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USBN #209 July 1948 p3

Share the joy and elation of the attendants at the first historic Baha'i Teaching Conference on the European Continent, regarded as the fairest fruit of the momentous enterprise signalizing the second stage in the evolution of the Divine Plan. Overjoyed at the manifold signs of the rapid progress evidenced by the formation of eight Assemblies in seven goal countries, in the notable increase in the number of new believers, in the remarkable activity displayed by itinerant teachers and the meritorious endeavor systematically exerted by the organizers and participators of the newly launched European campaign in the opening years of the Second Seven Year Plan. Appeal to the newly constituted Assemblies to preserve, at whatever cost, the integrity of the prizes gloriously won, to consolidate the institutions recently established, to simultaneously initiate extension work designed to form nuclei destined to reinforce the administrative structure o{ the Faith in the respective countries. Urge the groups in the three remaining goal countries to ensure Assembly status ere the termination of the current year. Entreat every individual and all agencies associated in the conduct of the divinely sustained, majestically unfolding , tremendously challenging crusade, whether administrators at home or abroad, visitors or settlers, itinerant teachers, newly enrolled believers to intensify their concerted efforts to win wider fields, to give added momentum to still more conspicuous victories. Undaunted by the aggravation of the crisis in the tragically disturbed continent, undeterred by the obstacles and pitfalls encountered in a thorny path, sensible to the growing hunger of disillusioned, fearstricken, spiritually famished multitudes, constantly aware of the sublimity of the mission entr,usted, in this critical propitious hour, to their care, inspired by the example of the Author of the Divine Plan Who, in no less a critical hour in the fortunes of the European continent, notwithstanding His age and illness, twice visited its shores and laboffd tirelessly for the illumination of its peoples, let them hold aloft, amidst the tumult of the disorders of a tottering civilization, the torch of divine guidance, tramp resolutely ahead to the appointed goals until the initial stage of so colossal an enterprise has been gloriously consummated.



May 2, 1948

Cable to the European Teaching Conference, Geneva, Switzerland - May 22 • 26

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