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193X-XX-XX Lou Eggleston (?) re 1st Year of LouHelen

No. 63 - June 1932 - page 4

To achieve success in such manner the first year is surely beyond what we could expect. Shoghi Effendi hopes that the friends will make the necessary preparation to do even more next season. Such gatherings will give chance to friends from different localities to corn.t together and exchange views on the different problems of the Cause and also attract new souls to the spirit and teachings of the Faith. Not only will their knowledge oi the writings · deepen but also the unity of the Cause will be strengthened and the work of teaching be enhanced. It is surely a wonderful service ]\Olr. and Mrs. Eggleston have rendered to the Cause. It is only God that can recompense them for it.

"Shoghi Effendi was very glad to hear that so many souls were confirmed there. As we see the suffering around us, caused. by the prevailing financial crisis, we should redouble our efiOlts in bringing the message of comfort and peace to those desperate souls, and add to our labors, that the golden age promised by BaM'u'lIih rna y dawn sooner."

[Ruhi Afnan]

"The account regarding your Baha'i summer school is most encouraging and augurs well for the future. I wish you to persevere in your efforts and extend its scope and influence. I win especially pray for the success of your devoted and continued efforts."

(Signed) Your true brother, Shoghi

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