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The Artist’s Daughter” , Nancy Douglas Bowditch, p230-1

28. From Shoghi Effendi (via H. Rabbani) to Daisy Smythe. Dated September 15th, 1935.

Beloved Bahai Sister,

The Guardian has just received your letter of August 19th, and has been much comforted and gratified to learn that your husband has been successfully operated, and that he is gradually recovering. Will you kindly extend to him his best wishes for his health which, he trusts, will be speedily and completely restored.

I wish also to assure you of the Guardians best wishes and prayers for the removal of your material difficulties and obstacles. He sincerely hopes that, under the guidance of Baha’u’lláh and through your patient, wise and sustained efforts, your material conditions will improve very soon, and will thus leave you free to devote more of your time and energy to the service of our beloved Cause.

In closing please kindly extend Shoghi Effendi s hearty greetings to Miss Juliet Thompson and also to Mr. Romeyn Benjamin, both of whom he hopes are keeping well and are as ever active in their labors for the promotion of the Faith.

Yours in His Service,

H. Rabbani

Postscript in Shoghi Effendi s handwriting

Dear and valued co-worker:

I wish to assure you again of my deep and abiding appreciation of your constant and manifold services to our beloved Cause. You have displayed such a remarkable spirit of faith, of devotion and loyalty to the Cause and its rising institutions, that future generations will ever remember it with pride and gratitude. Few, if any, have consecrated themselves so whole-heartedly and unreservedly to the interests of the Cause. The Beloved is well pleased, nay proud of the high standard you have already attained. I will pray that you may reach still greater heights of devotion and detachment in the days to come.

Affectionately, Shoghi.

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