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USBN #141 January 1941 p1-2

It will certainly rejoice your heart to know that notwithstanding the difficulties created by the war situation, the Cause in the countries neighboring the Holy Land is making steady headway. In Damascus where the friends are well advanced with their plans for the purchase of a plot of land as site for their future Haziratu'l-Quds, and in Egypt where the authorities have at last granted, though only to two of our communities in Cairo and Isma'liyyih, special burial grounds, the prospect appears to be particularly bright and promising. This glad-tiding will assuredly impart infinite joy to all our American friends, and stir them to scale still nobler heights of self-sacrifice in service to our Cause."

SHOGHI EFFENDI, through his secretary, November 7, 1940, in letter to Mrs. Thomas Collins.

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