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1910 (In the year) A Bahá'í, Marielle C. Ladd, resided in Benson Siding until 1923, a settlement 35mi southwest of Nelsen, BC. [BFA2p157, OBCC122] [key] Benson Siding,BC Marielle C. Ladd First Bahá'í to reside in Benton Siding, BC
1910 (In the year) Mr and Mrs Henry Stark Culver, Bahá'ís from New York City, settled in Saint John, NB where they actively taught the Faith and became the second Bahá'í group in Canada in the "teens". [BFA2p157]
  • See OBCC110-119 for information on the development of the Saint John community between 1910 and 1928.
  • Saint John, NB Henry Stark Culver; Mrs Stark Culver
    1911 (In the year) The first Alberta Baha’i, Esther Rennels, is reported to have lived in Edmonton from 1911-1917. The Bahá'í community has been in continuous existence only since 1940. [OBCC152; History of the Bahá'ís of Edmonton] [key] Edmonton, AB Esther Rennels First Bahá'í in Edmonton
    1912 (In the year) It is estimated that there were no more than two dozen Bahá'ís in Canada at this point. [BFA2p158] [key] statistics
    1912 Jan (Early) Letter from May Maxwell to Star of the West... "Early in January we received a visit from Mirza Ahmad Sohrab who announced the coming of Abdul-Baha to America and spoke of his visit to England and France. Among those who heard this address was the leader of the Socialist party of Montreal and other Socialists, the editor of the leading newspaper of Canada and several people connected with public work. Later this paper published a very good article on the Bahai Message and the coming visit of Abdul-Baha." [SoW Vol 3 No 1 March 21, 1912] [key] Montreal,QC Ahmad Sohrab; May Maxwell
    1912 Jan Letter from May Maxwell to Star of the West... A few weeks later another talk given by a Montreal Bahai, on the significance of Abdul-Baha's visit to the occident, which was shortly followed by an address by Mr. Honore Jaxon, of Chicago, who presented the Bahai Message from the standpoint of the working class movement. Mr. Jaxon had just returned from England where he had been doing a work of seed-sowing and preparation among the organized labor people and socialists, and in his very broad and comprehensive talk in Montreal he showed the vital connection between these world-wide movements and the Teachings of Baha'o'llah. Mr. Jaxon spoke to several bodies and societies in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Quebec in such a spirit as to arouse interest and establish ties of good-will and fellowship, which will no doubt be the means of opening wide many doors for the reception of Abdul-Baha and the all-embracing Truth. [SoW Vol 3 No 1 March 21, 1912] [key] Montreal,QC; Ottawa,ON; Toronto,ON; Quebec,QC Honore Jaxon; May Maxwell
    1912 30 Aug (Friday) `Abdu'l-Bahá left Malden for Boston. He left Boston at 9AM by train for Montreal, arriving at midnight and was met by Sutherland Maxwell. He took only two of His attendants with Him, Mírzá Ahmad Sohrab and Mírzá Mahmúd-i-Zarqání, HIs chronicler. [239D:132; AB132; BW8:637]
  • In spite of the lateness of the hour a group of friends and a newspaper publisher, Mr John Lewis of the Montreal Daily Star were waiting to see the Master at the Maxwell home. That newspaper and The Gazette provided extensive coverage of the visit. It is noteworthy that the newspaper coverage in the Montreal papers were noticeably free of journalistic quirks and extravagances. [AB256-257; MD226-227]
  • He stayed in Montreal for ten days, living for four nights at the Maxwell residence. [239D:132]
  • See also the film `Abdu'l-Bahá in Canada by Fred Rohani.
  • Malden; Boston; Montreal, QC Abdul-Baha, Second Western tour; Maxwell residence; Montreal Shrine
    1912 31 Aug (Saturday) His first act in the morning was to heal the sick child of a neighbouring family, the Birks. The nine year old had been an invalid all her life. Caressingly He laid His hands on her head and shoulders and then told the family that she must go out every day, in the middle of the day, on the ground, and that in time she would be entirely healed. Nine months later, she was perfectly healthy and strong. On leaving their home He went directly to their store and bought a number of watches and rings which He used as gifts on the rest of His trip. [ABC53]
  • In the morning the pastor of the Unitarian Church came with several others to visit 'Abdu'l-Bahá. The Master discussed the elimination of religious superstitions and prejudices which are contrary to science and commons sense and which are obstacles to the attainment of the foundation of truth of the divine religions. [MD227]
  • He granted an interview with a newspaper reporter. His questions were about His life and the history of the cause. [MD228]
  • In the afternoon, at the invitation of Mr. Maxwell, 'Abdu'l-Bahá went for a ride in the carriage. His comment, when He saw the college buildings was:
    "As only material education is imparted and only natural philosophy is taught, these universities do not produce highly talented scholars. When both the natural and divine philosophies are expounded, they will bring forth outstanding souls and evince great advancement. The reason for the success of the Greek schools was that they combined both natural and diving philosophies". [MD228]
  • They visited the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Notre Dame. He gazed at the vast cathedral, its ornamentation and numerous statues and spoke of its grandeur and embellishments. Standing in an open sped at the entrance, He said:
    "Behold what eleven disciples of Christ have accomplished, how they sacrificed themselves! I exhort you to walk in their footsteps. When a person is detached, he is capable of revolutionizing the whole world. The disciples of Christ met together in consultation on top of a mountain. They pledged themselves to undergo all manner of hardships, to accept every affliction as a bounty and to consider all difficulties easy to overcome. 'He who is tied to a family, let him arrange to leave it; he who is not should remain single. He should forgo his comfort and his life'. Consulting thus, they descended from the mountain and each on went a different way and never returned. It is for this reason that they were able to leave behind such achievements. After Christ, the disciples truly forgot themselves, and not merely in word." [MD228-229]
  • In the evening there was a well-attended meeting at 'Abdu'l-Bahá's residence and following the talk many requested private interviews. Among those was the president of the socialist organization who invited the Master to speak to his group. [MD230]
  • Among those who came was the Reverend F.J. Griffin, the minister of the Church of the Messiah, Unitarian, who was to introduce Him to his congregation on the following morning. 'Abdu'l-Bahá presented him with an armful of American Beauty roses. [ABC57]
  • The list of those attending this first reception included: Martha McBean, a cousin of Sutherland Maxwell, someone who shared with him the distinction of being one of the two first declared believers of Canadian birth, Mrs V S Pomeroy with her daughters, Mary and Elise and Elizabeth Cowles, Miss Anne Savage (librarian), Mrs George S Thompson, Percy Woodcock, Prof Armstrong (McGill University), Dr Carmichael, Dr Johnson, Mr Wright, Mr John Lewis (editor of the Montreal Daily Star) and Mr Archie Eddington and his wife. [Excerpts from the account of Amine De Mille from ABC55-57]
  • Attending as well were the two children of the Maxwell household Mary Maxwell and Eddie Elliot, the mother of a servant. He would later become a member of the Montreal Local Assembly and was the only member of his race to become a Bahá'í in Montreal in his lifetime. [Excerpts from the account of Amine De Mille from ABC55-57] [key]
  • Montreal,QC Abdul-Baha, Second Western tour; Maxwell residence; Montreal Shrine
    1912 1 Sep (Sunday) 'Abdu'l-Bahá gave a talk at the Unitarian Church, the Church of the Messiah, located on the corner of Simpson and Sherbrooke Sts in Montreal. (Architects: The Maxwell Bros. Built 1907, destroyed by fire 1937) [PUP297; ABC17-22; MD261]
  • Talk at Home of Mr. and Mrs. William Sutherland Maxwell. [PUP302; ABC17-22]
  • Talk at Home of Mr. and Mrs. William Sutherland Maxwell. [PUP306ABC23-25] It was during this address that His taj fell from His head and His hair tumbled down. He continued to speak in this state for more than half an hour. [MD236-237] [key]
  • Montreal, QC Abdul-Baha, Second Western tour; May Maxwell (Bolles); Sutherland Maxwell
    1912 2 Sep (Monday) On this day He and HIs companions moved into the Windsor Hotel where He rented three rooms. At the hotel He was able to accomodate much larger numbers of seekers. [HD237]
  • Talk at Home of Mr. and Mrs. William Sutherland Maxwell. [PUP308; ABC26-30] [key]
  • Montreal, QC Abdul-Baha, Second Western tour; May Maxwell (Bolles); Sutherland Maxwell
    1912 3 Sep (Tuesday) 'Abdu'l-Bahá addressed Socialtists and Labour leaders of the day in Coronation Hall, 204 St. Lawrence Street. [ABC31-36, 48] [key] Montreal,QC Abdul-Baha, Second Western tour; Coronation Hall
    1912 5 Sep (Wednesday) He was visited by the Bishop of Montreal visited Him and expressed his pleasure at the meetings being held and gratitude for "the address concerning the purpose of the Manifestation of Christ and the other holy Manifestations." 'Abdu'l-Bahá invited him to the talk in the Methodist Church later that day. [239D136]
  • Talk at St. James Methodist Church, 463 Sainte Catherine Street, West, to a gathering of 1200.. [PUP312; ABC37-43, 48; AB264-265]
  • See the film Abdu'l-Bahá in Canada.
  • Montreal, QC Abdul-Baha, Second Western tour; Abdul-Baha, St James Methodist Church; film
    1912 6 Sep (Thursday) 'Abdu'l-Bahá had caught a cold the previous evening and so His departure was delayed for a few days. During this time He only went to the Maxwell home and many came to visit Him at the hotel. [MD247] [key] Montreal, QC Abdul-Baha, Second Western tour
    1912 7 Sep (Friday) A group of people came to visit Him at His hotel. He explained that just as in the physical world, in the realm of religion there is a time of heavenly and spiritual springtime.
  • In the afternoon the Master spoke about the oneness of the fundamental truths of the religions of God. [MD248] [key]
  • Montreal, QC Abdul-Baha, Second Western tour; Windsor Hotel
    1912 8 Sep (Saturday) On His last full day in Montreal with the friends 'Abdu'l-Bahá said: "I have sown the seed. Now water it. You must educate the souls in divine morals, make them spiritual, and lead them to the oneness of humanity and to universal peace." [239D137] [key] Montreal, QC Abdul-Baha, Second Western tour
    1912 9 Sep (Sunday) The hotel bill for $700 was paid and the party was taken to the railroad station. The chief officer at the Customs and his assistants passed the baggage through indicating that the baggage of the Bahá'ís did not have to be inspected.
  • A grand party of well-wishers were on hand to bid Him farewell. The train departed for Buffalo at 9AM. [HD250] [key]
  • Montreal, QC; Buffalo, NY
    1913 (In the year) Esther R. Rennels was first recorded Bahá'í in Alberta. [Edmonton Bahá'í History; OBCC306; A.Pemberton-Pigott Thesis p23] [key] Edmonton,AB Esther R. Rennels first recorded Baha’i in Alberta
    1913 (In the year) Edward W. Harris, a farmer who had homesteaded in the Gull Lake area, was the first Bahá'í known to have lived in SK. After his passing in 1922 his son, Edward D. Harris continued to operate the family farm with his mother and followed the Faith from 1934 to 1941. After the passing of his mother (Annie E. Harris b.1869 - d.20 October, 1941) he abandoned the farm taking only his clothes. Beatrice Magee, a neighbour who lived near the Harris farm, found an apple box full of Bahá'í literature and as a result become a Bahá'í in 1978. [OBCC121]
  • The grave of Edward William Harris (b.19 March 1871, London, England, d. 22 March, 1922) is marked with a tombstone bearing The Greatest Name. [OBCC128]
  • Find a grave for his wife Annie.
  • And for their son, Edward William Harris, the Younger.
  • Gull Lake,SK Edward W. Harris; Annie E. Harris; Beatrice Magee first to have lived in SK
    1914 Jan Mrs J. A. Clift (not a Bahá'í) gave a public talk on "Bahaism" ot the Current Events Club of the Ladies Reading Room in St. John's. The local newspaper carried news of this event and printed the text of the talk. [OBCC109] [key] St. John's,NL Mrs J. A. Clift first.
    1914 30 Apr The marriage of Dr Zia Bagdadi, an Arab from Syria and devoted companion of 'Abdu'l-Bahá to Zeenat Khánum, daughter of Hasan Aqá Tabrízí, a personal attendant of 'Abdu'l-Bahá in 'Akká. It was the wish that these two Middle-Eastern Bahá'ís should be married in the Maxwell home. It was the first Bahá'í marriage in Canada. [OBCC73] [key] Montreal,QC marriage; Zia Bagdadi; Zeenat Khanum first Bahá'í marriage in Canada
    1916 (Summer) Susan Rice spent her vacation in Alaska and during that time made a trip to Whitehorse and Dawson City. [SoW Vol 7 Issue 11 Sept 1916 p102] [key] Whitehorse, YT; Dawson City, YT Teaching; Susan Rice
    1917 (In the Year) Marion Jack and Rhoda Nichols travelled to PE and NS holding meetings in different villages with no visible results. [OBCC109-110] [key] PE; NS Marion Jack; Rhoda Nichols first to teach in PE and NS
    1917 (In the Year) Newfoundland was first visited by Marion Jack and Kate Cowan Ives where Jack visited her aunt and uncle, Elizabeth Neville and John Thomas. [OBCC109] [key] NL Marion Jack; Kate Cowan Ives
    1919 26 Jul 1919 Sept - Marion Jack and Emogene Hoagg sailed from San Francisco for Alaska and the Yukon. They reached St. Michael at the mouth of the Yukon River on the 29th of July and continued by riverboat to Fairbanks, Dawson and Whitehorse. [CBN No117 Oct 1959 p1] [key] Dawson City,YT; Whitehorse,YT Travel teaching; Emogene Hoagg; Marion Jack
    1919 28 Jul 1919 Sept - Marion Jack and Emogene Hoagg sailed from San Francisco for Alaska and the Yukon. They reached St. Michael at the mouth of the Yukon River on the 29th of July and continued by riverboat to Fairbanks, Dawson and Whitehorse. [CBN No117 Oct 1959 p1] [key] Dawson City,YT; Whitehorse,YT Travel teaching; Emogene Hoagg; Marion Jack
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