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1936-01-30 approval of plans of Rouhani family to leave Nayriz

Against Incredible Odds, pp76-8

Nayriz, Jináb-i Áqá Mírzá Muhammad-Shaff Rouháni, the pilgrim from Nayriz, upon him be the glory of God, the Most Glorious.

The letter of that spiritual friend dated 5 Shahru’l-Masail 92 was presented to His Highness, the Guardian of the Cause of God, and its contents attained his blessed glance. The sincerity and luminosity of that spiritual friend made him happy and caused him to express his loving kindness and compassion.

Your high praise of the sincerity, steadfastness, firmness and obedience of the Nayrizi friends in carrying out divine teachings and his own instructions, their frankness in fearlessly stating the truth, their valiance, as well as the integrity of those chargers in the field of understanding and certitude, particularly the Bahá’í youth, and most specially the actions of the Local Spiritual Assembly which have been the source of the glory of the Cause of God and exaltation of His Word, all of these have been hailed by the tongue of grandeur.

The Bahá’ís of Nayriz, ever since the rising of the Luminary of the world, have been self-sacrificing and self-effacing in the path of God, and are remembered for their valiance, bravery and high- mindedness. The activities of those ardent lovers are resplendent and brilliant like the morning star.

Praised be God! The spirit of His love still throbs in the veins and arteries of those believers standing firm in the Covenant and the glad-tidings of the Abhá Kingdom and outpourings of the Concourse on high keep them fresh, joyous and blithe.

The purpose is that Shoghi Effendi has not forgotten and will never forget the friends of that land. His loving glance and tender affections have been and will always be directed towards those true and faithful believers. At every moment he beseeches from the Kingdom of Splendours confirmations and success on their behalf. That spiritual friend has likewise been the recipient of his loving- kindness and favour. He was saddened by the news of the passing of your beloved young son, Mírzá Abdu’l-Husayn. He expresses his condolences and sympathy to the survivors of the one who has soared to the Friend of the Most High. He will implore in the sacred Shrines pardon, forgiveness and an exalted station for him.

He acknowledges the contributions made towards the purchase of lands surrounding the Shrine of the Báb in your name and in the names of Amatu’lláh Túbá Khánum Rouháni and your mother Nuríján Khánum Rouháni which have been received in the holy presence and accepted. He has issued separate receipts in the name of each individual.

You have requested permission to come on pilgrimage. He grants you permission. Your intention to leave Nayriz and settle elsewhere for the purpose of providing for the education and training of your children has met with his approval.

Those mentioned [in your letter], your children Jináb-i Áqá Mírzá Masih and the handmaids of the Merciful Shamsud-Duhá, Nayyirih Khánum, Pourándukht Rouháni, your brothers Jináb-i Áqá Mírzá Khalil Jináb-i Áqá Mírzá Alí-Akbar and Jináb-i Áqá Mírzá Jalál Rouháni, also your father-in-law Hájí Mírzá Ahmad Vahídí and brother-in-law Jináb-i Áqá Mírzá Abdu’l-Husayn Vahídí and Amatu’lláh Fátimih Khánum ‘Irfán, upon them, men and women alike, be Bahá’u’lláhu’l-Abhá, have been mentioned by the tongue of grandeur. From the court of the Most Glorious Lord he beseeches confirmations, success, bounty and favour on behalf of those spiritual friends. Convey his loving greetings to all.

Written in accordance with the instructions of his blessed person.

Núrud-Dín Zayn 13 Shahrus-Sultán 92 - 30 January 1936

Postscript in the handwriting of Shoghi Effendi:

It was perused. Signed: The Servant of His Threshold, Shoghi.


Things were difficult for the Rouhani family in Nayriz, but due to their position in the community and the difficulty of moving, they lacked the confidence to make such a transition. Shoghi Effendis message gave them the courage and assurance they needed to move ahead with the plans they had in mind.

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