934-06-11 authority of NSA

USBN #85 - July 1934 - pages 2

" ... The Guardian wishes me to again affirm his view that the authority of the N. S. A. is undivided and unchallengeable in all matters pertaining to the ad- . ministration of the Faith throughout the United States and Canada, and that, therefore, the obedience of individual Baha'is, delegates, groups and Assemblies to that authority is imperative, and should be wholehearted and unqualified. He is convinced that the unreserved acceptance and complete application of this vital provision of the Administration is essential to the maintenance of the highest degree of unity amongst the believers, and is indispensable to the effective working of the administrative machinery of the Faith in every country."

(In the Guardian's hand) "I wish to reaffirm in clear and categorical

language, the principle already enunciated upholding the supreme authority of the

National Assembly in all matters that affect the interests of the Faith in that

land. There can be no conflict of authority, no duality under any form or

circumstances in any sphere of Baha'i jurisdiction whether local, national or

international. The National Assembly, however, although the sole interpreter of

its Declaration of Trust and By-Laws, is directly and morally responsible if it

allows any body or institution within its jurisdiction to abuse its privileges or

to decline in the exercise of its rights and privileges. It is the trusted

guardian and the mainspring of the manifold activities and interests of every

national community in the Baha'i world. It constitutes the sole link that binds

these communities to the International House of Justice, the supreme

administrative body in the Dispensation of Baha'u'llah."

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