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Author Bahá'u'lláh
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Shoghi Effendi
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Universal House of Justice
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Continental Counsellors of Europe, comp
Permission Open copyright (see Baha'i Reference Library sharing terms, BIC copyright statement, and uhj_permission_electronic_texts)
Posted 2004-10-02 by Jonah Winters
Proofread 2010-08 by Romane Takkenberg
Formatted 2004-02-09 by Brett Zamir
Classified in BWC Compilations
Notes Also available as a nicely-formatted PDF, prepared by Romane Takkenberg.

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Note: this compilation may be incomplete. Contact us if you can help fill in the missing sections. Between the first part and second part it jumps by 20 numbers, which suggests that there may be 20 quotes missing. Then it jumps again at 64, going to 66, suggesting that a quote may have been missed here also. This thought is reinforced by the fact that the Spanish version, translated from the English, has 89 quotes, while this English version has only 68.

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