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1935-10-02 books refing the Faith

USBN #96 DEcember 1935 p1

I wish also to express his thanks and appreciation for other enclosures and especially for the book 'Modern Mystics' by Sir Francis Younghusband, a copy of which you have been most kind in sending him. The author's account of the early days of the Movement is very thrilling, indeed, and quite authoritative, being based on Nabil's Narrative. It is hoped that this work will have great influence in spreading the Message in many circles. and in this way will give wide and effective publicity to the Cause."

In this connection the Guardian wishes me to draw your attention to a recently published book on 'Persia' written by an English lady by the name of Merrit-Hawks, in which she makes a few, though very favorable and significant statements regarding the importance and position of the Cause in that country. The author, who has traveled extensively throughout the land, and has associated with many classes of the population, has been much impressed all through the journey by the comparatively high intellectual, moral and spiritual level which the Baha'is occupy among their fellow-countrymen.

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