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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp93

2ndEuropean Teaching Conference, 5 November 1949

The Guardian wants me to call your attention to an error in the published version (October Bahà’i News) of his cable to the European Conference. It should read as follows:

Right hand column, beginning of the second paragraph:

“Firmly knit (by the) sacred bonds (of a) spiritual fellowship more enduring, possessed of greater cohesive strength than any ties (of) kinship or race, (and) more potent (than) any social ideology or political alliance; deriving constant sustenance from (the) Mandate issued (from the) Pen (of the) Author (of the) Divine Plan; (and) assured (of the) overshadowing protection vouchsafed by (the) Lord (of the) Covenant Himself presiding (over the) Plans unfolding destiny, let them, (on) this auspicious occasion, dedicate themselves, through their assembled representatives, (to the) dual task (of) steadily consolidating their infant strength (and) tirelessly diffusing (the) holy influences inherent (in) their mission, until (a) visionless, slumbering, spiritually-impoverished continent (is) awakened through (the) saving grace (of) Bahaullahs Revelation and its peace (and) security unassailably established through (the) redemptive power released through (the) emergence of (the) institutions of (a) divinely appointed World Order.”

1949-11-05 correction to printed version of msg to 2nd European Teaching Conf

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