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PA, U.S.A.

A variety of arts workshops each summer

June - August
Little Pond Retreat
92 S. Penn Dixie Rd., Nazareth, PA 18064 610-837-2741

Email or check their website for the latest programme.

The Netherlands
arts classes

Early July
Kunstweek (Arts week)
Courses in sculputure, dance, meditative drawing, music, drawling/watercolours, video, painting, youth workshop, and a musical for children, probably only in Dutch.

more info at, or email

arts courses,

One week in July -

  U.K. Bahá´í Academy for the Arts
courses on arts related topics, 2 children's programmes, theatre and music for youth, Advanced courses:

information about previous years on this site, more info on their site www.Bahá´í

Brochures and information:

U. K.
email listing & website announcing various arts related events.

updated each Thursday
A comprehensive exhibitions listings for UK shows plus further documentation, ranging from press releases to virtual walk-thrus, of as many exhibitions as we can!

To subscribe to The Gallery Channel's news service, send your e-mail address to with 'SUBSCRIBE' in the subject line of your message,
or visit The Gallery Channel on-line at

more info about what The Gallery Channel is on this site

Creative Writing
deadline unknown
Seeking Bahá´í writers
Bahá´í English teacher at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida interested in finding Bahá´í authors writing short fiction (English language only) at a level appropriate for college freshmen for a literature textbook. Poetry and drama will also be considered.

I'm interested in those who are dealing with religious or spiritual themes in some way, though they need not be explicitly Bahá´í. I'm looking generally for material related to seeking God, developing spiritually, after life, soul, faith in action, religious persecution & so on. Please note, this is a LONG-range project, perhaps a matter of years. If you wish material returned should I decide it will not work for the text, please enclose an SASE. I suggest, however, sending a stamped (U.S. to wherever you are), self-addressed postcard and a disposable manuscript so that I can let you know if I want to hold the manuscript for possible inclusion. (I prefer hard copy submissions over e-mail if possible.) Please also note that I am, at this time, working toward creating a proposal for the text and so do not have a publisher yet.

Legal arrangements for the use of your work will be made only after a publisher has contracted the text. Send submissions to Gail Radley at 875 E. Church St., DeLand, FL 32724 , U.S.A.

New York City
performing arts,

25 June -
2 July, 2002

Bahá´í Festival of the Arts
Voices of Baha choir, Concert: Carnegie Hall, 30 June
Bahá´í Gospel Singers, Concert: Madison Square Garden Theater, 28 June
Concert of Persian Music: Madison Square Garden Theater, 29 June
Bahá´í Conference for the Arts, Madison Square Garden Theater, 27 - 30 June
Bahá´í Theater Festival, 25 - 26 June and 1 - 2 July.

Complete Details are at:, or email

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