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"Ethel J. Rosenberg"

  1. Bahá'ísm: Its Ethical and Social Teachings, by Ethel J. Rosenberg, in Transactions of the Third International Congress for the History of Religions, Volume 1 (1908). Overview of the Faith, presented as an address to the Congress held at Oxford, September 15-18, 1906. Historical documents. [about]
  2. Brief Account of the Bahá'í Movement, A, by Ethel J. Rosenberg (1911). An early overview of the Bahá'í Faith and its teachings, with compilation of quotations, published as a 28-page booklet. Published Articles. [about]
  3. Notes of Miss Ethel Rosenberg of London England, taken in Acca, January 1909, by Ethel J. Rosenberg (1909-01). Includes a short unrelated letter, a "postscript to the letter of Miss Harriet M. Wise" by Reunion Morattebe and Mirza Anayatullah Isfahani, which was typed on page 2 of Rosenberg's notes and has been retained for the sake of completeness. Pilgrims' notes. [about]
  4. Notes on St. John as explained by Our Lord, by Ethel J. Rosenberg (1901). Extracts from Rosenberg's pilgrim notes, taken in Haifa February-March 1901. Pilgrims' notes. [about]
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