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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp42

Max and Inez Greeven, 6 April 1940

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Greeven,

Your joint and eagerly-awaited message dated March 25th was indeed most welcome, and the Guardian was truly heartened by its perusal, and rejoiced to know that you are both keeping well, and are continually exerting your utmost for the spread of the Cause in Holland. You should rest assured that your painstaking efforts will in time bear fruit, and should not feel discouraged therefore if you have not so far succeeded in accomplishing any tangible results. Now is the time of seed sowing, and consequently one of slow and painful progress. But the harvest which the future shall reap will be incalculably rich, and great will also be your reward for having so unremittingly toiled in bringing it about....

Renewing to you both his prayers for your protection and safety in these trying times, and with the seasons warmest greetings.

Yours ever sincerely, H. Rabbání

Dear and valued co-workers:

I wish to assure you in person of my special prayers for your protection in these days of increasing stress and peril. I hope and pray that, despite the prevailing gloom, you may be graciously assisted by the spirit of our Beloved to win over to the Faith a few souls who, however small their number; may be able to lay a firm foundation for the glorious work destined to be accomplished in the days to come. May He inspire you and sustain you always. Your true and grateful brother; Shoghi

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