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Currently, each new artist addition to the BAFA website is free and each page that is already on this website has no charge to the artist.

However, we cannot promise to be able to respond immediately to requests and there is an enormous backlog of material to be added to the website. Email a brief bio (less than 100 characters) and if possible some links to work to the bafa email address first.

We hope we can continue in this manner. If you can make a contribution towards paying for our webspace this is more than welcome. see: support

There is now a fee for any changes you wish to make to your page

While BAFA aims to maintain open access for those involved in the arts, we also have to pay our bills in order be able to provide this space.
One day we might pay someone to make these changes but for the moment payment is made to Jonah Winters and this money goes towards paying for this webspace.
All information is here: http://Bahá´í

It is also possible to post cash or a US or Canadian personal cheque. And as always we are open to trading a music cd or a book. Payment in Euros is also possible.
Email us first though.

1. Minimum fee: US $15, for a new photograph that is web-ready (a gif or jpg that is no larger than 40kb and less than 400 pixels in any direction. It must also be saved at 72 dpi and be a non-progressive jpg).

2. Minimum fee: US $15 for a new text up 30 characters.
This could be for new urls (web links) or email addresses.

3. US $30 for a new photo to be added that is not web-ready as outlined above.

4. $30 is the fee for up to 3 web-ready photos or up to 150 words of text.

5. Other additions are possible by negotiation.

These fees are lower than the normal fee for such changes, so while the person making the changes will aim to complete the work within a week of payment, please bear in mind that this is still done on a voluntary basis and you cannot demand instant service.

There are no costs for deleting material.
Material deleted will not be replaced without a fee.

Email: bafa@Bahá´í

We are not taking any new submissions until the backlog for this website has been updated and until the book on the arts is finished. Check this page for when we are able to take new submissions.

The final Arts Dialogue magazine was printed in November 2002 and we are currently working on a book. More information about the book.

Arts Dialogue, Dintel 20, NL 7333 MC, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.
http://Bahá´í     email: