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USBN #137 July 1940, p4

With the Guardian’s consent, the National Assembly publishes an excerpt from the letter written by him to Miss Juliet Thompson on November 21, 1940. In giving permission, the Guardian informed the Assembly that "it should be published only for the information of the friends, and does not imply any collective action to be taken by them.”

"With regard to your question concerning the future position of America in the coming world war: it would be certainly premature to make any definite forecast at the present time, and the impression* that the Guardian meant that America would be necessarily drawn into the field of hostilities is also not correct. One thing, however, is absolutely certain, and which the Guardian himself has more than once emphasized, namely that nothing short of a full assumption by America of the grievous burdens, responsibilities and duties that naturally fall upon her as one

of the leading nations of the world can enable her to fulfil the high political mission which she has been called upon to play in the future political and social reconstruction of mankind. The destiny of America is inseparably bound up with that of the rest of the world, and it would be impossible therefore to conceive of her taking, in the long run, a purely passive attitude in regard to political and social developments that transpire in and agitate the remaining four continents of the globe."

* The impression that the last section of The Advent of Divine Justice means that America will inevitably enter the war.

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