LANG53 features

English alphabet - the world's leading script

   no accents or diacritics        - not yet anyway!

 invariable word-order

regularised grammar - simplest rules and no         exceptions


  analytic grammar - words      mostly uninflected (at         least to begin with)

       SVO syntax

phonemic orthography  - 1-to-1 symbol-to-sound correspondence

  phonemic orthography -       but shorthand for     some common words

    global vocabulary

orthography defined by      global standard   pronunciation (GSP)

     scientifically calibrated      GSP - for orthographic             purposes only

   no exact synonyms

democratic mandate   to reinforce and     validate GSP

 phonemic spelling system   + GSP allows accurate  transcription of dialogue

 online GSP recording

   53 speech sounds      symbolised - 27 consonants, 26 vowels

 common words restricted  to c. 30 easiest and most  universal speech sounds

     online dictionary

 key allows universal transliteration to find  IAL equivalent word

   project run by globally          representative     committee of experts

         dual script

 consonantal script not    unlike the system in Hebrew, Arabic & Farsi

      a global vocabulary       favours an optional        consonantal script

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