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USBN #226 December 1949 p2

"He thinks your question is well put. What the Guardian was referring to was the theocratic systems, such as the Catholic Church and the Caliphate, which are not divinely given as systems, but man-made, and yet, having partly derived from the teachings of Christ and Mul)ammad are, in a sense, theocracies . The Baha'i theocracy, on the contrary, is both divinely ordained as a system and, of course, based on the teachings of the Prophet Himself. This seems to reconcile the Guardian's statement with Mr. Hofman's.

"Theophany is used in the sense of Dispensation.

"He will certainly pray that Los Angeles may continue to grow in Baha'i membership and the believers become ever more united and more active in serving the Faith."

September 30, 1949, addressed to Mrs. Oni Finks, the Guardian answers a question addressed to him which arose during a study class discussion of David Hofman's Commentary on the Master's Will and Testament. The question was sent to the Guardian at the request of the Los Angeles Assembly.

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