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USBN #261 November 1952 p1-2

(On the) occasion auspicious opening Luxembourg Teaching Conference coinciding (with the) eve (of the) historic Holy Year marking (the) conclusion (of the) series (of the) memorable annual gatherings, having (an) indelible imprint (on the) annals (of the) second stage (of the) evolution (of} 'Abdu’l-Baha's Divine Plan, wholeheartedly share feelings (of) joy, pride (and) gratitude evoked (in the) hearts (of the) assembled representatives (of the) Baha'i Communities (on the) European Continent (at the) prospect (of the) forthcoming convocation (of the) epoch-making convention (in) Florence, (the) harbinger (of the) birth (of the) Italo-Swiss Baha'i National Assembly. Stop. (The) projected institutions called (into) being amidst (the) world-wide celebrations commemorating (the) inception (of) Baha’u’llah's prophetic Mission, constituting fairest fruit (of the) initial stage (of the) European crusade, bound (to) add its valuable support (to the) triple pillars recently erected under (the) aegis (of the) same plan (in the) course (of the) same stage (of) its evolution designed (to) sustain (the) weight, (to) broaden (the) basis, (to) enhance (the) prestige, (to) add diversity (to the) elements (that are) destined (to) participate (in) six continents (of the) globe, (in the) future election (of the) Universal House (of) Justice. Stop_

Moved (to) warmly congratulate (the) American National Spiritual Assembly, ably directing (the) vast operations (of the) European crusade from (the) heart (of the) North American Continent; (the) European Teaching Committee, (the) principal executor (of the) plan, inaugurating (the) European phase (of) America's unfolding mission; (the) European representative (of the) Committee established (in) Geneva, vigilantly coordinating (the) ramifications (of the) newly launched project; every subsidiary agency, regional (and) local, contributing its share (to the) triumph (of the) common cause; all pioneers, past (and) present; settlers, itinerant teachers, worthy emissaries (of the) Centre (of the) Covenant, who nobly responded (to) His call (in the) length (and) breadth (of the) ten goal countries; (the) entire body (of the) steadily multiplying native believers, constituting (the) core (of the) vanguard (of the) army, singled out by (the) Lord (of) Hosts (for the) quickening (and the) ultimate conquest (of the) spiritually slumbering continent, particularly (the) members (of the) twin rapidly rising communities (of) Italy (and) Switzerland, who singly (and) collectively hastened, through high endeavours, (the) consummation (of the) enterprise, exceeding fondest expectations. Stop. Hail this crowning exploit (of the) Second Seven Year Plan as (the) forerunner (of the) formation (in) rapid succession, (in the) course (of the) third phase (of the) Plan conceived (by the) Center (of) Baha'u'llah's Covenant, (of) Regional-National Assemblies (in) Scandinavia, Benelux countries, Iberian Peninsula, themselves a prelude (to the) establishment (in) present (and) succeeding epochs (of the) evolution (of the) Divine Plan, (of}separate National Assemblies (in) each sovereign state, principality, (and) chief dependency (on the) European Continent, as well as (on the) neighbouring principal islands (of the) Mediterranean, Atlantic Ocean, (and) North Sea. Stop.

Earnestly appeal (to) all participants (in the) phenomenal birth (and) rise (of the) communities constituting weighty elements (in the) life (of the) firmly knit world Baha'i family (to) prepare themselves during present Conference (for the) future close collaboration (with the) long established sister communities (in the) British Isles, France, (and) Germany (to) meet (the) challenge (of the) major strenuous task constituting (the) pivot (of the) deliberations (of the) approaching Stockholm Inter-continental Conference, designed (to) expand (and) consolidate (the) framework (of the) administrative order (of the) Faith (of) Baha'u'llah (in the) north, south, west (and) heart (of the) European Continent, foreshadowing (the) launching (of) future enterprises (in) collaboration (with the) German, Persian, 'Iraqi Baha'i Communities, calculated (to) extend (the) regenerating influence (of the) same order (to) eastern (and) southeastern territories (of the) same continent (and) eventually beyond its confines, across (the) Ural Mountains (to the) north, west (and) ultimately (to the) heart (of the) Asia tic Continent. Stop.

Urge all attendants (to) dedicate part (of the) sessions (of this) Conference synchronizing (with) Centenary (of the) imprisonment (of) Baha'u'llah (in the) Siyith·Chal (in) prayerful remembrance (of the) sombre tragedy preceding (the) rise (of the) resplendant Orb (of the) august Revelation, (to) draw nigh (to) His spirit, (to) fix (their) thoughts (on) His promises, (to) derive fresh inspiration (from the) glorious triumph, following so closely (upon) His agonizing ordeal, (to) contemplate (the) magnitude (of) His Cause, (to) pledge themselves (to) ensure (in the) course (of the) decade opening before them (the) success (of the) twin colossal tasks assigned them, (the) propagation (of) His Faith (and the) consolidation (of the) agencies (of) His rising Administrative Order throughout (the) entire European Continent.


August 23, 1952

The Guardian's Message To European Conference And School

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