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Tablets of Bahá'u'lláh and `Abdu'l-Bahá from Star of the West

by Bahá'u'lláh and Abdu'l-Bahá

compiled by Sen McGlinn
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Chapter 1

Vol. 1:1 March 21 1910

Page 5


A tablet by BAHA'O'LLAH to the Persian Zoroastrian Bahais. Revealed in the purest old Persian language, without an Arabic word in it. *


Glory is due unto God, the Discoverer, who, through one shower of the ocean of His Generosity, expanded the firmament of existence, begemmed it with the stars of knowledge and summoned the people to the most high court of perception and understanding!

This shower, which is the Primal Word of the Almighty, is sometimes called the Water of Life, for it quickens the dead souls in the desert of ignorance with the spring of intelligence. Sometimes it is called the First Emanation which appears from the Sun of Wisdom, and when it began to shine the first movement became manifest and known; then phenomena stepped into the arena of existence and these appearances were through the generosity of the incomparable, the Wise One. He is the Knower, the Giver! He is sanctified and holy above every statement and attribute! The seen and the unseen fail to attain the measure of His understanding. The world of being and whatever has issued from it bears witness to this utterance.

Therefore, it has become known that the First Bestowal of the Almighty is the Word. The receiver and acceptor of it is the understanding. It is the First Instructor in the University of Existence and it is the Primal Emanation of God. Whatever has appeared is through the reflection of its Light and whatever is manifested is the appearance of its Wisdom. All the names originate in His Name and the beginnings and endings of all affairs are in His Hand.

Your letter came to this Captive of the world in this prison. It brought happiness and increased friendship; it renewed the remembrance of the former times. Thanks belong to the Possessor of the Universe, who permitted us to meet in the land of Persia. We met, we conversed and we listened. It

*First time published

page 6

is hoped that no forgetfulness shall follow that meeting, that the revolving of the wheel of time shall not take away its remembrance from the heart and that the plants of love shall grow out of that which is sown and become green, verdant and imperishable.

You have asked regarding the heavenly Books: the pulse of the universe is in the hand of the skillful Physician. He diagnoses the illness and wisely prescribes the remedy. Every day has its own secret and every tongue a melody. The illness of today has one cure and that of tomorrow another. Look ye upon this day; consider and discuss its needs. One sees that existence is afflicted with innumerable diseases compelling it to lie upon the bed of suffering. Men who are intoxicated with the wine of self-contemplation prevent the wise Physician from reaching it. Thus have they made themselves and the world to suffer. They know not the ailment nor recognize the cure. They take the wrong for the right, the crooked for the straight, the enemy for the friend.

Hearken ye to the melody of this Prisoner! Stand up and proclaim! Perchance those who are asleep may awaken! Say, O ye dead ones! The generous Hand of the Almighty is passing around the Water of Eternal Life. Hasten ye and drink! Whosoever becomes alive in this day shall never die, and whosoever dies in this day can never find Life. [above text corresponds to the translation in Gleanings CVI]

Ye have written regarding the language: Both Persian and Arabic are good, for that which one desires to gain from language is to attain to the meanings of the speaker and this can be accomplished in both. As in this day the Sun of Wisdom has appeared and shone forth from the horizon of Persia, the more you respect this language the better it is.

O Friend! When the Primal Word appeared in these latter days, a number of the heavenly souls heard the Melody of the Beloved and hastened toward it, while others finding that the deeds of some did not correspond with their words, were prevented from the splendors of the Sun of Knowledge.

Say, O ye sons of earth! The Pure God proclaims that which in this glorious day shall purify you

page 7

from the stains of desire and enable you to attain to tranquillity in My straight path and My manifest road. To be severed from attachment means to be separated from those things which occasion loss and lessen the grandeur of man. If the people of the world should attain to the Heavenly Utterances they would never be prevented from the Ocean of Divine Generosity.

The heaven of righteousness has no Star, and never shall have one, brighter than this. The first Utterance of the Wise One is this: O ye Sons of Earth! Turn from the night of foreignness to the shining of the Sun of Unity. This is that which shall benefit the people of the world more than aught else.

O Friend! The Tree of the Word has no better Blossom and the Ocean of Wisdom shall never have a brighter Pearl than this: O ye Sons of Intelligence! The thin eyelid prevents the eye from seeing the world and what is contained therein. Then think of the result when the curtain of greed covers the sight of the heart.

Say, O People! The darkness of greed and envy obscures the light of the soul as the cloud prevents the penetration of the sun's rays. Should one listen with the ear of intelligence to this Utterance, he shall spread the wings of freedom and soar with great joy toward the heaven of understanding.

When the world was environed with darkness, the Sea of Generosity was set in motion and Divine Illumination appeared so that the deeds were disclosed. This is the same illumination which is promised in the heavenly books. Should the Almighty desire the hearts of the people of the world, He will purify and sanctify them with the power of the Word, and will pour forth the Light of the Sun of Unity upon the souls to regenerate the world.

O People! The word must be demonstrated by the deed, for the righteous witness of the Word is action. The former without the latter shall not allay the thirst of the needy nor open the door of sight to the blind.

The Heavenly Wise One proclaimeth: A harsh word is like a sword, but gentle speech is like unto milk. The children of the world attain to knowledge and better themselves through this. The tongue of Wisdom says: Whosoever possesses Me

page 8

not, has nothing. Pass by whatever exists in this world and find Me. I am the Sun of Perception and the Ocean of Science. I revive the withered ones and quicken the dead. I am that Light which illumines the path of Insight. I am the Falcon of the Hand of the Almighty; I bear healing in My wings and teach the knowledge of soaring to the Heaven of Truth.

The Peerless Beloved says: The way of freedom is opened! Hasten ye! The Fountain of Knowledge is gushing! Drink ye! Say O friends! The Tabernacle of Oneness is raised; look not upon each other with the eye of strangeness. Ye are all the fruits of one tree and the leaves of one branch. [1] Truly, I say, whatever lessens ignorance and increases knowledge, that has been, is and shall be accepted by the Creator.

Say, O People! Walk ye under the shade of the Tree of Righteousness; enter ye under the protection of the Tent of Unity. Say, O thou Possessor of Sight! The past is the mirror of the future; look and perceive. Perchance, after the acquirement of knowledge ye may know the Friend and attain to his good pleasure. Today the best fruit of Tree of Science and Knowledge is that which benefits mankind and improves his condition.

Say! the tongue is the witness of My Truth; do not pollute it with untruthfulness. The spirit is the treasury of My Mystery; do not deliver it into the hand of greed. It is hoped that in this Dawn the universe shall become illumined with the rays of the sun of understanding and knowledge, so that we may attain to the good pleasure of the Beloved and drink from the Ocean of Divine Recognition.

O Friend! As there were few ears to hear, so for some time the Pen has been silent in its own chamber and to such a degree that silence has preceded utterance. Say, O People! Words are revealed according to capacity, so that the beginners may make progress. The milk must be given according to the measure, so that the babe of the world may enter into the realm of grandeur and be established in the Court of Unity.

O Friend! We have seen the pure ground and cast the seed of knowledge. Now it depends upon the rays of the sun whether it burns up or is caused to grow. Say, today, through the greatness [p. 9] of the Peerless, Wise One, the Sun of Knowledge has appeared from behind the covering of the Spirit and all the birds of the meadow of oneness are intoxicated with the wine of Understanding and are commemorating the Name of the Beloved. Happy is the one who finds this and becomes immortal.

(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Chicago, Ill., Sept. 8, 1909.)

[1. According to Taherzadeh, Revelation Vol. 3 p. 270, this the source of the Ishraqat passage.]

page 11

O ye friends and the maid-servants of the Merciful!

If it is your intention to have the general Convention in Chicago on the day of Nauroz, so that delegates might be sent there from everywhere to deliberate and discuss matters pertaining to the Mashrak-el-Azkar, to proclaim the oneness of the kingdom of humanity, to explain the Divine Teachings and to elucidate and expound the Exhortations of the Blessed Perfection, — it is better to open this Convention during the Feast of Rizwan; for the Feast of Rizwan is greater and more important and the temperature at that time mild and balmy. Therefore, proclaim ye to all parts that all the delegates and friends gather in Chicago during that blessed day.

Upon ye be Baha-el-Abha!

(signed) Abdul-Baha Abbas.

(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Feb. 24, 1910, Washington, D.C.)
Vol. 1:3, April 28 1910

page 1


Revealed and sent to all parts of the world.


Praise be unto Thee, O my God! Thanks be unto Thee O my Beloved! Glory be unto Thee, O my Lord! for that which Thou hast bestowed, favored, conferred and granted. For Thou hast chosen sincere servants from among Thy people to serve Thy Religion. Thou hast elected them to draw inspiration from Thy Manifest Light, attraction from Thy Luminous Beauty and to walk in Thy straight path. O my Lord! Verily the souls are heedless of Thy mentioning and hearts deprived of Thy love, the eyes veiled from beholding the Kingdom of Thy Beauty and the intellects wandering away from the Centre of Thy Glory, except those who are firm in Thy Covenant, free from dissension, attracting the rays of the Sun of Truth, detaching themselves from inharmony, arising in the service of Thy Cause amongst Thy people and exhilarated from the pure wine of Thy Kingdom. Bestow upon them unlimited blessing and creative good from the never-ending Bounty, and pour upon them with great abundance, from the Cloud of Thy Majesty, the rain of Thy Grace, the water of Thy Generosity and the Universal Favor.

O Lord, suffer them to become the signs of Thy Guidance, the standards of the Realm of Might, the words of virtue, the army of the Supreme Concourse and the angels of heaven, so that through them the East and the West of the earth may become Illumined, Thy Name be mentioned in the North and South, that they may educate all races and communities and clothe them with the garment of the comely names and the perfect example in this realm of existence.

page 2

O my Lord, reveal through them the ensign of Unity among mankind and the flag of Love between nations, so that multiplicities may converge into the centre of oneness and harmony, the veils of hatred be rent asunder, the conditions of discord pass away and enmity and rancor vanish from the world of man, So that after disunion the Beloved of Union shall unveil her countenance, animosity be changed into affection, the reign of faction and feud come to an end, and success and prosperity be attained.

O my Lord, strengthen their backs in their service, gird up their loins in their adoration, dilate their breasts with the light of Thy Knowledge, illumine the eyes by beholding Thy Face, gladden their spirits by the significances of thy Providence and purify their souls by the appearance of Thy Compassion. Verily Thou art the Merciful, the Clement, the Almighty, the Bestower, the Unconstrained! There is no God but Thee, the Giver, the Pardoner, the Hidden, the Manifest and the Source of Bounties!

O ye friends of God! Joy and happiness of the people of faithfulness consists in serving the Threshold of the Most High and turning their faces to the Kingdom of ABHA. The hope of the lovers is self-sacrifice, and the yearning of the longing ones Is self-effacement and evanescence. For love is an irresistible power and an inextinguishable conflagration and the mirror of the love of God is the great martyrdom. Therefore, the sanctified souls and the Manifestations of God yearned for self-abnegation and attainment to the city of martyrdom. They gave up their lives, experienced exile and banishment, endured persecution and dire calamities, became subject to imprisonment and bondage and the targets of the arrows of oppression, and objects of the sword of malice. They did not complain, neither did they become disheartened. They drank the cup of martyrdom from the Hand of the Cup-Bearer of Providence, and tasted with the greatest joy the sweetness of annihilation. They found not a moment of rest. They sought not an instant of tranquillity. They withstood the persecution of

page 3

the enemies and became the centres of derision and scoffing of the people of envy. They sacrificed their homes and property and became homeless and wanderers. They experienced not one hour of safety, nor a day of repose of mind or body. This is the proof of the sincere lover and this is the evidence of the faithful friend. If it were not so every stranger would become a friend and the deprived one would become the confidant of the mysteries, the remote one would become the near one and the outcast would become the beloved. Consequently the Most Great Wisdom has ordained that the fire of tests shall rage and the rushing torrent of ordeals sweep tumultuously from the Mountain of Revelation, so that the untruthful may become distinguished from the truthful, the unrighteous be known from the righteous, the worshipper of self become separated from the worshipper of God, the good fruit be set apart from the evil fruit, the signs of light become manifest and the gloom of darkness be dispelled, the nightingale of trustworthiness sing the melody of love and the raven of oppression croak the discordant notes of error; the fertile soil become green and verdant and the barren ground produce its thorns and thistles; the attracted ones to the Breath of ABHA become firm and the follower of passion and desire turn away. This is the wisdom of trials and this is the cause of ordeals.

O ye friends of God! In these days the city of Tabriz has become red with the blood of mankind. Holy souls from among the believers of God sacrificed their lives in the path of Manifest Light. They hastened to the altar of love. Eyes are weeping on this account, hearts are burning for these events, lamentation and moaning is ascending to the apex of the Supreme Concourse and great grief and intense mourning is experienced. It is the utmost yearning of Abdul-Baha to drink from this cup of martyrdom and become exhilarated with the wine of sacrifice, so that the end of his life shall become the opening chapter of Divine Bounty. O my Lord, confer upon me that overflowing cup with the most great gift! Intoxicate me with that wine of the glorious favor and suffer me to partake of that food which cannot be tasted except by Thy

page 4

faithful servant. Crown my head with this refulgent diadem, cause my blood to be shed in Thy Cause, my body to be suspended between heaven and earth, this temple to be dismembered and its bones be disjoined by the arrows of the enemies.

O ye friends of Abdul-Baha! In these days, through the happy circumstances and the confirmation of the Lord of the Supreme Heavens and the assistance of the Unseen Kingdom, the holy remains of His highness the Supreme (Bab) were transferred to the Mount of Carmel in Haifa in the present Tomb. Therefore, it is necessary for the believers to celebrate the occasion with joy and happiness. The believers in Tabriz became exhilarated with this cup and with the polo of magnanimity carried away the ball of service from the arena of the Cause. Perhaps later on the people of hatred and enmity, may calumniate and misrepresent the facts, stating that the blessed remains of the Bab are in some other place, or that a part of it is elsewhere. The friends of God must know that this is a pure falsehood, calumny and malicious slander. That blessed, crucified body is interred in its entirety on Mount Carmel, but the enemies will not rest quiet. It is certain that they will raise a clamor and claim that we stole that blessed body, or fraudulently transferred it or got hold of a part of it, or that the genii took it away from the firm ones. All these statements are fabrications and slanders. The whole truth is explained here. Upon ye be Baha-el-ABHA!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Washington, D. C., March 3, 1910.)

Extract from a recent Tablet from Abdul-Baha:

"The time has not yet arrived, even in those countries (America), to spread Tablets and Epistles with the utmost freedom, but it will soon come."
Vol. 1:3 page 15


Through Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, to the maid-servant of God who is firm in the Covenant, Mrs. Corinne True (Upon her be BAHA'O'LLAH!), Chicago, Ill.:


O thou daughter of the Kingdom!

Thy letter, dated January 6, 1910, was received with the enclosed papers.

Regarding the appointment of the time for the opening of the general convention in Chicago, this matter is already written about. Undoubtedly you have received it by this time. It was suggested to postpone the 20th of March to the days of Rizwan, in which the climate is temperate.

You have written regarding the election of delegates from among the Oriental Bahais. The season for this work has not yet come. God willing, in its opportune time they will be sent.

Several plans and designs of the Mashrak-el-Azkar have been received from America. Now the believers must display an endeavor so that the land may he bought in its entirety; then collect contributions for the building, and then they may think about the plans. So far the means are lacking. I hope from the favor of the True One that sufficient and ample contribution may be gathered and afterward the best and most acceptable plans be decided upon.

Upon thee be Baha-el-ABHA,


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, April 12, 1910, Washington, D. C.)

Vol. 1:4 May 17 1910 page 7

[A prayer read at the convention by Mr. Mountfort Mills is omitted here; it is identical except for capitalization to *Tablets of `Abdu'l-Bahá Abbas,* pp 2- 3.]

Vol. 1:4 page 8

The following Tablet, sent by Abdul-Baha for this Convention was then read by Mrs. Eva Webster Russell:


Through his honour Dr. Fareed,

To the beloved of God in America.

Upon them be BAHA'O'LLAH-el-ABHA!

O ye sons and daughters of the Kingdom!

Praise be to God! The infinite bounty of God hath resuscitated the whole world, and the East and the West have come united with the bond of the summons of God.

Today the call of the Kingdom of God hath reached the hearing of the far and near of all the continents of the world and the standard of the solidarity of Mankind is held aloft by the grasp of Divine Power.

The melody of the East has made joyous and happy the Western world, and the song of the West has penetrated the ears of the Eastern people.

From inception of the world until now there has been no uniting bond between Persia and America, and communication and correspondence never transpired between these two countries. Now consider what a joy and bliss have united these two regions in the shortest space of time! What a real and ideal tie hath bound these together! What spiritual communications have been revealed! And now is only the beginning of this early morn and this is only the result of the twilight preceding the dawn. Soon will the star of this unity shine forth and flood all the horizons with its light and perfect connection and real oneness be obtained in all the regions of the earth. But the speedy realization of these hopes is dependent upon this: That the beloved of God in the West shall arise in unison with perfect strength, girding the loins of endeavor in service and putting forth their greatest effort in the way of unity and love. They must not rest a moment nor take a breath of ease. Nay, rather, night and day must they be striving, working and serving! And with perfect severance, spirituality and the best intent and effort must they hasten to promulgate the Divine Teaching, and above all they must act according to the precepts and exhortations of His Holiness BAHA'O'LLAH, for in this cycle of BAHA'O'LLAH verbal confessions and acknowledgments, literal faith and certainty and external relations are of no avail. Nay, rather, the beloved of God and the maid-servants of the Merciful must manifest such attributes and ethical conduct as to embody and personify the teachings of BAHA'O'LLAH. They must promulgate the law

page 9

of the Kingdom with deeds and not words. Thus may they become the quintessence of being, the signs of the Kingdom of God, standards of the Supreme Concourse. May ye be salutary water for the thirsty, an evidence of guidance for the seeker, protection and support for the helpless, a shelter and home for the wanderers, the treasury of the Kingdom for the poor; the source of hope and happiness for the disappointed; the remedy of the heart and soul for the ailing. May you manifest the utmost of kindness to the human race; to weep with him who mourneth and to laugh with him who rejoiceth; sympathizing with the helpless; in communion with the wanderer; a friend to the friend and foe.

O ye beloved of Abdul-Baha! The beloved of God and the maid- servants of the Merciful intend to found a Mashrak-el-Azkar in Chicago. They have sent to us numerous plans, that one may be accepted and the edifice be built accordingly. Now the funds must be accumulated, the land entirely paid for and the necessary preparations for building made and then the accessory matters considered. Therefore, make ye an effort and show ye zeal that the price of the land be fully discharged and the means for the edifice procured.

The beloved in the East are striving with heart and soul to contribute to the best of their ability, although the internal conditions of Persia have, during the last few years, been exceedingly disturbed. This revolution affected all conditions and walks of life. There has been no agriculture, no trade and no commerce; nay, rather, in all the provinces there have been political disputes and quarrels between the two parties, namely, the nationalists and the constitutionalists. Thus, they have been wholly occupied with their own affairs. Notwithstanding this, they have striven to contribute to the Mashrak-el-Azkar in Chicago according to their best ability, and they will never be found wanting! If Persia should obtain order, the beloved there will make a worthy contribution.

And I supplicate the Kingdom of God to aid and confirm you.

Upon ye be BAHA'O'LLAH-el-ABHA!


(Translated by Dr. Ameen U, Fareed, March 18, 1910.)
Vol. 1:4 page 13

The following Tablets were read by Mr. Hannen [at the convention]:

To his honor Ameen,* Teheran.

Upon him be BAHA'O'LLAH-el-ABHA! HE is GOD!

O thou spiritual Ameen!

In all the world of creation all the existent beings are in the utmost connection. Through this connection, mutual helpfulness and co-operation is realized. This mutual helpfulness and co-operation is the origin of the conservation of the forces of life. If for one instant this mutual helpfulness and co-operation were cut off from the sources and realities of things, all the existent beings and things would be thrown into confusion and chaos and be reduced to nothingness and annihilation. For instance, from the breath of the animals a watery element, called hydrogen, and carbon is exhaled and this is the life principle of the vegetable kingdom. From the vegetable kingdom and the trees, a fiery element, called oxygen, is emitted and this becomes the cause of the maintenance of the life of the animal kingdom. In such a manner, mutual helpfulness and co-operation is realized continually between all the existent beings. Likewise, the greatest inter-relation

* One of the venerable teachers of the East.

page 14

and communication exists between the sons of men without which peace, life and existence is entirely impossible. For a soul independent of all the other soul and without receiving assistance from other sources cannot live for the twinkling of an eye: nay, rather, he will become non-existent and reduced to nothingness: especially among the believers of God between whom material and spiritual communication is developed up to the highest point of perfection. It is this real communication, the essential necessity and requirement of which is the mutual helpfulness, co-operation and confirmation. Without the complete establishment of this divine principle in the hearts of the friends of God, nothing can be accomplished, for they are the hyacinths of one garden, the waves of one sea, the stars of one heaven and the rays of one sun. From every standpoint the essential unity, the luminous unity, the religious unity and the material unity are founded and organized between them.

In these times the utmost hope and wish of the friends of the West is the erection of the Mashrak-el-Azkar and in those regions the materials for construction and building are expensive and costly; a large sum of money is needed for the building of a residence — then how much more is needed for the foundation of the Mashrak-el-Azkar which must be erected with the utmost splendor, beauty and magnificence. Therefore, the friends of God must arise in every part of the world to raise contributions and with their hearts and souls strive to gather these funds to be sent to the Occident that it may become known and evident throughout the universe that the Bahais of the East and West are as members of one household and the children of the one Lord. The Turks and the Persians, the Parsee and the Americans, the Hindu and the Africans, all of them are one army and one cohort and without any consideration they arise for the assistance and aid of each other.

This praiseworthy movement is beloved and accepted in the Threshold of the Forgiving Lord. Truly, I say, in the erection of the Mashrak-el- Azkar in Ishkabad, the friends of God have laid the foundation of the oneness of the kingdom of humanity and they worked nobly together until now and it is nearly completed. Praise be to God, that at this moment from every country in the world according to their various means, contributions are continually being sent toward the fund of the Mashrak-el-Azkar in America.

Convey the gratitude of Abdul-Baha to all the friends of God in this service.

In reality this magnanimity of the believers is worthy of great praise and thankfulness, for from Teheran, Korosan, Shiraz, Jahram, Esphahan, even from the towns and villages of Khorassan, Shiraz and Yazd contributions were sent. This donation in the path of the Orb of Regions is conducive to the happiness of the souls or the spiritual ones.

From the Day of Adam until now such an event has never even been witnessed by men, that from the farthermost country of Asia contributions were forwarded to the farthermost country or America. From Rangoon, India, donations are sent to Chicago, and from Jahram, a little village of Shiraz and Kheirol-Gora of Tarshiz,

page 15

money is transmitted for the Mashrak-el-Azkar in America. This is through the bounty and providence of the Blessed Perfection, the assistance and confirmation of the Sun of Truth and the victory and triumph of the Luminary of Effulgence who has united so marvelously the regions of the world together. Glory belongs to the Lord of Hosts Sovereignty belongs to the Compassionate God, Power and Might belongs to the Living, Self-subsistent One who has united the people of the world and assembled them together like unto the brilliant stars of the horizon of adoration.

O my God! O my God! Favor belongs to Thee, Generosity belongs to Thee, Praise belongs to Thee and Glorification is Thine, for that which Thou hast bestowed upon these indigent ones, granted a refuge and asylum to these weak ones in the cave of Thy protection and preservation, assisted them in the service of Thy Cause and confirmed them in the worship of Thy Exalted Threshold. O Lord! They have sacrificed their belongings and souls in Thy path, contributed for love of Thee and missed no chance or opportunity in spreading Thy Signs, diffusing Thy Word, promulgating Thy Name among Thy servants and proclaiming Thy wonders among Thy creatures.

Verily Thou art the Powerful, the Mighty, the Most High, the Omnipresent and verily Thou art the Clement and the Most Merciful!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, April 19, 1910, Washington, D. C.)
1:4 page 15

Extract from a Tablet to his honor Ebn Abhar.*

Explain to the people the details of the Mashrak-el-Azkar in Chicago and tell them how contributions are received from the East and the West. For example, at this moment four contributions were received in one day from Rangoon, Bombay (India), Jahram of Shiraz and Kheirol-Gora of Khorassan for the Mashrak-el-Azkar of America and were forwarded to their destination.

Truly, I say, the friends of God displayed wonderful generosity in regard to the contributions for the Mashrak-el-Azkar. They displayed magnanimity at any cost to such an extent that some of them sold portions of their clothing on the streets. This is through the Power of the Covenant of God. for until this day an event of this character has never transpired that from the East and Asia contributions were forwarded to the West for the building of a Temple. Verily this is a cause of astonishment for the people of perception.


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, April 19, 1910.)

* Another of the venerable teachers of the East.
1:4 page 20

[Prayer read at the opening of the convention session on Tuesday April 26]

Glory be to Thee, my God and my Beloved! Thy Fire is burning in me, O my Lord, and I feel its glowing in every member of my weak body. Every organ of my temple declares Thy Power and Thy Might, and every member testifies that Thou are powerful over all things. By Thy Strength I feel strong to withstand all trials and all temptations. Make firm Thy love in my heart and then I can bear all the swords of the earth. Verily every hair of my head says, "were it not for trials in Thy Path, I should not have appreciated Thy Love." O my Lord, strengthen me to remain firm and to uphold they hands of Thy Cause, to serve Thee among Thy people. Thou art loving! Thou art Bountiful!

[this prayer has no signature: is it from `Abdu'l-Bahá?]

[1:4 page 21, contains this passage said to be an extract from Bahá'u'lláh's Words of Wisdom, but it does not correspond to the text as printed in Tablets of Bahá'u'lláh revealed after the Aqdas.]

O ye discerning ones of the people! Verily the Words which have descended from the Heaven of the Will of God are the source of unity and harmony for the world. Close your eyes to racial differences and welcome all the with the light of Oneness. Be the cause of comfort and promotion of humanity. This handful of dust, the world, is one home; let it be in unity. forsake pride, it is the cause of discord. Follow that which tends to harmony.

1:4 page 24

[this prayer is also in Bahá'í Prayers, US edition, pp 139-40, but the translation there differs.]

The convention closed by all of the delegates and friends joining hands and facing the East, while Mr. Hall read the following, which was revealed as a closing prayer for the House of Spirituality:


O God O God! Thou dost look upon us from Thine unseen Kingdom of Oneness, [beholding] that we have assembled in this Spiritual Meeting, believing in Thee, confident in Thy signs, firm in Thy Covenant and Testament, attracted unto Thee, set aglow with the fire of Thy love, sincere in Thy Cause, servants in Thy vineyard, spreaders of Thy Religion, worshippers of Thy Countenance, humble to Thy beloved, submissive at Thy door and imploring Thee to confirm us in the service of Thy chosen ones. Support us with Thine unseen hosts, strengthen our loins in Thy servitude and make us submissive and worshipping servants, communing with Thee.

O our Lord! We are weak and Thou are the Mighty, the Powerful! We are mortals and Thou art the great life-giving Spirit! We are needy and Thou art the Powerful and Sustainer!

O our Lord! Turn our faces unto Thy divine face; feed us from Thy heavenly table by Thy godly grace; help us through the hosts of Thy supreme angels and confirm us by the holy ones of the Kingdom of ABHA.

Verily Thou art the Generous, the Merciful! Thou art possessor of great bounty and verily Thou art the Clement and Gracious! (Signed) ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS.

Vol 1:5 June 5 1910, page 1


O ye Spiritual Friends of Abdul-Baha!

How long are ye silent and speechless! Although ye are speaking, yet in this age the speech of the believers of God must be the soul entrancing melody of the Kingdom of ABHA and the harmony of the Supreme Concourse! Therefore Abdul-Baha is not satisfied with a meek voice and depressing lamentation! He seeks the passionate tumult and joyous clamor and he roars and cries at the top of his voice so that the realities of things may stir into movement and action and the Beloved of Bounty unveil her Countenance in the world of creation! Those friends must, like unto the stars in heaven, shine and gleam in the horizon of Truth with the Light of Guidance so that the realities of the existent beings and the spirit of humankind may find joy and happiness!

Upon ye be greeting and praise!


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab,

Washington, D.C., May 27, 1910.
Vol. 1:5 page 3

As to the School of Tarbiat, the following Tablets have been revealed:

There exists a great Confirmation in the School of Tarbiat which is founded by the friends. Although at this moment it is observed but by a few, yet it is assisted by the Almighty. If the believers of God display generosity, that school will progress day by day in all its grades. Encouragement and stimulus is necessary. (Signed) ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS.

The problem of the School of Tarbiat is of the utmost importance. It is an essential obligation and duty incumbent upon all the friends to serve that school. This is, the first school that the friends have founded in Persia, and all the people know that it belongs to them. Neglect and carelessness in the management of its progressive affairs is a blow to the Cause of God. Therefore everyone must give extraordinary importance to the school of Tarbiat and assist it from some standpoint either through enlightened ideals or the introduction of modern system of education, either by liberal contributions or continual encouragement and assistance. To be brief: It is the hope of this Servant that in the course of time this school become distinguished from among all the schools of the world. Now consider how important is this matter. (Signed) ABDUL- BAHA ABBAS.

The question of the School of Tarbiat is very important. Through the Bounty and Providence of the True One it must become evident to all that it is the first school of Persia and its graduates are the most successful. Otherwise its non-being is better than its being. Therefore display the utmost zeal in matters pertaining to the progress of this school.


The Society has received the approval of Abdul-Baha, the following Tablets having been revealed recently, addressed to Mirza Ahmad Sohrab and to the officers of the Society respectively:

To his honor Mirza Ahmad Sohrab. Upon him be BAHA'O'LLAH-El-ABHA!

In the last two mails detailed answers have been written to thee. Now the papers that you have forwarded pertaining to the Persian-American Educational Society have been received. Truly I say, although the importance of this Society at present, is apparently unknown, but if it remain firm and steadfast in the future it will become the Association of the union of the realm of man, it will thoroughly combine and harmonize the East and the West and accomplish a great service to humanity.

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The believers of God must give great importance to this Society and arise to perform its fundamental principles and essential duties with heart and soul. I send my congratulation and felicitation to this blessed Society and ask from the bounty of His Highness the Incomparable confirmation and assistance, supplicate and entreat at the Threshold of Oneness and beg from the Kingdom of ABHA preservation and protection, providence and safety. If this Society acts with independence and exerts itself in bringing about relations between the East and the West, it will become the foundation of the oneness of the world of humanity. Firmness is essential, for if small affairs can not be accomplished without firmness and steadfastness, how much more are these qualities needed for the undertaking of great matters! The friends of God must encourage each other to be firm and steadfast, to reason and consult with each other so that day by day this Society will progress.

Persia and America are in great need of such a Society, even to matters pertaining to material relations between these two Countries, especially America. This Society will become the cause of spreading the American industries in Persia and the great profits, which in the past other nations have collected through the introduction of their goods and implements in Persia, will then go to America. Now consider thou, what great profits will be the result! Moreover the spiritual powers will assist and help, the Breaths of the Holy Spirit will be spread, the Breezes of the Paradise of ABHA diffused and the rays of the Sun of Truth will display wonderful influence.

Convey, on behalf of Abdul-Baha, to all the friends of God and the maid-servants of the Merciful in America the wonderful greeting of ABHA and congratulate and felicitate them for the organization of this Society.

Upon thee be Baha El-ABHA!


(Revealed in Haifa, Syria, April 1, 1910. Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Washington, D. C., May 15, 1910.)
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To the Officers of the Persian-American Educational Society, through Mirza Ahmad Sohrab. Upon thee be Baha El-ABHA!


O ye who are favored in the Threshold of the Almighty and the lovers of His Holiness, BAHA'O'LLAH!

According to the reports of his honor Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, in these days the Persian-American Educational Society is organized in America and the friends of God and the maid-servants of the Merciful with the utmost zeal and enthusiasm are engaged in the solidarity of this Society. If possible, change the name of this Society to Persian-American Interdependence Society so that in the future it may include all points, such as commerce, industry and education so that spiritual and material results and benefits might be produced. Now in the beginning it may find no

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importance in the eyes of some of the people but in the future it will attain to world-wide celebrity and it will indicate that — Praise be to God — at this early period the friends have directed their thoughts to this most important subject. Should the circle of this Society be widely extended and its various branches well organized and systematized it will remain firm and become established and if its members arise with perfect unity and agreement, know ye of a certainty that at the end it will become the greatest Society of the world, produce inexhaustible results and benefits, become the tree of the oneness of the realm of humanity and cast its all-encircling shade over the people of the East and the West. But firmness and firmness, steadfastness and steadfastness is necessary. This Society must be so organized and in the course of time its various policies so well defined, that since the beginning of the world until now no such association has ever been founded. This must become the first society embracing such universal aims and objects. Abdul-Baha with the utmost supplication and contemplation towards the Kingdom of ABHA, prays in your behalf and begs confirmation and assistance.

Blessed is the Oriental-Occidental Interdependence Society! If it is organized in a befitting manner it will be productive of great results; otherwise it will be fruitless and profitless.

Long live this Society! Long live this Society! Undoubtedly at the beginning of every month a report of this Society should be sent to this Holy Land.

O Thou Almighty! Illumine Thou this Association and make Thou this gathering the bright candle of the world! For their intention is for the public good and their aim is Service to humankind.

O kind and compassionate God! Such a Society merits Thy Favors and such a Body deserves inexhaustible Bounty and Providence.

Verily, Thou art Powerful, Mighty and Omnipotent and, verily, Thou art the Peerless and Incomparable God!


(Revealed in Haifa, Syria, April 1, 1910. Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Washington, D. C., May 15, 1910.)
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[in relation to the death of one of the friends, the following words from Bahá'u'lláh's Lawh-i-`Abdu'l-Vahab are cited. This corresponds to Gleanings LXXXI, although this is naturally an earlier translation.]

But concerning that which you asked about the spirit and its everlastingness after its ascension, know that it will ascend at the time of its departure until

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it enters the Presence of God in a form which, throughout all centuries, times and throughout all circumstances and events of the world, will remain unchanged, but will he everlasting as the perpetuity of the Kingdom of God, His Sovereignty, His Power and His Might, and from it will appear the traces of God, His Qualities, Providences and Favors. The Pen cannot move at the mentioning of this Station as it is in its Supremeness and Exaltation!

The hand of the Divine Bounty will cause it to enter into a Station that cannot he comprehended by expression, nor be explained by all the creatures of the existence. Blessing be upon the spirit who departed from the body purified from the doubts and superstitions of the nations! Verily, it moves in the atmosphere of God's desire and enters into the Supreme Paradise! All the angels of the Supreme Paradise attend and surround it, and it will have fellowship with all the Prophets of God and His saints and speak with them and tell them what happened to it in the Cause of God, the Lord of the Universe!

If anyone could realize what hath been assigned for it in the Kingdom of God, the Lord of the Throne and the dust, he would immediately yearn with a great longing for that Unmovable, Exalted, Holy and ABHA Station!
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[The tablet below is also found in *Bahá'í World Faith* p. 411, but the latter has had considerable stylistic revisions.]


Through his honor Mirza Ahmad, to Mrs. Louise R. Waite, Chicago, Ill.


O thou daughter of the Kingdom!

Thy letter was considered. On account of the lack of time, a brief answer is given.

The Spiritual Assembles which are organized for the sake of teaching the Truth, whether assemblies for men, assemblies for women or mixed assemblies, are all accepted and are conducive to the spreading of the Fragrances of God. This is essential. Likewise the public meeting in which, one day during the week, the believers gather, to

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be engaged in the commemoration of God, to read communes and deliver effective speeches, is acceptable and beloved. But now it is utterly impossible to establish the House of Justice, which is mentioned in the Book of Akdas; nay, rather, it is impracticable and not to be thought of. That is for the time when the Cause is proclaimed and the Commands of God have become effective. Therefore, now is not the time for the House of Justice, which must be established by general election. Its mention is not permissible and its realization impossible.

Endeavor ye as much as possible that differences may not arise in the affairs; let not every insignificant matter become the cause of disagreement. If such a condition exists, the end will be complete dispersion.

The believers and the maid-servants of the Merciful must all consider how to produce harmony, so that the unity of the human world may be realized; not that every wholly unimportant subject become conducive to differences of opinion. It is my hope that the friends and maid-servants of America become united on all subjects and not disagree at all, for disagreement destroys the foundation of the Cause of God. It they agree upon a subject, even though it be wrong, it is better than to disagree and be in the right. For this difference will produce demolition of the Divine foundation. Though one of the parties may be in the right and they disagree, that will be the cause of a thousand wrongs; but if they agree and both parties are in the wrong, as it is unity, the truth will be revealed and the wrong made right.

Upon thee be Baha El-ABHA!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Washington, D.C., April 20, 1910.)
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O ye merciful friends and the respected spiritual maid-servants!

Your blessed photograph* was received and studied. It imparted unmeasurable happiness. Praise be to God! that the faces are illumined, the hearts

* Refers to above photograph taken of the committee gathered to examine the plans submitted by architects for the Mashrak- el-Azkar, at the residence of Mrs. Corinne True, Chicago, August 1, 1909.

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are the rose-gardens of the love of God and the spirits are rejoiced through the divine Glad-tidings. Thank ye God that ye have assembled your likenesses upon one page. All of you are the sons and daughters of the Kingdom, are in perfect harmony and united, attracted and enkindled.

Just as these bodies are assembled together, so the hearts are attuned with the music of heaven and the souls enraptured with the melody of Truth. Ye are all waves of one sea, rays of one sun, trees of one orchard and flowers of one garden. The power of the Kingdom hath assembled you together, and I hope that you may become assisted in such wise as to raise the canopy of the oneness of the kingdom of humanity, to unfurl the banner of love and kindness among the sons of men, to perfume the nostrils with the Fragrances of the Paradise of ABHA and to illumine the hearts of the people of the world with the splendors of the Sun of Truth. Upon ye be Baha El-ABHA! (Signed) ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS.

(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Feb. 28, 1910, Washington, D. C.)
Bahá'í News 1:6 p. 2

Through Mirza Ahmad Sohrab to the friends of Buffalo, N. Y. Upon them be BAHA'O'LLAH-El-ABHA! HE IS GOD!

O ye sons and daughters of the Kingdom!

Your brief and interesting letter was perused. Although it was brief, yet in reality it was a detailed book. Every word was a letter, for it contained the oneness of the realm of humanity, and it was a proof of the oneness and concord among the friends and maid-servants of God. Today all the communities of the world are engaged in fighting and quarreling with each other. There is a religious strife, a sectarian strife, racial bias, patriotism, political contentions, commercial competition, industrial rivalry and a battle to defend their honor.

In reality these strifes are continual, and there is no cessation or interruption thereto. Now consider ye with what power and strength, love and devotion, union and harmony, happiness and joy

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the friends of God must arise, so that they may reconcile and crystallize together these different fighting and quarreling communities. Were it not for the confirmations of the Word of God the realization of these facts would have been impossible and improbable. But the confirmation of the Kingdom of God, the penetration of the Word of God, the illumination of the Divine Teachings, the instructions and advices of BAHA'O'LLAH will solve these problems and ere long the Tabernacle of the Oneness of humanity will be raised in all regions, the beloved will find great rejoicing and beatitude and like unto the luminous stars they will shine from the horizon of sanctity.

Upon ye be Baha El-ABHA!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Washington, D. C., May 4, 1910.)
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Through Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, to the Bahai Assembly of Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr. Pauline B. Peeke, Ella F. Priday,
E. C. B. Peeke, Kathryn Preston,
Emma K. Noble, Mrs. J. Clark,
Myrtle Perkins Swingle, Albert J. West,
Dr. C. M. Swingle, Minnie H. Gredsann,
Mildred Emily Swingle, Ahmad Sohrab.
Eva Mae Swingle,


O ye brothers and sisters of Abdul-Baha!

Your letter was received. The meeting which was established in the home of Dr. Pauline was an illumined gathering and merciful assembly. Should ye remain firm and steadfast, know ye of a certainty that ye will be assisted by the help of the Kingdom of ABHA and confirmed in the service in the Realm of Truth, for through the power of the Word of God and the breaths of the Holy Spirit the universal forces of the angels of heaven are drawn in battle array on the plain of the Supreme Apex and are expecting to assist and make victorious that soul who is hastening toward the field of the Kingdom.

Upon ye be Baha El-ABHA!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Washington, D. C.. May 4. 1910.)
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Through Mirza Ahmad, to the friends and maidservants of God, Sandusky, Ohio.

Upon them be BAHA'O'LLAH-El-ABHA!


O ye who are favored in the Threshold of the Almighty!

Your letter was a rose-garden of significances and from it the fragrance of the Love of God was exhaled. The friends can talk with each other without the lips or tongue, and without the assistance of pen, ink and paper they correspond with each other In the world of heart and spirit. Your brief letter was an indication of those detailed letters. It was the essence of truths and contained innumerable meanings. Therefore, in reality I read in your letter a book, and I felt that all of you are illumined by the light of guidance, are soaring in the infinite sphere of the love of God, like unto the birds singing wonderful melodies in this rose-garden and like unto the nightingale chanting harmonious songs and music. We expect that day after day this melody will become sweeter, this symphony more wonderful and this song more exquisite. It is assured that the confirmations of God will assist that gathering to progress; the boundless gifts will increase and illumine all with the light of guidance.

Upon them be BAHA'O'LLAH-El-ABHA'.


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Washington, D. C., May 4, 1910.)
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[This tablet is printed in the Compilation of Compilations, in 'The Prohibition of Intoxication', 246-7, but in a different translation]

Extracts from a Tablet to a California Believer:


I beg of God that the means of thy composure may be brought about, that thou mayest be released from the fetters of this world, become a nightingale, be freed from the cage of the attachment of this earth and soar heavenward in the atmosphere of joy.

Regarding the use of liquors: According to the texts of the Book of Akdas, both light and strong drinks are prohibited. The reason for this prohibition is that it leads the mind astray and is the cause of weakening the body. If alcohol were

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beneficial, it would have been brought into the world by the divine creation and not by the effort of man. Whatever is beneficial for man exists in creation. Now, it has been proved and is established medically and scientifically that liquors are harmful.

Therefore the meaning of that which is written in the Tablets: "I have chosen for thee whatsoever is in the heaven and earth," signifies those things which are according to the divine creation and not the things which are harmful. For instance, poison is one of the things: now, can we say that poisons are to be used habitually because God has created them for man? However, spirituous liquors, if prescribed by a physician for the patient and their use is necessary, then they may be used as directed.

In brief, I hope that thou mayest find eternal bliss and receive inexhaustible joy and happiness. The after effect of drinking is depression, but the wine of the Love of God bestows exaltation of the spirit.

Upon thee be Baha El-ABHA!

Bahá'í News 1:6 page 5


O thou seeker after the knowledge of numbers!

Thy letter was received. The science of numbers is one of the common sciences, but the aim of Abdul-Baha is, that the Heavenly Knowledge and Divine Wisdom encircle the world of existence.

Shouldst thou desire to become my pupil thou must acquire the Mysteries of God and attain to the Knowledges and Sciences of the Kingdom — for they are the cause of the life of the world and the salvation of humanity.

Upon thee be greeting and praise!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Washington, D. C. May 27th, 1910.)
Vol. 1:7 July 13, 1910.

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Upon them be the Glory of God, the Most Glorious! HE IS GOD!

O God! O God! Verily, verily the reality of Thy Oneness is sanctified above ascent or descent, and the Sun of Thy Singleness is holy above appearance or disappearance. Thou hast been in the mystery of Thine Identity and the eternality of Thine Existence; moving in the exaltation of Thy Sanctity and the loftiness of Thy Purity. The souls who penetrate through the facts of life cannot know Thee, and the minds which are imbued with the subtleties of the universe do not apprehend Thee. Far from the spiders of imagination to weave the web of their weak thoughts in the imperial palaces of Thy Knowledge, and far from the birds of understanding to attempt soaring with their broken wings toward the golden apex of Thine Explanation! Verily, all the wings of effort are broken and will not reach the glorious heaven of Thy Singleness. The intellects are bewildered and if they cannot comprehend one verse of the verses of Thine Omnipotence, how then can they perceive Thy Reality which surrounds all things and is not surrounded! Thy Holy and Sanctified Identity is beyond the knowledge of the wisest and mightiest in the world of emanation!

O Lord! O Lord! Deliver the souls from the superstitions, that they may not imagine any disappearance for Thy Lights, any setting for Thy Luminary, any descent for Thy Reality, and any ascent for Thy Identity. For verily Thou art above all these qualifications and beyond all these attributes. Thou hast been and forever shalt be in Thine Inaccessible Station and Thine Unattainable Position. The road is barred and the path is closed. Thy Proof is Thy Verses and Thy Path is Thy Dominion.

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O Lord! O Lord! These souls are righteous, their hearts attracted, their minds enkindled their ears opened, their eyes seeing, their spirits rejoiced, their breasts dilated, their realities contented, their identities, satisfied and their hearts attentive. They are supplicating toward Thee, turning their faces to Thee, and begging for Thy Mercy.

O Lord! O Lord! Enkindle their lamps, ignite their torches, uplift their waves and open to them the Door of Bounty.

O Lord! Adorn their gardens, beautify their orchards, illumine their faces, confirm their words, hoist their ensigns, commemorate their names, perfect their morals, cleanse their hearts, purify their breasts and glorify their countenances; so that the manifest light may be seen upon their brow, and the Bloom of Paradise in their faces. Verily, Thou art the Merciful, Thou art the Clement, the Compassionate and the Ancient!

O ye friends of God! The waves of confirmations are successive and the hosts of assistance are drawn in battle array. The armies of the Kingdom of ABHA, like unto the waves of the Supreme Concourse, are tumultuous, and the Breezes of Providence wafting from the direction of Grace, rejuvenate with new life every faded and withered soul. The trees of the Garden of the Covenant are stirred into the utmost cheerfulness and the fruits of the Orchard of the Testament have reached the stage of perfection, sweetness and delicacy. The Majestic Palm produces luscious dates, and the Luminous Star shines with infinite brightness. The Zephyrs of the City of God bestow eternal life, and the Divine Wisdom grants spiritual insight. The Bounties of God are perfected on every side, and the Favors of the Most High have encircled all. Blessed are you! — and again, blessed are you! — for you have become the object of the Bestowals of the Beauty of ABHA and the Center of the Revelations of the Mysteries of the Supreme Concourse.

His honor Ameen* has given the utmost praise

*Note: Ameen is one of the old, venerable, sanctified teachers of Persia. — Translator.

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and commendation on behalf of all, saying that — Praise be to God! — all the friends in all parts of Persia are firm in the Covenant, have taken hold of the Testament of His Highness the Merciful; their minds are full of acclamations, their faces illumined, their hearts aspiring and their spirits soaring toward the Realm of Truth, their souls full of glad-tidings and their consciences in infinite happiness. Day and night they are engaged in spreading the fragrances, and morning and evening they deliver the Word of God. They are the Signs of Oneness and the Tokens of the Bounties of the Glorious Lord. They are the bright lamps and incontrovertible proofs. They are the horizons of knowledge and the hosts of the Supreme Concourse. In reality he has given the greatest praise and glorification. On account of this news great happiness was produced in the hearts of the believers, and all are expressing their most wonderful glad-tidings.

I beg of God, that day by day this Fire may consume the world, and this Flame enkindle the earth; this Favor become all-surrounding and this Path straight. Cast ye into oblivion all signs of attachment and impurity so that all the regions may become sanctified and purified and all the dawning-places shining and illumined. Then the Paradise of ABHA will be established in the East and in the West, the glorious outpouring of the Majestic Lord, become universal, the principles of the Cause produce results and the structure of the Revelation of Truth reach to the Mansions of the Supreme Heights.

Upon ye be Glory!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, especially for the BAHAI NEWS, Washington, D.C., June 17, 1910.)
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That all may be informed as to what is intended for this institution [of the Mashriqu'l-Adhkar], we quote the following from a Tablet revealed by Abdul-Baha:

I am hopeful by divine bounty and grace that the beloved ones of Gori may he confirmed in the building of the Mashrak-el-Azkar and all its accessories, for the Mashrak-el-Azkar has important accessories which are accounted of the basic foundations. These are: School for orphan children Hospital and Dispensary for the poor: Place for the incapable: i.e., (Home for the cripple); College for the Higher Scientific Education.

The meaning is this, that in every place:

First a Mashrak-el-Azkar must be founded.

Then a School for the Education of orphan children and the poor. Then the Hospital and Medical Dispensary must be founded. Then the home of the Cripple.

Then the College of Higher Scientific Education,

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In every city a great Mashrak-el-Azkar must be founded after this order.

Now we hope the Mashrak-el-Azkar may be founded in Chicago. After its foundation the important accessories amy gradually be founded.


Vol. 1:8, Aug. 1 1910

Page 1:

To the Editors of the BAHAI NEWS:

Mirza Moneer Zain has sent me notes taken in Persian and then translated, from four of Abdul-Baha's talks given while Mr. Struven and I were in Haifa.

page 2

I am enclosing them to you, knowing they will be of value to you in your work.

Talk No. 1 was given shortly after our arrival in Haifa.

Talk No. 2 was given at a feast which Abdul-Baha spread in his home, at which there was gathered a throng of believers from many countries and of various religious faiths.

Talk No. 3 was given upon a most memorable occasion, the 68th anniversary of the Declaration of the Bab. (According to solar reckoning May 23rd of the present year was the 66th anniversary of this event, but according to lunar reckoning — still used in some of the Oriental countries — May 15th of this present year was the 68th anniversary.)

At an early hour of the day the believers from Haifa and the visiting pilgrims went up to the hospice, situated near the Tomb of the Bab, upon the Mount of Carmel. When the feast was prepared Abdul-Baha served us as we were seated about the table which had twenty-four places. There was a second service and also a third, there being between sixty and seventy present. After all had been served then he, himself, partook of food. As Abdul-Baha gave the material food he made the enclosed brief but soul sustaining address. It was the most impressive meal that one could possibly imagine. Any description of mine would not give any idea of the spirit manifested. Not only were there the many mentioned pilgrims present, but also a number of those old and faithful servants of the Cause — men who have done pioneer work in Persia and in neighboring lands — men who have suffered for the faith in prisons and in exile, and who now are spending the evening of life serving in the shadow of Abdul-Baha. In the late afternoon the friends assembled before the door of the Tomb. Abdul-Baha was there. All entered the outer chamber and stood facing the door of the inner chamber while he chanted two tablets. All stood save one, for whom a chair had been placed, Aga Seyed Taghi, the aged Afnan who was assisted into the building, tenderly supported upon one side by Abdul-Baha and upon the other by our good brother, Howard Struven.

Directly over the Tomb hangs a nine-branch candelabra and in this we were permitted to place lighted candles. In the night Howard and I again climbed the mountain a second time. The candles were still burning, and we had a quiet hour of prayer there together, remembering in our supplications the friends in the many assemblies and lands visited on our long journey, and thanking God for His wonderful bounties and blessings.

Talk No. 4 was given as Abdul-Baha was giving us his parting blessing. I assure you it was with joyful yet serious hearts that we left him to return to America. He had filled our souls with his wonderful spirit of love and we were anxious to he away and serving as he directed. Yours In His service, CHARLES MASON REMEY

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Talk No. 1 — Haifa, May 10, 1910.

Concerning the death of King Edward of England,
Abdul-Baha said: "The English king, with his pomp and grandeur, used to address the sun and say: 'Thou dost never disappear from my lands' * * *; but now he is buried under the earth. Some time ago the flags at the top of the masts proclaimed the day of his ascension to the throne; but today the flags are at half-mast, for he is dead. The flags and banners of the Beloved are ever waving at the top of the masts; they are never inverted; nay, rather, they go on higher day by day; in fact, theirs is the sovereignty. Without fighting forces they conquer the cities; and without and without taking any tribute they bestow and give freely. The kings gain their victory through bloodshed and the taking of life; whereas the Beloved of God confer life and are victorious. The sovereignty of the friends is an eternal one."

Concerning the trials and hardships, ordeals and oppressions which befell the beloved of God in Persia, Abdul-Baba said: 'In America the people shall also thus serve you a little; they shall not permit you to escape and you cannot get rid of them."

We spoke about the inhabitants of Honolulu; that many nationalities are there represented and yet all are in great harmony. Abdul-Baha said: "Time and place play a great influence over the conditions; when in a certain place some strangers meet, necessity requires that they should be in harmony; but our purpose is this, that the divine unity and concord may become well established among all the nations, so that they may become as one spirit in different bodies; the drops of one ocean; the fruits of one tree and the rays of the same sun. In America, when the different people united together they were enabled to drive away the English government and establish a new government for themselves. Consider how great is the result of unity and harmony! There has never been any action performed nor any philanthropic deed achieved except through unity and concord; disagreement and dissension have always been the means of evil and corruption."

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"Animals are of two kinds, one the grazing and domestic; the other the wild and ferocious. If the wild beasts are near each other for ten years, still, as soon as they find an opportunity they attack and tear one another to pieces; whereas the tame creatures show their kind feelings toward each other. * * * The beloved of God are like the blessed birds; they are kind and merciful."

Abdul-Baha said a contribution had been sent from Persia for the Mashrak-el-Azkar in Chicago and we should take the sum with us to the United States. Mr. Struven said that since contributions had come from the East to the West, we had felt ashamed of ourselves. Abdul-Baha replied: "You should never be ashamed; nay, rather, you must be very happy in realizing the power of the Word of God, which has enabled the beloved to send contributions from small villages of Persia."

"Some time ago, a few souls in America expressed their wish for a journey to Persia, but I told them to defer this undertaking for a while. Now the time has come; they can go in these days, as there is no danger now."

"As you both have been together during this long tour, I hope that you shall be together also on your journey to Persia in the future."

Concerning the many Assemblies in America, Abdul-Baha said: "These centers must have a complete connection and a firm union with each other, just as all the various Assemblies in Persia. Rest assured, all this shall come to pass."

"Now is the commencement of the daybreak and the radiant morn is approaching. Consider the trees yonder; as soon as they peep out of the earth they receive the bounty of the sun, the shower of mercy and the gift of breeze. Although the same bounties are being bestowed upon them when they bring forth leaves, blossoms and fruit, still, there is a great difference between this state and that of the former one."

Abdul-Baha asked Mr. Remey if he remembered the few Persian words he had learned, and then he said: "The beloved of God are endowed with a particular language through which they express

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their feelings and converse with one another. The sun speaks to the existing beings, the cloud communicates with the earth and the gentle breeze whispers to the trees."

"The assistance and confirmations of God which shall attend you in the future will be so great and magnificent that when compared with those already experienced will make them seem very little."

Abdul-Baha said: "The two words, East and West, are imaginary words; there is no East and there is no West."

Talk No. 2 — Haifa, May 13, 1910.

Abdul-Baha spoke these words to a number of Jewish, Zoroastrian, Christian and Mohammedan Bahais seated around his table and while serving them all.

"Among the human race, the bonds of and means for love are numerous, for man cannot live without it; nay, rather, human life is dependent upon friendship and affection. Both the material and intrinsic development of man are conditional upon amity and love and the greatest honor and pleasure in the human world is love; but the ways and means are different. Sometimes the cause of love is simply relationship and kinship; and sometimes it is a racial bond, patriotism, political affairs, etc. But, through all these various bonds and means it is impossible to obtain a real and pure love; it is rather superficial and temporary. Such love may easily be changed into enmity and rancor, for it is affected by the slightest manifestation of hostility; whereas a true and ideal love is faith and assurance. Those who believe in God and are confident in His Word shall enter the Kingdom, and the essential oneness appears among them to such an extent that all become the drops of one ocean, the rays of one sun, the fishes of one sea, the trees of one garden, the birds of one orchard, the candles of one assembly and the stars of the same heaven. Such love is real; there is no interruption for this connection, nor any separation for this union: this foundation shall never

page 6

be destroyed, for it is eternal: hence it is established that the love which exists among the beloved of God is everlasting, for it is a Divine bounty, a Godly appearance, a melody of the Kingdom and a heavenly cohesion.

"In the Koran it is said: 'They love Him and He loves them' — i. e., the bounty of love is one of the Divine bounties which comes to man from God; just as the sun when it sends its rays to the mirrors and thereby the mirrors are illumined; this effulgence and splendor are from the bounty of the sun. Therefore, this love which is among the beloved is a Divine bounty, a Godly splendor, an eternal manifestation and the power of Divinity; it is perpetual.

"Praise be to God! Ye are gathered here under the shadow of the Blessed Beauty and your hearts are overflowing with His love, your souls are rejoicing in His favors and Abdul-Baha is serving you. What more do you need?"
Talk No. 3 — Haifa, May 15, 1910.

Uttered by Abdul-Baha on the day of the annual celebration of the Bab's Declaration,
held on Mount Carmel, when representatives of all different religions, such as Jewish, Zoroastrian, Christian and Mohammedan Bahais were seated around the table and Abdul-Baha was serving them all personally:

"There are different gatherings and various meetings held in the world which apparently are in the utmost degree of arrangement and order; in the palaces of the kings many feasts and banquets are held which are incomparable and peerless; also, in the castles of the opulent ones great entertainments are presented and various kinds of foods and victuals are served; the singing of melodious tunes and playing of musical instruments exhilarate and deeply affect the concourse. Associations for political affairs are formed and convivial banquets for pleasure and gratification are offered: assemblages for exhibition of arts and sciences, literature and acquirements are established: meetings for the promotion of industry and commercial matters are being

page 7

held; extraordinary conventions and religious congresses are arranged. But all these assemblages and different gatherings are not to be compared with and equal to this, our meeting. Although from those gatherings and conferences certain results and effects are produced which render great service to the human world and make mankind progress and develop on the plane of civilization, promulgate the attributes and virtues of the world of humanity; yet the results are limited, the fruits thereof are finite and the signs are bounded; whereas the traces, the lights and the results of this gathering are unlimited, boundless and infinite, for it is held on the Supreme Spot (the Tomb of the Bab) and under the shadow of the Blessed Beauty.

"This feast is one eternal! It has connection with and relation to the soul and body; it shall be continued everlastingly. At least an hundred thousand feasts shall follow this one. All the other gatherings shall be forgotten, whereas the commemoration and celebration of this meeting shall remain and be duly observed forever throughout endless ages; it is under the merciful glances of the Blessed Beauty.

"Once His Holiness Christ gathered the disciples together, and having offered to them the Lord's Supper, He advised them, admonished them and uttered certain teachings to them, and then He said this was 'The Lord's Supper.' Now, as this meeting is held under the shadow of the Blessed Beauty, it should be called 'The Lord's Sustenance,' and as the consequences of 'The Lord's Supper' continued until the present time, so we hope that the results and effects of this 'Lord's Sustenance' may also become permanent and perpetual. In fact, there is no meeting better than this, for it is held in the vicinity of the Supreme Spot and the faces are so brilliant and radiant! What is there superior to this?"

Talk No. 4 — Haifa, May 18, 1910.

These words of Abdul-Baba were addressed to Mr. Charles Mason Remey and Mr. Howard C. Struven on the day of their departure from his presence:

page 8

"In fact, you have shown forth a wonderful devotion; you left the West and came to the furthermost part of Asia. On your journey you had to pass through hard experiences and difficulties; yet the confirmations of God enabled you to spread the Cause and to raise the summons of the Kingdom in all regions. The Sun of Truth shall send forth its rays, the breeze of favor shall pass over and the rain of mercy shall be sent down upon the seeds which you have scattered and there shall be gathered and collected many harvests. The results shall indeed be magnificent and glorious; some of them you shall soon witness with your own eyes.

"Now, when you go back to America you must circulate in detail all the incidents and news about your vast trip and inform them fully of the works achieved successfully throughout the different countries.

"Now you have to rest and repose for some time and let your strength and breath be renewed. When a bird has been soaring in the air for a long time, it has to come down and rest for a while; after a long walk one must be seated and take some rest.

"I pray and supplicate at the Divine Threshold to confirm and aid you in all conditions, and that the seeds scattered may grow rapidly and form a charming plantation."

After giving instructions to some Persian pilgrims who were leaving on the same day, Abdul-Baha arose and embraced them all one by one. Some were crying, the tears rolling down their cheeks.

"Good-by!" he said to all.
Vol. 1:8 page 12

The BAHAI NEWS devotes this issue to notes taken and letters written by Mr. Charles Mason Remey and Mr. Howard C. Struven
during their recent journey around the world in the interests of the Cause. The following extracts from Tablets revealed by Abdul-Baha show the importance and world-wide effect of this tour:

Truly, I say, this beloved of Abdul-Baha left his native land, turned his back upon the comforts and pleasures of home, accepted the difficulties of travels, and crossed the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. In the Hawaiian Islands he gave the Glad-tidings of the Kingdom; in Japan he delivered the Teachings of His Highness the Incomparable. He summoned the souls to the Most Great Guidance, and suffered the thirsty ones to drink from the Fountain of Job. He proclaimed the Dawn of the Manifest Light in China, and he perfumed India with the Fragrance of the Rose-garden of the Merciful. Praise be to God, he became assisted, confirmed, and raised the Summons of the Kingdom in those countries, suffered the Mysteries of the Realm of Might to become manifest, built a structure which will remain firm and established forever and ever, enkindled a lamp whose illumination will be perpetual, and planted a tree whose fruits will be limitless.

Consider thou how the power of the Word of God has united the East and the West and bestowed spiritual communication, that a blessed soul from the inhabitants of America, while in the Holy Land, mentioned to Abdul-Baha the name of a man living in Asia, and with the utmost devotion requests the writing of a Tablet. Praise be to God! What a communication! What a unity and concord! Today the inhabitants of the world must be engaged generally in praising the Word of God, which has bestowed such a bounty and has established such a harmony and affiliation that the Beloved of the union of the race of man has uncovered the face, displaying the utmost beauty and perfection in the assemblages of the world, and is captivating the hearts of everyone in all the regions.

Vol. 1:8 page 16

Fourteen years ago the following words were revealed by Abdul-Baha in a Tablet to the Persian believers:

The Divine confirmations have in every way prepared for you the means of development. before long your brethren will come to Persia from Europe and America. They will organize new industries; found the traces of civilization, various factories, the spread of commerce, increase of agriculture, and the universalization of learning. As soon as security and tranquility are reached to the limit of perfection by the endeavors of the government, they will come, and will make the territory of Persia the envy of the world and of the other provinces. At that time the government will become exceedingly pleased, and the wishes of this Servant in wishing good for the Empire and my sincerity to the Imperial Throne, will become manifest.
Vol. 1:9, Aug. 20, 1910


Through Mr. Howard Struven, to the Spiritual Assembly of Baltimore, Maryland:


O ye Merciful Assembly!

Mr. Struven became the herald of the Kingdom and traveled through the countries of China, India and Japan. The Supreme Confirmations bestowed assistance, so that he attained to this heavenly Bounty. He became the cause of the glory of the believers of Baltimore and imparted happiness and joy to the friends and maid-servants of the Merciful. He sacrificed everything in the Path of the Kingdom and imparted life to many souls. The results of this trip, ere long, will become apparent and manifest like unto the sun and moon, and the Most Great Confirmation be unveiled.

O ye friends and the maid-servants of the Merciful, hearken to the counsels of Abdul-Baha. The world of matter is not worthy of consideration or indulgence therein. Soon the life of everything will come to an end, therefore you must endeavor to raise the banner of greatness in the unicolored universe of God, attract the splendors of the Sun of Truth, become the cause of the illumination of the realm of man, serve all humanity, spread the essential oneness, become the embodiment of Divine Mercy, the impersonation of the Gift of His Highness the Almighty, seek eternal life, and discover the majesty of the age- abiding sovereignty.

Ponder and reflect a moment, millions of kings have stepped forth from the invisible world into

page 2

the arena of appearance, and all of them have vanished and disappeared. But a servant of the servants of the True One, who finds eternal life through the Breaths of the Holy Spirit, establishes everlasting dominion in the Kingdom of God; even in this temporal world his signs are spread and are known, his name becomes famous and his light diffused in every region.

Upon ye be the Glory of God!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Washington, June 17, 1910.)
Vol. 1:9 page 5:


Extract from a letter written by a Mrs. Crockett, May, 1910, to Miss Frances Johnson,
Pearl City, Hawaii:

I must tell you a little about Palestine and about one experience in particular. A visit to Palestine does certainly make the Bible seem like a new book and brings home to one's heart the reality of Christ's life and teachings.

I felt this particularly at Nazareth, the home of His boyhood, and at the Sea of Galilee, which is so associated with His ministry. We had a lovely early morning row on the peaceful lake, and the memories of Christ that came to us seemed to make His presence very real.

Now, I know you will be eager to hear of my interview with the one in Palestine whose teachings mean so much to you, the Prophet, or Abbas Effendi,* as he is generally called.

I found that he is not now kept a prisoner at Acca, but since the order of constitutional government in Turkey he is free to live in his home at Haifa (near by) and go and come as he will.

I planned my trip so that I could stop and see him, for I remember when you gave me some of the literature to read you said: "If you go to Egypt, Palestine is not far away and you will surely want to see him." So I planned for the interview with him when the others of the party went to Acca for a drive. (Perhaps you know that Haifa is a pretty little town right at the foot of Mt. Carmel.)

Well, I sent word to him of my wish to see him and he replied that he would see me in the afternoon, as his time was taken up that morning in seeing some people from India. So I went to his house at the time appointed and was shown into the presence of an old man, clothed in the flowing robe of a Persian, with white hair and a long white beard, with eyes that seemed to look me through and yet were most friendly, too. It was the Prophet! He received me most graciously, and his interpreter, a young Syrian, a student at the American Missionary College at Beyrout.

* Abdul-Baha

page 6

I told him first about the little circle of his friends in far off Honolulu — you who meet together to discuss his teachings — and I told him of your love and loyalty. He seemed very happy at this and his face lighted up as he asked for the names of those who knew and loved him * * * He sent you all his love and blessing and said he would pray for each one of you, and he added: "Tell them that they have a great mission — to make the blind eyes see, to make the deaf ears hear and to shed the light of knowledge where the darkness of ignorance prevails." That was his message to you. He talked with me for some time, first telling me of his country, Persia, of his life and then of his teachings.

As he talked with me I felt my heart soften under the influence of his goodness and kindness, and the tears came to my eyes. He asked me about myself, if I were well and if I were happy. I replied to the latter question: "I have had many sorrows." "Forget them!" he answered. "When your heart is filled with the love of God there will be no room for sorrow. There will only be love and happiness." I cannot tell you the sweet sympathy of his voice as he said these beautiful and comforting words.

Then he had the attendant bring in tea, a cup for him and a cup for me. We drank together, wishing each other health and happiness, and then he told me that he hoped he should take tea with me in the Kingdom of Heaven!

When I praised the tea he said it was real Persian tea and presented me with a package to take away with me. (I wish I could send you some of it. I am afraid it would lose its strength though before it reached you.)

When I finally said good-by he put his hand on my head and blessed me and wished that I might be a blessing. * * * I went away feeling softened, uplifted and blessed. I am so glad you told me of him and urged me to see him. He wrote his name in my book for me and told me always to remember it.

I tell you all these little incidents as I know they will interest you.
Vol. 1:9 page 10

...the following extract from a Tablet to a believer in Persia, should receive the careful perusal of the men who are interested in the progress of the Cause in the Occident:

You have written regarding the Assembly of Women.
Undoubtedly, show ye great effort in this matter, and

page 11

make constant endeavor in the expansion of its spheres, and know ye of a certainty that it will be crowned with great success. This subject is pregnant with far- reaching results and when it is directed in a benefitting manner, such women will be trained In that Assembly that the whole world will be astonished by their eloquent speeches and fluent utterances, and they will silence and discomfort the orators of the East and the West. Today the women in the West lead the men in the service of the Cause, summon the people under the shade of the Blessed Perfection, and loosen their tongues in eloquent lectures, delivery of wonderful proofs and the elucidation of new arguments.

Vol. 1:9 page 12 [reports on the death of an infant child and the burial service, which included the following unsourced readings:]

To consider that after the death of the body the spirit perishes, is like imagining that a bird in a cage will be destroyed if the cage is broken — though the bird has nothing to fear from the destruction of the cage. Our body is like the cage, and the spirit is like the bird. We see that without the cage this bird flies in the world of sleep: therefore, if the cage becomes broken, the bird will continue to exist: its feelings will be even more powerful, its perceptions greater and its happiness increased. In truth, from hell it reaches a paradise of delights, because for the thankful bird there is no paradise greater than freedom from the cage.

Infants are under the shadow of the favor of God, and as they have not committed any sin and are not soiled with the impurities of the world of nature, they

page 11

are centers of the manifestation of bounty, and the Eye of Compassion will be turned upon them.

In the Name of God, the Supreme, the High! I ask Thee, by the sorrow of the hearts of the beloved and by the tears of the eyes of the lovers, to deprive me not from the fragrances of Thy Godliness in Thy Days, and from the melodies of the Dove of Thy Oneness at the appearance of the Lights of Thy Face!

Hold Thou my right arm, O God! and dwell continually with me! Guide me to the fountain of Thy Knowledge and encircle me with Thy Glory. Let mine ears hearken unto Thy melodious tone and comfort me with Thy Presence. For Thou art the strength of my heart, and the trust of my soul, and I desire no one beside Thee!
Vol. 1:10 (Sept. 8, 1910) Izzat


Extracts from Tablets recently received by the Librarian of the Spiritual Assembly (H. of S.) of Chicago, for preservation in archives, and sent to the BAHAI NEWS for publication.


O thou son of the Kingdom!

* * * Today, the most important affair and greatest hope is the unity and concord of the Friends. In every city where the Friends are united, spirituality and illumination is manifest and apparent with infinite power and strength; but where there is a lack of the warmth of love, every one becomes withered, cold, unhappy and deprived. Therefore, endeavor ye with all your heart and soul so that union and concord may be increased, the Word of God promoted and the lights of unity be spread. Convey on behalf of Abdul-Baha the wonderful ABHA Greeting to all the Friends of that Spiritual Assembly.

(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Aug.16, 1910.)

O thou daughter of the Kingdom!

* * * Ere long the regions of the West will become the dawning-places of the East, and the Sun of Truth will shine in such wise that the darkness of ignorance will be dispelled. But a large multitude of people will arise against you, showing oppression, expressing contumely and derision, shunning your society, and heaping upon you ridicule. However, the Heavenly Father will illumine you to such an extent that, like unto the rays of the sun, you shall scatter the dark clouds of superstition, shine gloriously in the midst of Heaven and illumine the face of the earth. You must make firm the feet at the time when these trials transpire, and demonstrate forbearance and patience. You

page 2

must withstand them with the utmost love and kindness; consider their oppression and persecution as the caprice of children, and do not give any importance to whatever they do. For at the end the illumination of the Kingdom will overwhelm the darkness of the world and the exaltation and grandeur of your station will become apparent and manifest; nothing will remain hidden. If the light remain in the depth of the well, ere long its shining will appear on the summit of the hill. The small ones will become great, the powerless powerful, the babes will become the children of the Kingdom, and the wanderers reach the Divine native land of the Father. Rest ye assured.

(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Nov.14, 1909.)


Vol. 1:10 page 6

We take the liberty of prefacing the letters selected for this issue with the following Tablet to one of the friends at Cincinnati, O.
believing it not only confirms the correctness of the observations of our brothers that organization and systematic work is needed in many centers, but that it will assist such centers in their endeavor to comply with the wish of Abdul-Baha expressed therein:



O thou seeker of the Kingdom!

Thy letter was received. It is impossible to organize the House of Justice in these days; it will be formed after the establishment of the Cause of God. Now, the Spiritual Assemblies are organized in most of the cities, you must also organize a Spiritual Assembly in Cincinnati. It is permissible to elect the members of the Spiritual Assembly from among the men and women; nay, rather, it is better, so that perfect union may result. According to the Texts of the Akdas the dues are to be collected in the Treasury in order to meet the necessary demands, but do not make the dues obligatory to anyone. Everyone can pay according to the dictates of their hearts and let it be a voluntary contribution.

O thou seeker of the Kingdom! Now is the time that you may become engaged in that country in the promotion of the Word of God, the diffusion of the sweet fragrances of the Paradise of ABHA and the spreading of the Divine Teachings.

Upon thee be the Glory of God!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, May 18, 1910.)

Vol. 1:10 page 9

Excerpt from a long prayer revealed by Abdul-Baha at the marriage feast of Mirza Eskander Khan (Mr. Sydney Sprague) and Farahangise Khanum, daughter of the well-known Bahai teacher, Mirza Assad Ullah, who were recently married by Abdul-Baha, himself, in the presence of representatives of all nations and religions at Haifa, Syria:

Lord! Verily, Thy servant, Eskander Sprague, journeyed to the most remote countries while aglow with Thy Love; he was attracted by Thy Call while in those far-away regions, hastened to the Radiant Spot (the Holy Land) and willed to unite with Thy pure maidservant who believeth In Thy Verses, who is aflame with the Fire of Thy Love and who is related* to The Branch of the Tree of Thy Grace. Lord! Make this marriage blessed by Thy Favor; happy by the benediction of Thy Generosity; an indissoluble tie; a partnership holy unto Sprague; a blending fellowship, a rejoicing, a unity and an affinity lasting throughout the Eternity of Eternities, in every world of Thy Holy Worlds — upon the plane of the Spirits and the Lights. Verily, Thou art the Helper! Verily, Thou are the Generous! Verily, Thou art the Merciful, the Clement!


(Translated by Dr. Ameen U. Fareed, Aug.19, 1910.)

* Farahangise Khanum is a niece of "The Branch," Abdul- Baha.

Vol. 1:11 (Sept. 27, 1910) Mashiyat


To the Beloved of God in Teheran, Persia.


O ye Beloved Friends of Abdul-Baha!

Today the most important affair is delivering the Cause of God and spreading the fragrances of God. The duty of every soul among the believers of God is that he must rest neither day nor night, and with every breath think of the diffusion of the fragrances of Truth. That is, he must endeavor as far as lies in his power to quicken and guide a soul to the Path of Immortality, for this service of his will be perpetuated throughout centuries and cycles.

The power of the faith of the first guide will be transmitted, find continuation and become manifest in the lives of other believers, until one sanctified soul will become the cause of quickening a hundred thousand souls. Consider how important this is, for the guidance of one soul is greater than the sovereignty of a kingdom. The temporal dominion is ended in a few days and no effect or result, no rejoicing or happiness, no beatitude or praise and no name or fame is produced thereby. But this sovereignty which consists in the guidance of the souls is eternal and everlasting. It embraces the Divine Beloved and it establishes man upon the throne of grandeur. Therefore, Spiritual Assemblies must be established in all the cities and their aims must be the guidance of the souls.

Likewise some teachers must be sent to various parts and in every direction, for the sake of diffusing the fragrances of God, so that they may direct the seekers to the Divine Path; even the coming and going of the friends is beneficial. For instance, the friends who live in the smaller cities often do not receive any news, and then only at random. Now if certain souls arise to travel through these places, give the Glad-tidings of God, stay in every

page 2

place a night or two, deliver the news of the Holy Land and other countries and cities of the East and West, and associate with them with the utmost love, enthusiasm and happiness, this will be conducive to attraction and enkindlement, the people will be trained in spiritual matters and obtain exhilaration and life. This will become the cause of diffusing the fragrances and the motive-power of the promulgation of the Word of God

His Honor, Mirza Aga Taraz, and Ali Akbar are two blessed souls, and they are the cause of happiness to the heart of Abdul-Baha. It as assured that they will become assisted in the universal services, and in the Kingdom of ABHA they will shine and gleam like unto the morning star.

Upon ye be the Glory of God!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, especially for the BAHAI NEWS, Washington, D.C,, July 14, 1910.)
Vol. 1:11 page 9

To his honor, Mr. MacNutt — Upon him be BAHA'O'LLAH El-ABHA.


O thou herald of the True One!

His honor, Mr. Remey, is traveling in India and has created wonderful interest among the people. Truly I say, in

these days, India is awakened to a greater receptive capacity. The letter of Mr Remey is enclosed. Consider how India has attained to receptivity. If several teachers from America travel to those parts it is certain that the Lights of the Kingdom shall illumine that region and many souls will be raised from among the Hindus and become the Army of Light through the power of the Word of God and the outpouring of the cloud of the Love of God, they will make India a rose garden. Encourage and urge a few souls to take a trip to India so that they may fully realize that the doors of the Kingdom are opened, behold the uninterrupted confirmations of His Holiness BAHA'O'LLAH, aud unfurl a banner waving forever and ever with the breezes of Divine Confirmation and Assistance. Give this matter your most earnest consideration, for it is the most important problem of all problems concerning the Cause. We have also written to Persia to send a teacher to that country, but if several souls go from America it will have greater influence and weight and far-reaching results will become apparent and manifest.

Upon thee be the Glory of the Most Glorious!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, May 17, 1910.)
Vol. 1:13 (Nov. 4, 1910) Qudrat


To the Believers in Systan, Persia.

Upon them be the Glory of God the Most Glorious.


O ye believers of God and friends of Abdul-Baha!

If ye knew how the heart of Abdul-Baha is soaring at this moment at your mentioning and the spirit is rejoicing at your name, undoubtedly you would not contain yourselves in this physical temple, neither would you have heeded any persecution or suffering.

Today the world of existence is moved through the Call of the Covenant, and the disjoined members of this earth have found mutual communication. Consider ye that the confusion produced thereby cannot be cleared and the forces cannot be brought together save through the Power of the Testament, and the darkness of the East and the West can only be dispelled through the Sun of the Covenant. The Divine Covenant is like unto the spiritual Springtime, which encircles all creation.

Now the greatest test for a tree is to have the latent possibility of fruition, and with the appearance of the spring they put forth leaves, branches and blossoms, but if a tree is barren at this season it will remain deprived and fruitless. Likewise, those souls who have been firm in the Covenant of God, are detached from all else save God, and are attracted to the fragrances of God, their faces will shine like unto the luminous moon, with the Light of Assurance. But the jealous bats, the people of injustice and pride, flew away from the Light of the Covenant and shrank out of sight into the dark dungeon of hesitation and fear. They have left the lamp of the Testament and are running in the Sahara of discord and are seeking the gloom of worldliness. They turned away from the Pure Spring of Life and attached themselves to the stagnant pools of superstition. They left behind the Paradise of ABHA and were contented with this nether world.

page 2

They do not search after the Garden of Holiness but they wish for the sterile desert of passions and selfishness. They passed by the Blessed Tree and gathered around the stunted bitter plant. They did not yearn for the Star of Guidance, but they desired the wil' o' the wisp of allurements. This is the result of their exertion in this life. Leave them to themselves, pay no heed to their faults, for verily they have left the Path of Guidance aud forgotten the Road to Righteousness. Verily, they are afflicted with inharmony and discord and their loss will be very great.

Therefore, O ye friends of God! enter ye in the Rose-garden of Oneness, take ye a share from the essence of singleness and spread the Breaths of the Morn of Holiness. The Glad-tidings of the Bounty of the Blessed Perfection is descending from the Invisible Kingdom, the Sea of Providence is moving and the waves of the Mercy of the Almighty are unlimited. Endeavour ye as far as ye can, so that ye may immerse yourselves in this vast Ocean and soar heavenward towards this Exalted Apex.

The greatest of all affairs is unity and harmony, the love and affection of heart and soul. The believers of God are the waves of one Sea, the drops of one River, the signs of one Kingdom, the standards of one Regiment the lights of one Orb, the Armies of one General, the stars of one Heaven and are addressed by one Covenant. Consequently they must associate with each other like the brilliant Stars of Pleiades in one firmament and become the letters and words of one Book.

Upon ye be greeting and praise!


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab especially for BAHAI NEWS, Washington, D.C., July 21, 1910

Vol. 1:13 page 13: [a letter from the Bahai maid-servants of Yazd, Persia, to their sisters in America, contains the following 'supplication' which is said to have been 'received' in the month of Ola (Fast), and thus is likely to be from `Abdu'l-Bahá]:

"O God, my aim, my hope! With hearts full of longing and breasts full of yearning, we beg of Thee and we supplicate at the threshold of Thy Might to raise the foundation of the Mashrak-el-Azkar in chicago in the most speedy manner. Make its basis firm and its structure enduring, suffer its pillars to remain unshakable and make its columns of the steel and iron of firmness. Glorify its servants, beautify the characters and make the worshipers beloved. Suffer its nightingales to sing, 'Ya baha-el-ABHA!' and its parrots to warble the praises of our Lord, the Most Supreme. Make its men the standards unfolded on the mountains of the world, and its women the sanctified angels of the tabernacle of the world!"
Vol. 1:13 page 14


Through Monsieur Dreyfus, to the friends and maid-servants of God, Stuttgart, Germany:

Upon them be the glory of El-Abha!

HE IS GOD! O sons and daughters of the Kingdom!

Your letter which was written on the Day of Naurooz in the assembly of the friends, has arrived. Its contents told of spiritual happenings and feelings of attraction. Its reading brought me the utmost happiness, for — Praise be to God! — in Germany, the servants and the maid-servants of the Rahman have adorned a gathering of friendship and love in the Day of Naurooz, have perfumed their nostrils with the vivifying breezes of the divine garden, and have been mentioning the King of the Kingdom and the Lord of Hosts.

Therefore, Abdul-Baha has been praying and supplicating to the Word of God that these servants and maid-servants of the Rahman may day by day become more brilliant and make greater progress, penetrate the mysteries of the Kingdom, become the cause of the diffusing of the principles of human unity, call every one to the Shade of the Tent of harmony and instruction of mankind, become the cause of enlightenment of these regions, make the hearts filled with the love of the bountiful Beloved, and attract the people to the divine Kingdom, so that during the coming year they may make still greater progress.

The flowers which were inside of your letter were exceedingly sweet, delicate and perfumed; it told of the sweetness of your countenances and characters.

Upon you all be the glory of God.

Vol. 1:14 (Nov. 23, 1910) Qawl


To the Members of the Spiritual Assembly of Esphahan, Persia.

Upon them be the Glory of God the Most Glorious!


O ye illumined Friends of Abdul-Baha!

Praise be to God, that you have organized and established a new assembly in the land of Esphahan and with the utmost devotion its members are arising to serve the Blessed Perfection (BAHA'O'LLAH). I was pleased to know, also, that you have organized a committee for correspondence with all parts of the world, and another committee to teach the Truth to the youths. Wonderful confirmation and complete assistance is destined for all the members of these various committees. This move is identical with blessing and this glorious intention is accepted in the Threshold of Oneness. It is my hope that you may perform these services in a befitting manner; that you may become the dawning- places of the Bounties of the Infinite; centers of merciful feelings and the manifestors of the rays of the Everlasting Glory.

I trust that you may make the land of Esphahan a salubrious fountain, so that the cool water of knowledge and the flowing river of assurance may make that region the envy of the green garden of Paradise. That city was illumined with the presence of His Highness, the Bab, after he left Shiraz; the Word of God was promulgated; many blessed souls became believers; a number of them hastened toward the arena of martyrdom; his highness, the leader of the righteous ones, the "King of the Martyrs," and the master of the friends, the "Beloved of Martyrs," gave up their lives at the altar of love. His Highness, Ashraf, and many other martyrs drank the cup of trials and sacrificed their lives with the utmost severance. Therefore, it is the hope of Abdul-Baha that that region may become the Green Garden and that city the delectable Paradise.

Upon ye he the Glory of God


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Nov.11. 1910, especially for the BAHAI NEWS
Vol. 1:14 page 7


"When the Mashrak-el-Azkar was erected in Ishkabad, its influence was felt in all the Oriental countries. Whosoever heard of it, commenced an investigation of the Cause. Now, the Mashrak-el-Azkar of Ishkabad, like an evident banner, waves in the world. And if in Chicago the Mashrak-el-Azkar is established, even as in Ishkabad, then you will see what the recognition of the Cause will do; particularly the arrangement of the Mashrak-el-Azkar is such that it will exert the greatest effect upon the civilized world, for it has many accessories. Among them are the following: A school for orphans; a college for higher scientific education (or higher knowledge) ; a hospital; a home for cripples; a hospice. When the Mashrak-el-Azkar, with its accessories, be established in the world, aside from its religious or spiritual influence, it will have a tremendous effect upon civilization. Aside from the religionists who will feel its influence, materialists will not be exempt therefrom. Moreover, it contains Divine wisdoms, spiritual effects upon the intellects and thoughts. Subsequent to its erection these will become evident." ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS.
Vol. 1:15 (Dec.12, 1910) Masail


To the Believers of God in Ghalé Darré, Persia.

Upon them be the Glory of God the Most Glorious!


O ye servants of the Blessed Perfection!

In the Day of the Manifestation, you have caught the lights from the Manifestor on the Mount of Sinai and beheld the splendor of the Ray of Truth. Ye are the children of the Period of BAHA'O'LLAH and have become the appearance of the Effulgence of Mercifulness in the Day wherein the rays of the Divine Sun radiate upon all things. Tear down the old garment and clad your sanctified temples with the new robe! Ye have passed from the salty water of ignorance and have drunk the salubrious salsabil of knowledge. Ye have closed your eyes to the wine of heedlessness and became intoxicated with the choice sealed wine of intelligence! Ye have taken the cup of prosperity from the cupbearer of the Covenant and with infinite rejoicing, happiness and beatitude celebrated the Feast of beholding the rays of the Orb of regions!

Now is the time that we may sacrifice for the sake of the love of that Beloved, our spirit, our soul, our heart our mind, our property, our life and our all; and to wish for nothing but His good-pleasure, search for nothing but His Path, and desire nothing but His Service!

Upon ye be Glory!


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab. November 30, 1910, especially for the BAHAI NEWS.
Vol. 1:16 (Dec.31. 1910) Sharaf


Stating the Conditions Requisite for His Coming to America.


To the beloved ones and the maid-servants of the Merciful!


O ye dear friends and maid-servants of God!

Your epistle was received.** You have expressed joy and happiness because of the trip of Abdul-Baha from the center of prison (Acca) to the land of the divine Joseph (Egypt). There are divine wisdoms in this journey! I am hopeful that it will be productive of results.

Now — praise be to God — some time is passed with the utmost of spirit and fragrance in this country, and we are occupied with the service of the Cause of God and servitude to the Holy Threshold.

When the service which is our (present) purpose is realized for the Kingdom of God, perhaps we shall journey to other parts.

If the beloved of God in all America strive for unity and harmony, attain perfect love and accord, and act according to the divine teachings and the precepts of the Blessed Perfection, this will prove a magnet attracting Abdul-Baha, so that, perchance, he may journey to America.

But, until the light of oneness, unity and love shine forth from the lamp of America, and the beloved act in accordance with the divine teachings and precepts of the Blessed Perfection, and all the believers in America become united and harmonious, my coming to America will be hindered — nay, impossible.

Therefore, strive ye that ye may become the

* Through Lua M. Getsinger.

** A letter sent by the Washington (D.C.) Assembly on behalf of the Assemblies of America, supplicating Abdul-Baha to visit this country.

page 3

embodied teachings of the Blessed Perfection, confirmed in the divine precepts, resurrected in holiness and purity, severance, humility and meekness, set aglow with the fire of divine love; and loosen your tongues with the praises and commendations of the Heavenly Kingdom.

Thus may the great attainment be realized. Upon ye be BAHA'O'LLAH-EL-ABHA!


Translated by Dr. Ameen U. Fareed, December 5, 1910. Note — It is the wish of Abdul-Baha that this Tablet be read in all Assemblies.


Upon her be BAHA'O'LLAH-EL-ABHA!


O thou dear maid-servant of God!

Your epistle was received and the desire and request of the beloved ones and the maid-servants of the Merciful became known.

The conditions requisite for the coming of Abdul-Baha to those regions have just been written for the friends and the maid-servants of the Lord — through you. I am hopeful that these conditions will be carried out, perchance at some time a trip to those regions may be taken; but if these conditions be not realized, this will hinder a trip to those parts.

Convey most reverend ABHA greetings with the utmost longing to his honor, the dear friend, the Doctor (Getsinger).


Translated by Dr. Fareed, December 6, 1910.


Upon her be BAHA-EL-ABHA!


O thou dear maid-servant of God!

I hope, through the Lord, that thy request and desire may be granted. Thou hast written of the

* Through Dr. Ameen U. Fareed

joy and happiness of the beloved, together with a request for my presence in America.

Abdul-Baha is like the nightingale. The nightingale soars to the rose-garden. Should you desire my presence there, you must make America a rose-garden. That is to say, you must make that country well adorned with every rose of spiritual qualities and human attributes. Then certainly, God, the Generous, will reward you greatly, and, perchance, this Nightingale will then fly to that rose-garden.

Thou hast written of thy new house wherein thou hast prepared a place for the travelers of the East and West. This is very acceptable.

Now the beloved must strive to make America a rose-garden. Then your desire will be realized.

O thou dear maid-servant of God! Thou art ever in mind and present before me. I hope, through the bounty and bestowal of God, that thy dear son may be blessed and become dear in both worlds. Upon thee be BAHA'O'LLAH-EL- ABHA!


Translated by Dr. Fareed, December 5, 1910.
Vol. 1:17 (Jan. 19, 1911) Sultan



Upon them be Baha-el-ABHA!


O ye real friends and beloved maid-servants of God!

Your letter, through the maid-servant of God, Dr. Clock, was received and perused. Its contents imparted the utmost joy and happiness, for it indicated your advancement to the Kingdom of God, attraction with the love of God and supplication and prayer in the Threshold of God.

The friends and maid-servants of the Merciful must render service to the oneness of the human world and show love and affinity to all the children of men. They must deal with the utmost devotion, good-will, love and kindness with all the communities, religions and sects. Their aim and their work must be that the tree of their existence produce good fruits — and no fruit is greater than love and kindness toward all humanity. His Highness BAHA'O'LLAH addressing the world, says: "Ye are all the leaves of one tree and the fruits of One branch." Therefore, the law of relationship, brotherhood, kinship, fatherhood and motherhood is established and proven among all the families of the human race. Endeavor ye with all your hearts and souls so that ye may live and act in accord with these teachings of His Highness BAHA'O'LLAH; to become an asylum to every oppressed one; to assist and uplift every vanquished one; to be a skilled physician to every sick one; to bestow a swift healing antidote to every wounded one; to inspire with confidence every fearful one; to grant tranquility and composure to every agitated one; to gladden the heart of every depressed one; to become a salubrious water to every thirsty one; heavenly food to every hungry one; to become the

page 2

cause of glory to every fallen one and be charitable to all the poor ones. Beware! Beware! lest ye offend any heart! Beware! Beware! lest ye hurt any soul! Beware! Beware! lest ye deal unkindly toward any person! Beware! Beware! lest ye be the cause of hopelessness to any creature!

Should any soul become the cause of grief to any heart or despondency to any soul, it is better for him to hide himself in the lowest strata of the earth than to walk upon the earth. Should any soul desire the abasement of his kind, undoubtedly his non-entity is better for him, for his non-existence is better than his existence and his death better than his life.

Therefore, my advice to you is, endeavor as much as ye can to show kindness toward all men, deal with perfect love, affection and devotion with all the individuals of humanity. Remove from amongst yourselves racial, patriotic, religious, sectional, political, commercial, industrial and agricultural prejudices, so that you may become freed from all human restrictions and become the founders of the structures of the oneness of the world of humanity. All the countries are one country; all the nations are the children of one Father. The struggle for existence among the ferocious wolves has become the cause of all these differences and strifes; otherwise the expanse of the world is spacious and the table of the Bounties of the Almighty is spread in all the regions.

Upon ye be Baha-el-ABHA!


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Nov. 11, 1910.

TO DR. FAREED. Upon him be Baha-el-ABHA! HE IS GOD!

O thou servant of the Blessed Perfection!

Your epistle dated October 30th reached me at Ramleh. * * * Regarding my coming to America and the assignment and preparation of homes or of places for me, I wrote a letter not long since through you to the maid-servant of God Lua (Getsinger) wherein I mentioned that abiding places in the hearts are needed; that is, the beloved in America must become united and assembled in love so that it

page 3

may prove a magnet to attract Abdul-Baha. Thus will I journey to America with perfect love and zeal. When a fragrant breeze reaches my nostrils I will certainly come.

Convey my longing greetings to Mr. Kinney. Convey the utmost love to Mr. Lennon.

I am hopeful through the bounty of God that the assemblies which were visited by you in the company of Lua will flourish and grow in the spread of the glad-tidings.

Regarding the beloved and the maid-servants of the Merciful in New York, and their securing a home in My Name wherein they gather together — in reality I am present among them in life and heart though absent in body.

Upon thee be greeting and praise!



Upon him be BAHA'O'LLAH-El-ABHA!


O thou real beloved!

The letter which thou best written in regard to the happiness and joy, beatitude and rejoicing of the American believers concerning the trip of Abdul-Baha to the country of Joseph of Canaan, and likewise their expectation of my going to America was perused. However, the latter event is depended upon several conditions which are already explained in a former Tablet. The attractive power is necessary.

We must all with the utmost joy and cheerfulness sacrifice our lives for the Truth! Consider how I have left aside a thousand works and with the greatest attraction am writing to thee with my own hand; so that in every moment thou mayst raise a wave and in devotion in the Love of God and the spending of thy life in the Cause, thou mayst make every possible effort.

I have written a Tablet with my own hand for the Star of the West. Print it in its pages. *

Upon thee be Baha!


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, December 24, 1910.

*see Tablet on editorial page.

Vol. 1:17 page 7. [an article by Mohammed Yazdi regarding `Abdu'l-Bahá in Egypt quotes this tablet]

"The invisible hand has opened the doors, and wisdom requires that Abdul-baha hasten to the country of Egypt; for he is infinitely ashamed and chagrined that he has not yet been assisted in servitude. Perchance, through travelling in this land, he may be assisted in the future to some small service. Now we are living in the country of Canaan and are supplicating day and night at the Threshold of Mercifulness and beg confirmation and assistance for the friends of God, so that all of us may participate and become partners in the servitude of the Holy Threshold and be aided in accomplishing one service."
Vol. 1:17 page 12

Tablet revealed by Abdul-Baha to the Star of the West.
The original, which is reproduced herewith, is in his own handwriting:


O thou Star of the West!

Be thou happy! Be thou happy! Shouldst thou continue to remain firm and eternal, ere long thou shalt become the Star of the East and shalt spread in every country and clime. Thou art the first paper of the Bahais which is organized in the country of America. Although for the present thy subscribers are limited, thy form is small and thy voice weak, yet shouldst thou stand unshakable, become the object of the attention of the friends and the center of the generosity of the leaders of the faith who are firm in the Covenant, in the future thy subscribers will become hosts after hosts like unto the waves of the sea; thy volume will increase, thy arena will

page 13

become vast and spacious and thy voice and fame will be raised and become world- wide — and at last thou shalt become the first paper of the world of humanity. Yet all these depend upon firmness, firmness, firmness!


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Dec. 24, 1910.
Vol. 1:18 page 4


To the Editor of The Christian Commonwealth.

My Dear Friend: — I have received your letter, for the contents of which I am extremely grateful to you. I understand the aims of your movement, and hope that with the greatest spirituality and by the pursuit of truth, it will succeed in bringing about the unification of mankind.

Enclosed you will find some of the sayings of Baha 'Ullah: insert them in The Christian Commonwealth.

Be so kind as to accept for yourself and your honourable society my kindest regards.


The extracts enclosed from the sayings of Baha 'Ullah illustrate the universality of the bahai outlook. We quote the following:

"Today the universal religion of God, the great Church of God, is divided into diverse faiths which are at enmity one with the other. All the powerful

page 5

religions have appeared in the East; their differences arise only from the necessities of epoch, time, or century. O people of Baha, therefore fasten securely the girdle of endeavour so that the discussions and strifes between the various sects of the world may be destroyed. For the love of God, I call upon you, His servants, to bestir yourselves, in this momentous matter!"

"Associate with all religions in reverence and with tolerance."

"O peoples of the world! Ye are all leaves of the same branch and plants in the same garden; live in love, concord, friendship and union. I declare by the Sun of Truth that it is the light of fellowship which makes the heavens full of brightness."

"If you possess a saying, a treasure, of which other peoples are deprived, tell it to them with affection. . . . The message of the prophets, the revelations of the sacred scriptures have no other aim but the knowledge of God, and the unity of mankind."

"O peoples, do not spill blood and do not seize the goods of others. By my life, the sword of good character and kindness is sharper than a sword of iron. Those men are truly wise who are decorated with the ornaments of science and character; these are the head of the body of mankind. The ruling of man has always been in their hands. I ask God to assist them to do what He wishes, what pleases Him. Truly He is the Master of creation, the Lord of the beginning and of the end!"
Vol. 1:18 Page 7



Through Zia Effendi, the Sun of Mostafa Effendi Bagdadi, to the maid-servant of God, Mrs. Corinne True, Chicago, Ill.

Upon her be BAHA'O'LLAH! HE IS GOD!

O thou attracted maid-servant of God!

Verily I read thy letter which indicated thy steadfastness in the Covenant of God and evinced thy walking in the Straight Path toward the Kingdom of God.

Verily I entered in the country of Egypt, trusting in God, attracted to His Kingdom and enkindled with the Fire of His Love, hoping to arise in the Servitude of the Threshold of Baha, and I am always, day and night, serving. There is no rest, tranquility or composure.

I beg of God to encircle ye with the Most Great Bounty and confirm ye with the Most Eminent Grace which consists of building the Mashrak- el-Azkar of America in Chicago! This foundation will have the greatest effect in the hearts of the people of faithfulness. Therefore, endeavor ye with all your power and generosity so that ye may raise this first foundation in the Name of Baha on the continent of America.

I supplicate God to pour upon thee heavenly blessings and that thy family be protected from every sadness and sorrow in this world.

Upon thee be greeting and praise!


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, January 11, 1911.
Vol. 1:18 Page 8


To the Editors of the STAR OF THE WEST:

Upon them be BAHA'O'LLAH-el-ABHA!


O ye firm ones! O ye steadfast ones!

The publication of the STAR OF THE WEST* is conducive to the happiness and beatitude of the friends; for it is a clear mirror in which the pictures of the events and happenings in the Cause and the news

* Continuing the BAHAI NEWS, after March 21, 1911.

page 9

of the progress of the Kingdom throughout the world are reflected and can be observed. Praise flows from the tongue of every growing and firm believer after reading it, for he becomes informed of the events and thoughts. Unquestionably, this publication shall serve the world of humanity. If it is continued, its arena shall become broadened and it shall attain to such a station as to bring about the unity of the East and of the West.

Do not become discouraged, nor yet dispirited! Show ye firmness and steadfastness, and, if possible, publish it in a larger size and more legible characters. Upon ye be Baha-el-ABHA!


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Jan.26, 1911.
Vol. 1:19 (March 2, 1911) Ola


Through Mr. MacNutt and Mirza Ahmad to Madame Aurelia Bethlen.


O thou seeker of Truth!

The letter which thou hast written through Mr. MacNutt was received. As he is a beloved channel, I will immediately answer your letter, although I have little time.

You have expressed your longing for my presence in that country. Although I, too, have infinite longing to meet the believers on that continent, yet that region must attain to the capacity of attracting the presence of Abdul-Baha. A harmonious and wonderful banquet must be prepared, at which every kind of heavenly food may be served: after which you may send me an invitation.

That heavenly food consists of deeds which are in accord with the Divine Teachings. The first food is the Love of God. The second food is the attraction to the breaths of the Holy Spirit. The third food is union and harmony among all the believers. The fourth food is sincerity, trustworthiness, kindness, purity of intention and service to all humankind.

Should ye prepare and serve such a delicious, sweet and tempting banquet unquestionably Abdul-Baha will hasten to America to partake of that food. Therefore endeavor ye with all your might that this Food be prepared.

Upon ye be Baha-el-ABHA!


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Feb. 10. 1911.
Vol. 1:19 page 2

Through Dr. Fareed to the near maid-servant of God, the daughter of the Kingdom, Marie Watson.

Upon her be BAHA-EL-ABHA!


O thou candle of the Love of God!

Thy letter was received. Thou hast written that the daughter of the Kingdom, Aseyeh, is studying Persian, and that thou art teaching Mirza Faragollah Khan, English.

Turn to the Kingdom of ABHA, seek assistance and put forth effort so that all may soon learn Persian, and his honor, Mirza Faragollah Khan may also acquire the mastery of the English tongue.

Thou hast learned of the conditions of my coming to America. I beg of God that the beloved in America may become so enlightened that the lights of their love may flood the "Turk and the Tajik," and that an attractive magnet may be brought forth in that country, capable of attracting Abdul-Baha with all power to those regions, and this is not far from His Mercy.

Regarding the meeting you have established in New York: I hope that through the Divine Confirmation it may prove to be a gathering of the Love of God.

Convey the utmost kindness from me to the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sheber, Marguerite, the daughter of the Kingdom, and say that the olive tree is an emblem of peace and concord, and the olive is the fruit and result thereof.

God willing thou shalt attain the delicious fruit of peace and concord and thou shalt place a bouquet of roses from the Garden of the Paradise of ABHA at the Heavenly Feast spread before Abdul-Baha, i.e., God willing thou shalt attain such perfections as resemble a bouquet of flowers and thou shalt offer it to the heavenly table.

Thou hast written that in a house of a Theosophist thou prepared a feast of joy and a féte of gladness. This Society is ready for hearing the Word of God. Treat them with the utmost love, kindness, unity and oneness, so that the attractive power of the Word of God may draw them to the Sun of Reality.

Upon thee be BAHA-EL-ABHA! (signed ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS.

Translated by Dr. Ameen U. Fareed, Feb.20. 1911.
Vol. 1:19 Page 3

To Dr. Ameen U. Fareed.

Upon him be BAHA'O'LLAH-EL-ABHA!


O thou who art unique!

Thy letter dated January 19, 1911, was received. You have written of the good news from California and from Chicago. I hope that the news from these places may become better and that the glad-tidings may come of the Word of God becoming effective in all parts of the American continent; nay, rather, that it may move the whole of the western hemisphere.

If the beloved of God should unite and should agree as it is requisite, thou canst rest assured that in the shortest space of time the Sun of the Heavens (spiritual heavens) will so shine from the Kingdom of ABHA as to rend asunder all the veils of superstitions.

Upon thee be greeting and praise!


Translated by Dr. Ameen U. Fareed, Feb. 23, 1911.


Through Shahnaz Khanum. Upon her be BAHA'O'LLAH-EL-ABHA!


O my God! O my God! Thou seest these children, branches of the Tree of Life, birds of the Garden of Safety, pearls of the shells of the ocean of Thy Mercy and roses of the rose-garden of Thy Guidance.

O Lord! Verily we glorify in Thy praise, sanctify Thee and supplicate to the Kingdom of Thy Mercifulness to make us candles of guidance, stars of the horizon of the Eternal Majesty among the creatures; and teach us from Thy Knowledge, O Glory of the Most Glorious!


Translated by Zia M. Bagdadi, Feb. 23, 1911.

In a recent Tablet from Abdul-Baha to Dr. Fareed, the following appears: "God willing, through the endeavor of the friends in America, may the Bird of Paradise be revealed in all its beauty in the Philippine Islands." This refers to a command received some time ago that the Cause would be served exceedingly if one or two of the friends would journey to the Philippines and convey the Message there.
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