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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p299

My dearest Mother:

. . . He was very touched by your desire to contribute to the upkeep of the hospitality offered pilgrims in Haifa, but felt he would prefer to use the sum in your and Daddy’s name for the purchase of land about the Shrine of the Báb on Mount Carmel. He felt this would make you both happy to have it spent for such a purpose. . . .

With the Guardian’s love to you and Daddy, as well as my own deepest love,

Your daughter,


Your prompt & exemplary response to the suggestions & requests I have felt urged to make in recent months has served to heighten my admiration for the spirit that has always so powerfully animated you in the service of the Cause. I wish you now to concentrate for a time your energies and attention on the immediate needs of the teaching work in whatever region you find it most agreeable and beneficent to your health. I trust that in this renewed effort dear Mr. Maxwell will be closely associated, & in conjunction with you win fresh laurels for the Faith. Mary, who continually shares with me the joy & anxieties which the evolution of the Cause must necessarily occasion is well, happy, & continually progressing. You should be quite assured & happy. Affectionately & gratefully


1938-11-13 to May Maxwell re support for hospitality

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