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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p255-6

Shoghi Effendi has asked me to thank you for your very kind & assuring message of the 22nd ins. just received. He is indeed glad to realize the wonderful work which you & Miss Maxwell are accomplishing for the Faith in Europe. Mrs. Bolles and her daughter have given him most encouraging reports about your activities & he sincerely hopes that as a result of all these strenuous efforts you have exerted during these months the Cause in Germany, & particularly in France, will make a fresh start. The inspiration which your visit brought to the friends in these countries will no doubt stimulate them to greater & more united effort, & enable them to accomplish more for our beloved Faith.

Regarding your visit to the Holy Land; Shoghi Effendi would have very much liked to have you, & also Mr. Maxwell & Mary, come to Haifa & meet you all before his departure. But as summer is drawing near, & he feels so tired, & almost exhausted, after seven months of uninterrupted & strenuous work, he thinks it necessary to leave for his summer rest, & not to delay his going any longer.

In the meantime he would advise you to stay in Europe & continue your teaching work together with Mary. He thinks it would be better for her to be with you, preferably in Germany where you can be of immense service to the Cause. He hopes that Mr. Maxwell will join you later on, & that you all three will lend all the help you can to the extension of teaching work not only in Germany but also in Central Europe.

The Guardian thinks that the best time for you to undertake the pilgrimage & visit Haifa would be next fall. He hopes that you will arrange your program in such a way as to no longer delay your long-cherished pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Dearest co-worker:

Were it not for the fact that I feel tired & exhausted, as a result of my exceptionally heavy responsibilities, cares and preoccupations in recent months, I would have gladly postponed my departure in order to welcome you & Mary. I am in urgent need of absolute rest, & I am looking forward to the time I can extend to you a hearty welcome in recognition of your many & notable services. I certainly advise you to be with Mary during the summer months & not to separate yourself from her under any circumstances. Affectionately


1936-05-29 to May Maxwell re postpone pilgrimage and Europe teaching

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