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Pioneering Over Four Epochs: Section X.2 Diary or Journal

AuthorRon Price
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Pioneering Over Four Epochs: Section X.2 Diary or Journal
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Section X.2 Journal
Parent publication   Pioneering Over Four Epochs: An Autobiographical Study and a Study in Autobiography
Date of this edition 2005
Permission public domain
Posted 2005-02-22 by Ron Price
Classified in Essays and poetry by Ron Price
Abstract I began the process of diary and journal making on January 19th 1980, nine years after my international pioneering life began, eighteen years after my homefront pioneering life began and twenty-seven years after my association with the Baha'i Faith began.
Notes Some diarists want to record the smallest impulses, what seem to me to be the most trivial details, of everyday life. Consequently their extant diaries come to occupy a great bulk if they keep at the exercise for many years. The banality, the indiscriminate agglomeration of daily detail, the constant repetition of physical, quotidian and psychological aspects of phenomenal reality, of everyday happenings, what for such diarists becomes a type of photograph of their lives, is impossible for me to record. It simply seems pointless and, more importantly, it is a cause of some angst just to write down such daily conventionalisms.

I actually feel physically quite uncomfortable recording so much of this mundane material. To overcome this banality I give my diary context by means of prose-poems. This poetic medium allows my diary to sail on different oceans, wider journo-diaristic rivers and seas, more finely tuned and analytical rivers and estuaries with perspectives that enrich quotidian reality. I invite readers to come sail with me. By the time we sail together, though, I am inclined to think I will be beyond this mortal coil in that Undiscovered Country as Shakespeare refers to the afterlife in Hamlet.

My diary-journal contains the most confessional of my writings and I leave the publication of the whole or a part of my journals in the hands of those Baha'i institutions into whose hands, as my literary executors, I have reposed my trust.

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