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USBN #143 May 1941 pp3

It is his considered view that the Regional Teaching Committees, though appointed by the N. S. A. should be directly responsible to the National Teaching Committee, Inasmuch as this body's specific task is to supervise, direct and coordinate, under the general guidance of the N. S. A., all teaching activities throughout the U. S. A. and Canada.

The N. S. A.'s final jurisdiction over both the National Teaching Committee and the Regional Teaching Committees is certainly indisputable, and is of the same nature and character as the authority to which it is entitled over all other national committees.

The Regional Teaching Committees should henceforth be asked to send their reports directly to the National Teaching Committee, and to ask for their directions as to the most effective way they can carry on their respective teaching tasks. By so doing, the National Teaching Committee will undoubtedly help in relieving the N. S. A. of unnecessary details, and will also avoid duplication and congestion of work, particularly now that the N. S. A. is assuming such great responsibilities under the Seven Year Plan.

From letter dated February 2, 1941 , written through the Guardian's Secretary.

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