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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp34-5

Wim Grosfeld, 29 June 1936

Dear Mr. Grosfeld,

The Guardian was deeply gratified to receive your very kind and assuring message of June 1st, and is indeed comforted to learn that you are keeping in good health, and are as ever deeply attached to the Cause. It was such a long time that he had no news from you, and was feeling really anxious, knowing well the difficult circumstances under which you were living in Holland. He is profoundly grieved to learn that you are still being faced with so many difficulties, and that you have not yet succeeded in securing a suitable position which would enable you to settle permanently in your country. He feels that in case you are sure to find some employment, or work privately in Java or in any other place you should not hesitate to do so.

As you have been already in the East, it would not be very difficult for you to return there and start once more your work. But before undertaking such a trip, the Guardian would advise you to make all the necessary enquiries, and to fully ascertain that once there you will be sure to find a proper job.

In his prayers and meditations, the Guardian will remember you and will specially entreat Bahá’u’lláh to protect, strengthen and guide you, and open before you the door of success. You should not feel discouraged at the sight of the obstacles that so severely confront you at present, but should feel confident that through your sustained and wise efforts and through Gods unfailing guidance you will succeed in overcoming them one by one. Also, you should bear in mind that sorrows and afflictions are a necessary part of life, and are often blessings in disguise, as they serve to open our eyes to the nobler spiritual aspects of life. Trials and sufferings are therefore very helpful to our spiritual growth, and as such should be accepted with the utmost resignation and submissiveness to the Divine Will.

With warmest Bahà’i greetings, and every good wish, yours in His Service, H. Rabbání

Dearly beloved co-worker:

It is such a joy and relief to hear from you after such a long silence. I do hope and pray from all my heart that your affairs may be speedily adjusted that you may be enabled to resume actively your work of service to our beloved Faith. Wherever you may settle and labour my prayers will ever be with you. I am eager to keep in close touch with you, and I hope you will continue to write to me about your plans and future decisions. Wishing you happiness and success from the depths of my heart, your true brother, Shoghi

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