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1935-01-27 attending LSA meetings

USBN #94 August 1935 p8

In comment on the ruling that members of local Spiritual Assemblies must be able to attend meetings:

"He believes that your Assembly was well advised in adopting such a ruling. For it is only too obvious that unless a member can attend regularly the meetings of his local Assembly, it would be impossible for him to discharge the duties incumbent upon him, and to fulfill his responsibilities as a representative of the community. Membership in a local Spiritual Assembly carries with it, indeed, the obligation and capacity to remain in close touch with local Bahá’i activities, and ability to attend regularly the sessions of the Assembly." (Haifa, January, 27, 1935).


Shoghi Effendi's view of the ruling

concerning the residential qualifications

of members of local Assemblies

adopted by the N. S. A. and published

in BAH A'I NEWS of January.

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