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USBN #282 August 1954 p1

As the Guardian cabled the entire Baha'i world at the time of the Conventions, he hopes that the dynamic spirit which was generated during the first year of the Plan will be augmented during the second year of the Plan, and all the Baha'is arise everywhere with renewed effort in order to spread the Glad-Tidings. This year must mark a very substantial increase in the number of Baha'is throughout the world - on the homefronts, in the consolidation areas, and in the virgin areas. Particular attention should be paid to the home fronts and the consolidation areas. As the Guardian indicates , he is expecting " an upsurge of activity which, in its range and intensity, will excel the exploits which have so greatly enlarged the limits, and noised abroad the fame, of the Cause of God."

The Guardian urges that all the Baha'is center their complete attention on the obligations of the Ten Year Crusade. He feels that no new activities should be undertaken of any type, whether of a local or a national nature. The friends must concentrate on the goals of the Ten Year Crusade, which are principally national and universal. For instance , no loeal l:fa~iratu ' l-Quds should be considered during the Ten Year Crusade, no projects on a national scale should be considered which do not definitely relate themselves to the prosecution of the Ten Year Crusade. Funds should not be used for any purpose except the objects of the Ten Year Crusade.

We are embarked upon the greatest spiritual drama the world has ever witnessed and it is going to require the sacrifice of every individual, every community and every Assembly, whether local or national, in order to reach the goals. The Guardian feels they can be reached if we will concentrate, and not allow our attention to be diverted for a moment for any purpose whatsoever.

May 6, 1954.)

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