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1935-05-26 title of Mt Carmel land transferred to USNSA

USBN #93 July 1935 p3

Dearly beloved co-worker:
I am deeply appreciative of the spirit animating you, your dear mother, and the American believers in making these contributions for the safeguarding and promotion of the interest of the Faith at its world centre. It will, I am sure, be of interest to you and to your co-workers to learn that so far no less than fifty thousand (50,000) square pics of land within the area dedicated to the shrines on Mt. Carmel has been transferred to the Palestine Branch of your Assembly. The Indian National Assembly has also established its Palestine Branch this year and other Assemblies are following their example. The prestige of the Faith, as a result of these accomplishments, has been considerably enhanced.

Your true brother,

(From letter to the National Treasurer, dated May 26. 1935.)

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