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USBN #210 August 1948 p3

People are so markedly lacking in spirituality these days that the Baha'is should consciously guard themselves against being caught in what one might call the undertow of materialism and atheism, sweeping the world these days. Skepticism, cynicism, disbelief, immorality and hard-heartedness are rife, and as the friends are those who stand for the antithesis of all these things they should beware lest the atmosphere of the present world affects without their being conscious of it. The Guardian agrees with you that a higher standard would be required before World Order could attract people of marked intellectual capacity; but he feels that the friends should make a greater effort to see that it gets supplied with better material; they should raise the standard of the present publication.

-To Dr. Glenn L. Shook, November 19, 1945, through his secretary.

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