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Tablets of Bahá'u'lláh and `Abdu'l-Bahá from Star of the West

by Bahá'u'lláh and Abdu'l-Bahá

compiled by Sen McGlinn
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Chapter 2

Vol. 2:1 Page 6

The following Tablet has been received from Abdul-Baha in regard to the important matter of sending two teachers to the School of Tarbiat:


O Thou Servant of the Blessed Perfection!

They have written from Teheran that there is need of a scientific teacher for the School of Tarbiat. He must be efficient in science as well as the English language; for at present there is no man in the School of Tarbiat who is a scientist or linguist. They are in need of both, science and the English language.

Therefore, consult with the believers of God and select one soon, from among the American Bahais, who is efficient in science and arts, and send him to Teheran. He will receive a salary sufficient to sustain him with the utmost ease while there.

Likewise select a woman teacher who may fill the position of principal as well as teacher, and send her without delay. The woman must have a share of the knowledge of sciences and be proficient in woman's work, such as sewing, housekeeping, hygiene and household economics, etc.

This matter is very necessary, and you must give to it the utmost importance and exert yourselves to bring this about; so that the association of the Interdependence of the West may render assistance to the East.

Upon thee be Baha-el-ABHA!


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, February 23, 1911

Vol. 2:1 Page 8

The following tablet to the Board of Officers, in answer to a supplication written to Abdul-Baha by the Corresponding Secretary was received:

Through Agha Zia Effendi, son of M. Mostafa, to the maid-servants of God; Mrs. Ida Brush, Mrs. Mary B. Grayson, Mrs. Fannie G. Lesch, Mrs. Elizabeth Greenleaf, Mrs. Grace Foster, Mrs. Christine Loeding, Miss Laura E. Jones, Miss Mary Lesch, Shahnaz Khanum (Mrs. Louise R. Waite).


O ye believers who are attracted to the Center of Lights!

Verily there have been various assemblies in America which were organized many times and out of these but few remained firm.

I supplicate to the Divine Majesty for the establishment of every assembly which hath turned its face towards God, left the scattered desires, abandoned the self and passion and become firm in the Cause of God as solid mountains, which are not agitated by the winds and violent storms.

Then, O ye maid-servants of the Merciful, it is incumbent upon ye to be firm, sincere and highly energetic and in great unity; severed from all save God; effaced and annihilated in the love of God; sacrificing yourselves under all conditions and circumstances; and glorious, so that ye may be filled with the love of El-Baha and that in ye nothing remains except the abundance of El-Baha. Should ye arise for these great gifts, ye may rest assured that the confirmations of the Holy Spirit will follow ye in every time and instant.

Upon ye be El-Baha-el-ABHA!


Translated by Zia M. Bagdadi, Feb. 9, 1911
Vol. 2:1 page 10



O ye children of the Kingdom!

It is New Year; that is to say, the rounding of the cycle of the year. A year is the expression of a cycle (of the sun); but now is the beginning of a cycle of Reality, a New Cycle, a New Age, a New Century, a New Time and a New Year. Therefore, it is very blessed.

I wish this blessing to appear and become manifest in the faces and characteristics of the believers, so that they, too, may become a new people, and having found new life and been baptized with fire and spirit, may make the world a new world, to the end that the old earth may disappear and the new earth appear; old ideas depart and new thoughts come; old garments be cast aside and new garments put on; ancient politics whose foundation is war be discarded and modern politics founded on peace raise the standard of victory; the new star shine and gleam and the new sun illumine and radiate; new flowers bloom; the new spring become known; the new breeze blow; the new

* Revealed for the American friends in

1906, who had sent Abdul-Baha a New Year. (March 21st)


page 11

bounty descend; the new tree give forth new fruit; the new voice become raised and this new sound reach the ears, that the new will follow the new, and all the old furnishings and adornments be cast aside and new decorations put in their places.

I desire for you all that you will have this great assistance and partake of this great bounty, and that in spirit and heart you will strive and endeavor until the world of war become the world of peace; the world of darkness the world of light; satanic conduct be turned into heavenly behavior; the ruined places become built up; the sword be turned into the olive branch; the flash of hatred become the flame of the Love of God and the noise of the gun the voice of the Kingdom; the soldiers of death the soldiers of life; all the nations of the world one nation; all races as one race; and all national anthems harmonized into one melody. Then this material realm will be Paradise, the earth Heaven and the world of Satan become the world of Angels.

(Signed) ABDUL-BAHA Abbas.
Vol. 2.:1 page 11


Through Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, to the attracted maid-servant of God, Mrs. Corinne True, Chicago, Ill.


O thou beloved maid-servant of God!

Your detailed letter was perused and from its contents it became evident that the debt on the land of the Mashrak-el-Azkar is clear. This news made the hearts happy and caused infinite rejoicing.

Now it is hoped that the believers of God may show magnanimity and raise a great sum for the building, so that the foundation of the Mashrak-el-Azkar may be laid, and, perchance, God willing, the cornerstone of the foundation may be laid by the hands of Abdul-Baha.

page 12

This confirmation will descend upon the people of America if they will all arise and endeavor with great courage to establish union and harmony, so that every trace of difference may be uprooted and they may all become as one heart and one soul.

Convey the wonderful ABHA greeting to all the friends and the maid servants of the Merciful.

Upon thee be Baha Baha-el-ABHA!


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, March 4, 1911.
Vol. 2:2 April 9 1911, page 3



*[Lawh-i Ra'is III (Tablet to `Ali Pasha

III) See Taherzadeh, The Revelation of Bahá'u'lláh Vol.

3 p. 33]

Describing the sufferings of himself and his followers, after his arrival in Akka.


The Supreme Pen proclaims:

O, thou personage, who considerest thyself the greatest of all men, while looking upon the Divine Youth, thinking him to be the lowest of men, yet through him the Eye of the Supreme Concourse is brightened and illumined. This Youth has never made nor will he ever make a request of thee: For from the beginning every one of the Manifestations of Mercifulness and the dawning-Places of the Glory of the Almighty, who have stepped forth from the Realm of Immortality upon the arena of existence and shone forth with great splendor for the quickening of the dead, men like thee have considered those Sanctified Souls and Temples of Oneness upon whom the reformation of the world depends, as the people of strife, and wrong-doers. Verily, their names (the deniers) are forgotten and ere long thy name will also be forgotten and thou shalt find thyself in great loss. According to thy opinion this quickener of the World and its Peace-Maker is culpable and seditious. What crime have the women, children and suffering babes committed, to merit thy wrath, oppression and hate? In every religion and community the children are considered innocent, nor does the Pen of Divine Command hold them responsible, yet the reign of thy tyranny and despotism has surrounded them. If thou art the follower of any religion or sect, read thou the Heavenly Books, the Inspired Epistles and the Divine Writings, so that thou mayest realize the irresponsibility of children. On the other hand, even those people who do believe in God, have never committed such crimes. In everything an effect is hidden, and no one has denied the effects of things except an ignorant one who is completely denied and deprived of intelligence. Therefore, undoubtedly the lamentation of these children and the cries of these wronged ones will produce a great effect.

You have persecuted a number of souls who have shown no opposition your country and who have instigated no revolution against the government; nay, rather, days and nights they have been peacefully engaged in the mentioning of God. You have pillaged their properties and through your tyrannical acts, all they had was taken from them. When the order was issued for the banishment of this Youth, these souls began to lament, but the officers who constituted my guard mentioned that these souls had committed no wrong, nor has the government banished them, but if they desire they may follow you for no one will oppose them. Consequently, they paid all their own

page 4

expenses and leaving their property behind, they were contented with the Countenance of this Youth and trusting upon God they departed again with the True One, until the fortress of Akka became the place of the incarceration of Baha'. The day after the arrival, the officials of the army surrounded the men, women and children and carried them to the gloomy dungeon of the barrack. The first night they were given neither bread nor water, for the sentinels were guarding the door of the prison and permitted no one to leave the place. They did not consider the plight of these wronged ones. Water was asked for, but it was refused. It is now some time since we are all imprisoned in this dungeon; although we were living for five years in Adrianople and all the people, whether ignorant or wise, rich or poor, testified to the sanctity and holiness of these servants.

When departing from Adrianople one of the believers of God sacrificed himself with his own hand, for he could not see this Wronged One in the hands of the tyrants. On our way we were transferred three times, from one ship to another, and it is evident that a number of the children suffered under these severe circumstances. When we left the steamer, they separated four of the friends from us, and prevented them from following, and upon the departure of this Youth, one of the four, named Abdul Gaffar, threw himself into the sea and no one has ever found any trace of him. This is a drop of the ocean of persecution which surrounded and encircled us. Notwithstanding these things, they are not yet satisfied, and every day the officers of the government are increasing their hard- heartedness, nor is it ended; day and night they are forming new intrigues and adding to our sufferings. From the government supplies, these prisoners receive three loaves of bread to last for twenty-four hours, and no one is able to eat it.

From the beginning of the world, no such persecutions have been seen or heard of! I declare by the One who has commanded Baha' to speak, between the heavens and the earth, there is no name or mention for you equal to those who sacrificed their spirits, bodies and property for the love of God, the Mighty, the Powerful, the Omnipotent! Before God, a handful of dust is greater than your kingdom, sovereignty, glory and dominion, and should He desire, He would scatter you as the sand of the desert, and ere long His wrath shall overtake thee, revolutions shall appear in your midst and your countries will be divided! Then you will weep and lament and nowhere will you find help and protection. The mentioning of these facts is not for the sake of your becoming mindful, for already the wrath of God has surrounded you, but you have not nor will you become mindful; neither is it for the sake of reciting the persecutions which have descended upon these holy souls, for they are intoxicated with the Wine of the Merciful and they are so exhilarated with the clear Salsabil of Divine Providence, that should the persecutions of all the world descend upon them in the Path of God, they are satisfied, nay, rather, grateful; they never had nor will they ever have any complaints to offer. At every moment the blood in their bodies begs and supplicates from the Lord of both worlds, that it be shed upon the ground in His Path; likewise their heads yearn to be raised upon a spear for the sake of the Beloved of the heart and soul. For several times the tests of God have descended upon you, and you were not mindful; one was a conflagration which burned the city with the Fire of Justice, so much so that poets have composed poems about it, declaring that such a conflagration has never appeared before; notwithstanding this your negligence increased. Then the cholera came, and still you remained heedless. Be ye watchful, for the wrath of God is prepared, and ere long ye shall behold that which is descended from the Pen of Command. Have ye

page 5

thought that your glory is everlasting, or did ye dream that your kingdom would remain forever? No, by the life of God! Your glory is not eternal, and our humiliation will not last. This humiliation is the diadem of all the glories, and only man in his perfection can comprehend it.

When this Youth was a child and had not yet reached the age of maturity, one of my brothers intended to marry in Teheran and according to the custom of that country, for seven days and nights they were engaged in feasting and banqueting. The program for the last day of the entertainments for the guests was the play of Sultan Salim. The ministers, the grandees and officials of the city were there in a great throng, and this Youth was sitting in one of the galleries of the building and was observing the scenes. Then they raised a great tent in the middle of the court; representations of human forms only a few inches in height would come out of the tent and cry: "The king is coming, arrange the seats in order." Then the other figures came out, sweeping the round while a number were sprinkling the streets with water; then another picture was presented, who was supposed to be the herald, acquainting the people to be ready for review before His Majesty, the Sultan.

Then the ministers came, with hat and shawl, according to the Persian custom; others were present with clubs, while a number of others were garbed chamberlains, aides-de-camp, ferrashes and executioners with instruments of punishment. All these men were lined according to their station and class. At last the king appeared, with sovereign power and shining diadem upon his head, and with splendor and glory walked slowly and majestically, and with perfect calmness, tranquility and composure, seated himself upon the throne. At that moment the noise of the guns and the music of the national anthem was raised, and the smoke surrounded the tent and the king. When the air was cleared, it was seen that the king was on his throne, and the ministers, the magistrates and secretaries had taken their places according to their rank. Immediately, a thief, captured by the police, was brought before the king, and royal order was issued to behead him. Then the chief of the executioners took the captive and decapitated him, and a red fluid, which was like blood, was seen by all the spectators. While the Sultan was consulting with some of his ministers, the news was brought in that a certain person had become a rebel. The Sultan issued orders that several regiments of soldiers and artillerymen be sent to the scene and quell the disturbance. After a few minutes the thunderous noise of guns and artillery was heard behind the tent, and we were told they were engaged in battle. This Youth became astonished and bewildered at these affairs. Then the review ended and the curtain descended.

After twenty minutes a man came out from behind the tent with a box under his arm. I asked him, "What is this box? Where is the king and all the men?" He answered that all these great things and manifest objects, such kings, princes and ministers, glory, majesty, power and sovereignty that we beheld were enclosed in this box.

I declare by the Lord who has created all things through His Word, that from that day all the conditions of this world and its greatness are like that play before the eyes of this Youth. It has not nor will ever have the weight of a mustard seed. I was wondering greatly that the people glorify themselves in these affairs, notwithstanding this, the people of insight will discern with the eye of certainty the end of the glory of every great one before beholding it. I have seen nothing except I have discerned its transiency, and God testifies to this. It is incumbent upon every soul in these few days of life to spend them in truthfulness and justice and if he be not confirmed with the knowledge of the True One, he can at least walk in the path of equity and intelligence.

page 6

Ere long all these apparent things, manifest treasuries, worldly wealth, valiant soldiers, beautiful dresses and haughty souls, will he enclosed in the box-like tomb, similar to the box which contained all the players, and all this quarrel, strife and so-called honors are like the play of the children before the people of insight. Be ye admonished, and be not of those who see the Truth and yet deny. These things will not affect this Youth and the friends of the True One, for they are all prisoners and enchained, and will not nor will ever make any request of people like thee.

The point is this, that thou mayest raise thy head from the bed of negligence and become mindful and not oppose the servants of God without reason. Bear in mind that so far as power and strength remain in the body, thou shouldst remove persecutions from the oppressed ones. Shouldst thou have a little justice and behold with the eye of certainty in the affairs and differences of the ephemeral world, thou shalt acknowledge that all of them are like unto the above- mentioned play. Hearken unto the word of Truth! Be thou not proud on account of the world. Where are those people who were like unto thee, who claimed divinity in this earth without the permission of God, and desired to extinguish the Light of God and to demolish the foundation of Truth? Dost thou see any one of them? Be just! Then turn to God, perchance He may forgive the sins thou hast committed in this ephemeral life. Yet we know that thou shalt not become assisted in this, for through thy tyranny the Fire of Sinai flamed forth, the Spirit wept, and the hearts of the angels bled.

O, ye people of the earth! Hearken to the voice of this Oppressed One with the ear of the soul, and ponder ye deeply over the above- mentioned story. Perchance ye may not be burned with the fire of passion and desire, and be not prevented from the meeting of the True One, through the worthless things of the faithless world. Glory and abasement, poverty and wealth, trouble and tranquillity, all shall pass away, and ere long all the inhabitants of the earth shall return to the tomb. Therefore every possessor of insight must behold the immortal outlook, that peradventure, through the Bounties of the Eternal Sovereign, he may enter into the everlasting Kingdom and rest under the shade of the Tree of Command. Although the world is the place of treachery and duplicity, yet under all circumstances it reminds all the people with the idea of change. The passing of the father is an admonition for the son, and it reminds him that he, too, must pass away. It would have been well if the people of the world who are amassing great fortunes and are deprived of the True One, knew what would become of their great wealth. By the Life of Baha', no one is cognizant of this fact except God, Glorified is His Station!

The philosopher, Avicena — peace be upon him — says: "Be admonished, O ye whose hearts are darkened, be ye admonished O ye, whose faces are covered with the lines of age!" However, the majority of the people are asleep. The example of those souls is like unto a person who was so intoxicated with wine that he was showing the signs of affection to a dog, and showering upon him tender words of love and affection. When the morning of intelligence dawned, and the horizons of the heaven were illumined with the brilliant orb, he beheld that his beloved was only a dog; when ashamed regretful and remorseful on account of his act, he returned to his home.

Do thou not think that thou hast made this Youth powerless, or that thou hast conquered him. Thou art defeated by one of the servants, but knowest it not. The worst and lowest of creatures ruled over thee, and that is thy passion and desire, which has been condemned forever. If it were not on account of the consummate Wisdom of God thou wouldst have seen thy

page 7

weakness and the weakness of the people of the earth. This humility is the glory of My Cause, wert thou to know! This Youth has never loved nor will ever love to utter any word which is against courtesy. Verily, courtesy is My Garment with which we have adorned the temples of our favorite servants. Otherwise some of thy actions that thou thinkest are unknown, would be mentioned in this Tablet. O, thou possessor of might! These little children and these friends of God did not need the officers and soldiers as guards. After our arrival, one of the officers presented himself and after much conversation expressed his own innocence and thy crime. This Youth mentioned to him that: "Primarily, it was necessary to bring about a meeting of the Ullamas of the time and Himself so that the crimes of which these servants are accused might become evident. However, time has passed and according to thy statement thou art commanded to imprison us in the 'most desolate city.' But I have one wish to make of thee, and that is to request of His Majesty, the Sultan, to grant Me an audience of ten minutes in order that he may ask proofs and arguments which he thinks would establish the validity of the Word of God. If the proofs which he desires are made manifest on the part of God, he should then liberate these wronged ones and leave them to their own condition."

He promised to take this message and send an answer, but we heard nothing more from him; although it is not the Station of this True One to present Himself before any person, for all the people are created for His worship: Yet for the sake of these little children and the number of women who are away from their country and people, we volunteered this act, but notwithstanding this, no result was produced. Omar is living and ready, ask of him so that the Truth may become manifest to thee. Now all these exiled ones are sick and lying in prison. No one but God the Mighty, the Glorious, knows what will happen to us.

During the first days two of these servants passed into the Supreme Concourse. One day one of the officers commanded that they could not remove those blessed bodies unless they were paid for the shroud and casket, although no one ever asked anything of them. At that time we possessed no means, and when we insisted that they leave the work to us and allow the friends to prepare the dead for burial, they refused. Finally they took a rug to the bazaar and sold it at auction, and delivered the money to the officers. Later on it became evident that they only dug the ground and laid the two blessed bodies in the one grave, although they had been doubly paid for shrouds and caskets. The pen is unable and the tongue is powerless to describe that which has descended upon us; however, all these poisons of tests are sweeter to this Youth than honey. I pray that under all circumstances the trials of the world in the Path of God and the Love of the Merciful may descend upon this Ocean of Significances. We beg of Him patience and endurance.

Thou art weak, and knowest it not. Couldst thou realize and be perfumed with the fragrance wafted from the direction of the Ancient Beauty, thou wouldst leave everything that thou hast in hand and hasten to come and live in one of the ruined rooms of this Most Great Prison. Ask thou of God that thou mayest attain to the age of maturity so that thou mayest recognize the beauty and ugliness of deeds and actions. Peace be upon those who follow guidance!

Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, especially for the STAR OF THE WEST.

Vol. 2:2 page 8



O thou Star of the West!

Be thou happy! Be thou happy! Shouldst thou continue to remain firm and eternal, ere long, thou shalt become the Star of the East and shalt spread in every country and clime. Thou art the first paper of the Bahais which is organized in the country of America. Although for the present thy subscribers are limited, thy form is small and thy voice weak, yet shouldst thou stand unshakable, become the object of the attention of the friends and the center of the generosity of the leaders of the faith who are firm in the Covenant, in the future thy subscribers will become hosts after hosts like unto waves of the sea; thy volume will increase, thy arena will become vast and spacious and thy voice and fame will be raised and become world-wide — and at last thou shalt become the first paper of the world of humanity. Yet all these depend upon firmness, firmness, firmness!


To the Editors of the STAR OF THE WEST:

O ye Editors of the STAR OF THE WEST!

Your letter was received and your effort became known. I hope that, day by day, you may add to your effort and give importance to this newspaper, for it shall progress step by step and shall attain to the praiseworthy station.

The detailed Tablets of Abdul-Baha in regard to Exhortations and Education are many. Ask for them and print them in the paper. You have permission. Whenever, in the future, detailed Tablets are written, copies will be sent to you for publication.

Upon ye be Baha-el-ABHA! (Signed) ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS

Extract from Tablet to Mirza Ahmad Sohrab in reference to the foregoing Tablet: "A new Tablet is revealed for the Editors of the STAR OF THE WEST. Translate and forward it to them. The volume of this newspaper, God willing, will grow to the dimensions that you outline. There are many detailed and general Tablets by Abdul-Baha upon purely exhortational matters, pertaining to moral and spiritual development. Print them by degrees in the STAR OF THE WEST. Likewise, whenever, in the future, you receive any detailed Tablets, you should print them in its columns. God willing, the number of its subscribers shall also increase."

Vol. 2:3 (April 28, 1911) Jamal


O my servant! O Joseph! Hear the tone of God and do not compare this day with any other day, neither the wonderful, sweet Word of God with any other words; look to the apparent matters with thine own eye and do not follow anyone in knowing the Greatest and Brilliant Orb.

In this day, the beloved of God must not hesitate or delay an instant in teaching the Cause of the Manifestation, and must summon the people continually, with great admonition and conciliating words, to the Religion of Majestic Oneness; because, verily, in this day, to the soul who is the cause of guidance to another soul the recompense of a martyr in the way of God will be assuredly recorded by the Pen of the Cause, for his deed.

TABLET FROM ABDUL-BAHA* To Mr. Arthur S. Agnew, Chicago Ill.

Upon him be BAHA'O'LLAH-el-ABHA!


Thou Servant of the Beauty of ABHA!

I received thy letter, and the books that thou hadst sent have been received. Convey, on my behalf, most wonderful ABHA, greetings unto Mr. Herbert R. Windust, Miss Gertrude Buikema and Miss Mary Lesch. During hours of leisure, when in the middle of the night I engage in supplications, I shall beg for assistance and favor in their behalf. Indeed, they have made a great effort in the printing and publication of the Letters (i. e., Tablets).**

As to the difference between the natural (i. e., physical or material civilization which is in the present day in force, and the Divine civilization shall be of the results of The House of Justice: The material civilization prevents and safeguards people from committing evil deeds, through the force of the laws of retaliation and correction. Thus, you see how prohibitory laws and rules of correction are constantly in circulation and yet, by no means, any (adequate) law of retribution is to be found; and in all the cities of Europe and America spacious prison buildings have been founded and established for correcting and punishing the criminals.

But the Divine civilization will so train mankind that no soul will commit crimes, except rare (or few) individuals, which exception is of no importance whatsoever. Consequently, there is much difference between preventing people from evil actions and crimes through correction and retaliation or through violent punishment, and so training them, enlightening them and

* First of a series of Tablets containing Exhortations to moral and spiritual development.

** Refers to the compilation of three volumes of "Tablets of Abdul- Baha," by the Bahai Publishing Society in America.

page 4

spiritualizing them that they will shun crimes and evil deeds without any fear (however) of punishment, prevention or retaliation. Nay, they will consider crimes themselves as the greatest punishment and mightiest retribution, will be attracted to the virtues of the human world and devotedly spend their lives in that which is conducive to the enlightenment of mankind and to spreading qualities acceptable in the Threshold of the Almighty.

Consequently, consider what a difference and distinction is there between the material civilization and the Divine civilization! The natural civilization prevents men from doing harm and wrong through force and punishment and thus withholds them from committing crimes. But the Divine civilization so trains men that the human individuals avoid sins without having any fear from (material) punishment; and the very sin itself becomes unto them as the severest punishment. And they will engage in acquiring human virtues, gaining that by which mankind will be uplifted and that which will enlighten the human world with the utmost zeal and fervor.

O Thou Creator! Bring the American friends nigh unto the Kingdom of ABHA and suffer their deeds and actions to be in conformity with the Commandments and Exhortations written in the Tablets. Make them firm in Thy Love and steadfast in Thy Cause. Attract them unto the Bahai Beauty and cause them to attain infinite warmth and fervor. Bestow upon them a firm footing and give them a heavenly power in order that they may engage in Thy service and spread the Signs of the Kingdom.

Thou art the Powerful, the Mighty! Thou art the Compassionate, the Gracious, the Seer! Upon thee be Baha-el-ABHA!

Convey, on my behalf, the most wonderful ABHA, greeting to his honor, Mr. MacNutt and Mrs. MacNutt.

Upon thee be Baha-el-ABHA!


The news of the attraction of the hearts of the believers of God ignited the candle of happiness and created spiritual joy. Abdul-Baha travelled to the land of Joseph of Canaan and became well known in the servitude of the Holy Threshold. Although the attack of the sects and the false rumors and statements in the newspapers are intense, yet it is my hope that this journey may become fruitful and the Voice and Summons of the Cause of God may move these regions; some seeds may be sown and watered and be assisted by the downpour of the rain of the Mercy of the Almighty. Assuredly they will grow and become green and verdant.

Praise be to God! that through the Bounty and Favor of the Most Great Name — May my life he a sacrifice to His believers — the Voice of the Cause of God is raised in all countries and the Fame and Melody of the Word of God is spread in every region. In these days the Cause of God is progressing and advancing in America, and in Asia there is the clamor of Turk and Tajik. The Bahais have founded an English newspaper in the capital of Japan, which is edited and circulated by his honor, the learned Professor Barakatullah, of India. Some of the American believers are expecting to make a trip to China and Manchuria so that they may raise the Voice of the Kingdom in those parts, and in Europe and Asia the Trumpet of the Supreme Concourse is heard.

God be praised! Notwithstanding this divine, Majestic Cause, the promotion of the Word of Cod and the diffusion of the Fragrances of God, a few impotent ones, who are less than the flies, desire to break the Covenant and violate the Testament. How fruitless and weak is their endeavor! The screech of the owl is discordant before the Melody of the Kingdom and the cawing of the crow is drowned before the harmony of the

page 5

Nightingale of Significance; the weak bat with its shattered broken wing cannot soar with the white-winged Gabriel, and the darkness of humiliation and remorse cannot cover the rays of the Sun of Truth. Were there any justice they would all testify that this Pen is not moving the East and the West except through the Confirmation of the Blessed Perfection, and this Melody is not imparting rejoicing and delight to the world except through the assistance of the Most Great Name. When the blind souls deny the existence of the sun, they think they have accomplished a great feat, while heedless of the fact that they have proved more than anything else their own ignorance.

Vol. 2:4 May 17, 1911 Azamat. Page 6


Translate this Tablet in great haste, and with its original, print and spread. (Signed) ABDUL BAHA ABBAS.

Through Mirza Ahmad Sohrab — Upon him be BAHA'O'LLAH! — TO the friends of God and the maid-servants of the Merciful:

Upon them be BAHA'O'LLAH-EL-ABHA!


O ye friends and the maidservants of the Merciful!

When the deposed Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Abdul Hamid, arose in tyranny and oppression, Abdul-Baha was incarcerated in the prison of Acca and was surrounded with the utmost surveillance of police, detectives and men of the Secret Service. The door of communication was entirely closed and the means of correspondence was prevented. If any soul approached the house he was searched; nay, rather, threatened with dire persecution. The affairs reached to such a degree that, not being satisfied with these restrictions, the Sultan sent an oppressive investigating Commission, so that with all kinds of wiles, simulations, slander and fabrication of false stories they might fasten some guilt upon Abdul- Baha in order that he might crucify Him, or cast Him into the sea, or banish Him into the heart of the distant and unknown Sahara of Feyzan (Africa). That oppressive investigating Commission exercised its rights with tyranny and passed the sentence that Abdul-Baha merited all kinds of persecution. Finally they decided to send Him to Feyzan, and when they cabled this decision to the palace of Abdul Hamid, an answer was received that the matter of Feyzan was approved by the Imperial Order. Then that unjust investigating Commission returned to Constantinople. They were in the midst of the sea when the cannon of God boomed forth before the palace of Abdul Hamid, a charge of dynamite was exploded, a number of people were killed, Abdul Hamid fled into the interior of his residence, difficulties and trials surrounded him, and incidents and events developed rapidly. Therefore he did not find the opportunity to oppress Abdul-Baha; public revolution was started, which ended in his deposition, and the Hand of Divine Power released the neck of Abdul-Baha from the chains of the prison of Joseph and the fetters and manacles were placed around the unblessed neck of Abdul Hamid. Be ye admonished, O ye people of insight! Now Abdul-Baha, with the greatest power, has hastened to the country of Egypt from the land of prison. Praise be to God, that through the Bounty and Providence of the Blessed Perfection, no sooner did he land in Alexandria than the Word of God was promoted and the melody of the Kingdom of ABHA was heard. All the newspapers wrote innumerable articles. Some gave the utmost praise; others raised a great cry, saying: "The arrival of this personage in this land will shake the pillars of Religion and will shatter to pieces ancient customs and conventions. He attracts every one he meets and when he loosens his tongue in any meeting, it creates faith in the hearts of the deniers." The papers are still writing detailed articles and will continue to do so.

Now the friends and the maid-servants in America have written innumerable letters and all of them are pleading that Abdul-Baha make a trip to that country. Their supplications and entreaties are insistent. In view of the differences among the friends and the lack of unity among the maid-servants of the Merciful, how can Abdul-Baha hasten to those parts? Is this possible? No, by God!

If the friends and the maid-servants of the Merciful long for the visit of Abdul-Baha, they must immediately remove from their midst differences of opinion and be engaged in the practice of infinite love and unity. No Bahai must open his lips in blaming another one, he must regard backbiting as the greatest sin of humanity, for it is clearly revealed in all the Tablets of BAHA'O'LLAH that backbiting and faultfinding are the fiendish instruments and suggestions of Satan and the destroyers of the foundation of man. A believer will not blame any soul among the strangers, how much less against the friends. Faultfinding and backbiting are the characteristics of the weak minds and not the friends. Self-exaltation is the attribute of the stranger and not of the Beloved. It is our hope that the believers and the maid-servants of the Merciful in America may become the cause of the union of the East and the West, and unfurl the Standard of the Oneness of the Realm of Humanity. Now, we observe that strangeness, lack of unity and the utmost difference exists among the friends and the maid-servants of the Merciful. Under such a condition, how can they arise to guide the people of the world and establish union and harmony between the nations of the earth? His Highness Christ, addressing His disciples said: "Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt hath lost its savour, wherewith shall it be salted?"

page 7

O ye friends and maid-servants of the Merciful! If ye are yearning for my meeting, and if in reality ye are seeking my visit, ye must close the doors of difference and open the gates of affection, love and friendship. Ye must pulsate as one heart, and throb as one spirit. You must be like the waves, though they are innumerable they constitute the all-encircling sea.

O ye friends and maid-servants of the Merciful! Praise be to God, ye are the fish of one ocean, the birds of one rose-garden, the trees of one orchard and the flowers of one paradise. Then why this difference? why this lack of harmony? Wherefore this condition?

Verily, verily, I say unto you, were it not for this difference amongst you, the inhabitants of America in all those regions would have, by now, been attracted to the Kingdom of God, and would have constituted themselves your helpers and assisters. Is it meet that you sacrifice this most glorious Bounty for worthless imaginations? No, by God! Should you reflect for one moment, you shall become enabled to destroy instantly the foundation of this difference by absolutely refraining from backbiting and faultfinding amongst yourselves. Adorn with infinite love and concord the assemblage of beatitude, bring about the meeting of happiness, establish the banquet of the oneness of the realm of humanity, loosen your tongues in praising each other, and then anticipate the presence of Abdul-Baha in your midst.

Aside from all these considerations, some of the nakazeens have come secretly amongst you and are expressing their firmness in the Covenant and with all kinds of intrigues and strategies are creating disorder and calamities, so that ye might be deprived of the Lights of the Divine Testament and subjected to the darkness of violation.

Is it worthy of you to be engaged with differences amongst you and thereby enabling the nakazeens to spread a noose and chase such firm believers as you are?

I beg of God to confirm you in union and concord that you may become the cause of the oneness of the kingdom of humanity. Live and act in accord with the Divine teachings, be abstracted from all the attachments of the human world, characterized with merciful characteristics, release yourselves from the nether world, become heavenly souls, spiritual beings and the angels of Paradise.

Upon ye be Baha-el-ABHA!


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, April 28th, 1911.

..The commune of silence was followed by Mr. Mills reading the following Tablet, revealed by Abdul-Baha:


O my God! O my God! We are servants who have sincerely turned our faces unto Thy Grand Face; severed ourselves from all else save thee in this Great Day and are assembled together in this glorious meeting of one accord and desire, and unanimous in thought to promulgate Thy Word amid Thy creatures.

O my Lord! O my Lord! Suffer us to be signs of guidance, standards of Thy Manifest Religion throughout the world, servants of Thy Great Covenant — O our Exalted Lord! — appearances of Thy Oneness in Thy Kingdom, the El-ABHA, and stars which dawn forth unto all regions.

O Lord, make us as seas rolling with the waves of Thy Great Abundance, rivers flowing from the mountains of Thy Glorious Kingdom, pure fruits on the Tree of Thy illustrious Cause, plants refreshed and moved by the Breeze of Thy Gift in Thy wonderful vineyard.

O Lord, cause our souls to depend upon the signs of Thy Oneness, our hearts to be dilated with the Bounties of Thy Singleness, so that we may become united as are ripples on a waving sea; become harmonized as are the rays which shine forth from a

page 16

Brilliant light; so that our thoughts, opinions and feelings become as one reality from which the spirit of accord may be diffused throughout all regions.

Verily, Thou art the Beneficent, the Bestower! Verily, Thou art the Giver, the Mighty, the Loving, the Merciful!

Vol. 2:4 Page 16

[Prayer at the closing of the convention]


O God! O God! Thou dost look upon us from Thine unseen Kingdom of Oneness (beholding) that we have assembled in this Spiritual meeting, believing in Thee, Confident in Thy signs, firm in Thy Covenant and Testament, attracted unto Thee, set aglow with the fire of Thy love, sincere in Thy Cause, servants in Thy vineyard, spreaders of Thy religion, worshippers of Thy Countenance, humble to Thy beloved, submissive at Thy door and imploring Thee to confirm us in the service of Thy chosen ones. Support us with Thine unseen hosts, strengthen our loins in Thy servitude and make us submissive and worshipping servants, communing with Thee.

O our Lord! We are weak, and Thou art the Mighty, the Powerful! We are mortals and Thou art the Great Life-giving Spirit! We are needy and Thou art the Powerful and Sustainer!

O our Lord! Turn our faces unto Thy Divine Face; feed us from Thy heavenly table by Thy Godly grace; help us through the hosts of Thy supreme angels and confirm us by the holy ones of the Kingdom of ABHA.

Verily, Thou art the Generous, the Merciful! Thou art the Possessor of great bounty and verily Thou art the Clement and Gracious!

Vol. 2:5 June 5 1911 Nur.

Page 3



[Second of a series of Tablets containing exhortations to moral and spiritual development.-ED.]

Through Mirza Ahmad Sohrab and Mirza Raffie, to Mr. and Mrs. Ostburg, Boston, Mass.


O ye two seekers of Truth!

Your letter was received and I became informed of its contents. Some of the letters you have forwarded have not been received, while others have been received at the time of the intense persecutions of the enemy, so it was impossible to reply. When this last letter was received I found opportunity to answer it, notwithstanding the multiplicity of occupations, so that you may know how much ye are beloved in this spot and accepted in the Kingdom of God. As there is little time, brief answers are given to your questions:

Answer to the first question: The spirits of the sons of the Kingdom after the disintegration of this body ascend to the world of Eternal Existence; but should you ask of the place, know thou that that world of existence is the world of unity, but the grades are different. For instance, the mineral existence has a grade, but that mineral being has no knowledge of the vegetable kingdom. It (the mineral existence) has no information of a higher realm nay, rather, according to appearances, it may deny the higher grade. Likewise the vegetable life has no knowledge of the animal kingdom. It is entirely heedless and unconscious of that kingdom, because the grade of the animal is higher than that of the vegetable. The vegetable, according to its limited environment, is veiled from the knowledge of the animal kingdom, and it may deny it, although the animal, the vegetable and mineral live in the world of existence. Likewise, the animal cannot comprehend the intelligence of the faculties of man, which is the generalizer of the universal and the discoverer of the mysteries of beings, so much so that while living in the East he organizes and founds institutions in the West, and he reveals hidden things. Though he abides in Europe he discovers America. Though he dwells upon the earth, he unravels the realities of the solar system. The animal is entirely unconscious, nay, rather, a denier of this intelligent force, which penetrates into the unknown and comprehends the general as well as the particular ideas of this illimitable universe. Likewise the people of the world lack the knowledge of the world of the Kingdom, nay, rather, they deny it. Do we not hear from their lips the words, such as these: "Where is the Kingdom? Where is the Lord of the Kingdom?" But these souls are like unto the mineral and vegetable who know nothing of the animal and human kingdoms. They neither see nor search. However, the mineral, the vegetable and the animal kingdoms all live in this world of existence.

Answer to the second question: The Divine trials are in this world not in the world of the Kingdom.

Answer to the third question: The human reality in the other world has no physical likeness, nay, rather, it has the likeness of the Kingdom, which consists of the harmonious element of the realm of the Spiritual Kingdom.

Answer to the fourth question: The center of the Son of Truth and of the Supreme World is the Divine Kingdom. Those souls who are purified and sanctified, after the disintegration of this elemental tabernacle, hasten to the Divine Realm, and that Realm is in this universe, but the people of this world have no knowledge of it, just as the mineral and vegetable kingdoms have no knowledge of the animal and human kingdoms.

page 4

Answer to the fifth question: His Highness, BAHA'O'LLAH, has raised the Canopy of the Oneness of the Kingdom of Humanity. Whosoever enters under the shade of this all-inclusive Tent, his heart and soul become detached from other tents.

Answer to the sixth question: Whenever a difference of opinion arises between two parties, refer it to the Center of the Covenant; so that the difficulty might be solved.

Answer to the seventh question: His Highness, BAHA'O'LLAH, has appeared for the benefit of all humanity, summoning all to the Divine Table upon which is spread the Heavenly Food. But today the majority of those who partake of this Heavenly Food are poor. That is why His Highness, Christ, said: "Blessed are the poor." Wealth prevents the people from entering the Kingdom, as it is stated by Christ: "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God." But should a rich person not be prevented from entering the Kingdom because of wealth and riches, glory and influence of this world, that rich person will become favored in the threshold of the Almighty and accepted by the Lord of the Kingdom.

To be brief, BAHA'O'LLAH has manifested for the education and training of all humanity. He is the Teacher of all, whether rich or poor, black or white, oriental or occidental, northern or southern.

Regarding the people who come to Akka; some of them make wonderful progress; extinguished lamps they were, they became ignited, withered were they, they became fresh and young; dead were they, and they became alive, returning to their respective countries electrified with the dynamic forces of the Most Great Glad-Tidings. On the other hand, others have come and left without being touched by this great force.

O ye two attracted ones towards the Kingdom: Thank ye God that ye have made your house the gathering-place and the assembly of the believers.

Upon thee be Baha-el-ABHA ! (Signed) ABDUL-BAHA Abbas.

Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, February 22, 1910.

To the beloved of God and the maid-servants of the Merciful — New York (State):

Mrs. L. G. Stirling, Florence A. Cobb, Lilla A. Ressiguie, Clara A. Brink, Annie E. Walrath, Dr. F. S. Blood, Wm. B. Remey, Harriet Rupert, Mrs. E. C. Woodworth, Pauline Crandall, Mrs. B. Gustin, Mary M. Young, Bessie Knight, Ada C. Divine, Ella C. Quant, Dr. W. E. House, Edith L. Whiting, Margaret La-Grange, Miss Bina Van Buren, Alice House, F. W. Ackernecht, Mrs. Sarah Young, Elizabeth Chandler.


O ye who are attracted to the Beauty of ABHA!

Your letter was received; it indicated that a new union and harmony is created among those souls. This glad tiding produced a great happiness and a new hope was seized that perchance the friends of New York, God willing, may become united and harmonized with the heavenly power. Today the most beloved and acceptable deed before His Highness, BAHA'O'LLAH, is the union of the friends and the concord of men, and the most unacceptable is difference and inharmony.

Praise be to God that ye have become assisted with this Most Great Bounty, that is, unity and harmony, and become the cause of the happiness of the heart of Abdul-Baha.

His Highness, BAHA'O'LLAH, said, That if Religion and Faith become the cause of difference, enmity and hatred, undoubtedly its non-being is better than its being. Consider ye how much emphasis He has placed upon love, harmony and affection.

Upon ye he Baha-el-ABHA! (Signed) ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS.

Translated by M.A. Sohrab, March, 1911.
Vol. 2:5 Page 5

To the believers of God and the maidservants of the Merciful, Philadelphia. Upon them be BAHA'O'LLAH-EL-ABHA

Through Mirza Ahmad Sohrab. Upon him be BAHA'O'LLAH!


O ye sons and daughters of the Kingdom!

It is some time since news has reached me from you. Today the illumined photographs you forwarded fourteen months ago were received. By looking at these pictures I remembered you and am writing you this tablet so that you may know I have not forgotten you and am always engaged in your mentioning and your illumined pictures are ever present.

O ye friends and maid-servants of the Merciful! It is easy to advance toward the Kingdom, but it is difficult to remain firm and steadfast. Therefore endeavor ye as much ye can to make your faith firm like unto a well- rooted tree and produce blossoms and fruits. Neither be ye agitated on account of the blowing winds of tests and trials. The firmer the roots of the tree the greater its blossoms and fruits. Because the apostles of Christ remained firm and steadfast they became assisted in the most great services and the confirmations of the Holy Spirit descended upon them uninterruptedly. If ye seek the illumination of the Kingdom ye must arise with infinite resolution. Be ye not discouraged or lukewarm on account of troubles and vicissitudes. Show ye an effort so that that region may be illumined, the Kingdom of God may raise its tents and the breaths of the Ho]y Spirit may quicken the souls. Upon ye be Baha-el-ABHA! (Signed) ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS.

Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, April 28, 1911.
Vol. 2:5 Page 6

Through Zia Effendi Bagdadi to Mrs. Cecilia M. Harrison, Chicago.


O thou attracted maid-servant of God!

Your letter was received. From its contents, heart attracting meanings were understood; for they indicated entire attraction by the Kingdom of ABHA and the attachment of the heart to the Supreme World.

The chanting of the verses, whether done individually or collectively, is the cause of manifesting the effect of the Word of God in the hearts, and the means of igniting the fire of the love of God in the breasts. But it is as thou hast written that the Condition required is, the hearts must become like pure and polished mirrors, and the spirits attain perfect joy and happiness by the divine glad-tidings.

Assuredly the blessed souls who direct their entire attention to the Lord of Hosts, who are severed from the nether world and submerged in the outpourings of the Realm of Might, if they travel in various parts of America, associating with all and visiting the assemblies while surging with the love of God, they will certainly be the cause of the unity of the friends and the maid- servants of the Merciful. This is indeed most beloved and acceptable, productive of great results and conducive of great good.

The enclosed paper sent by thee contained beautiful expressions and delightful statements. I ask God that thou mayst awaken the people of America thereby from the sleep of negligence and prove to be to them the means of knowledge and wisdom.

Upon thee be Baha-el-ABHA (Signed) ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS.

Translated by Dr. Ameen U. Fareed, June 2, 1911.


O ye sons and daughters of the Kingdom!

Your letter which was written by heavenly inspiration, whose contents and meanings are full of interest, and whose discrimination springs from hearts that shine, has been received. Of a truth, the believers of London, being steadfast servants, stand firm. They shall not slacken, nor, in the lapse of time, shall their light grow dim. For they are Bahais, children of Heaven and of the light of the Godhead. Surely, without doubt they shall be the cause of spreading God's Word, and the channel for spreading the Divine Teachings and bringing about the unity and equality of mankind.

It is easy to accept the Kingdom, but it is difficult to endure therein for the tests are hard and heavy. On all occasions the English are firm and are not turned aside, being neither prone to begin a matter for a little while nor ready to abandon it for a little reason through failing in zeal. Verily in every undertaking they show firmness.

Though you dwell in the West, praise he to God, you have heard the Divine Call from the East, and like unto Moses you have become warmed by the fire of the Tree that has been lighted in Asia, and you have found the true Path, becoming kindled like lamps, having entered into the Kingdom of God. Now in thanksgiving for this bounty you pray for blessing upon the people of the world, till by light of the Kingdom of Splendour their eyes become illuminated and their hearts become even as mirrors attaining the rays of the Sun of Truth.

My hope is this: - that the outbreathing of the Holy Spirit be inspired into your hearts, that your tongues begin to reveal the mysteries and to expound the meaning and the truth of the Holy Books. May the friends become physicians to cure by the Divine Teachings the deep-rooted diseases of the body of the world, to give sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, life to the dead and awakening to the sleepers. Be sure that the blessing of the Holy Spirit will descend upon you, and that the Hosts of the Kingdom will come to your aid.

Upon you be the Glory of God! (Signed) ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS.

Given at Ramleh, Egypt, May, 1911. Translated by Tamadun ul Molk.
Vol. 2:5 Page 13


The maidservant of God, Mrs. Corinne True, Chicago. Upon her be BAHA'O'LLAH-EL- ABHA!


O thou dear maid-servant of God!

The question of the Mashrak-el-azkar is very important and is superior to every matter; surely put forth utmost effort for it. In the fact that you have registered the name of Abdul-Baha in the contribution book, I became very happy.

Concerning his honor, M. Moustafa Bagdadi, indeed he was an honorable person, who devoted his days to service in the Kingdom of God, became confirmed in excellent services, a cause of guidance to many, was firm in the Covenant, a promulgator of the Religion of God. Regarding this a comforting letter was written to Zia Effendi.

The receipt you have sent was received.


The following was written by Abdul-Baha's own hand at the bottom of the page:

HE (is GOD)!

O thou daughter of the Kingdom!

Today in America no matter is greater for the elevation of the Word of God than the Mashrak-el-Azkar. Surely give it the utmost importance. I am always waiting that a good report regarding the Mashrak-el-Azkar should come.

In most of the cities of Persia, even in some of the villages, a Mashrak-el-Azkar has been founded.

Now the beloved in America must make effort to establish one Mashrak-el-Azkar.

Upon thee be El-Baha-el-ABHA. (Signed) ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS.

This double Tablet was translated by Dr. Zia M Bagdadi, June 1, 1911.

If the believers of God in New York and other cities of America establish, in a befitting manner, union and harmony with spirit, tongue, heart and body, suddenly they shall find Abdul-Baha in their midst. Unless this union is brought about, the Breath of the Holy Spirit shall not have any effect, for the physical body must find capacity, so that the life the Spirit may breathe through it. If the Beloved of the union of the friends and the harmony of the believers become manifest, the East and the West of America shall be perfumed through the sweet fragrance of the Paradise of ABHA, the Mashrak-el-Azkar shall be constructed, the outpouring of the Sun of Reality shall descend, the everlasting glory of the friends of God shall become apparent and the heavenly life be attained.

Upon thee be Baha-el-ABHA! (Signed) ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS.

Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, April 28, 1911.

Vol. 2:6 (June 24, 1911) Rahmat

page 3

[Begins with an extract from the Lawh-i Sultan, taken from Browne's translation in A Traveller's Narrative page 395 with stylistic amendments]


Upon them be the Glory of God, the Most Glorious!


O ye friends of God! O ye manifestors of bounties and favors of the Beauty of ABHA!

That illumined Orb (BAHA'O'LLAH) hath risen from the horizon of sanctity and holiness to shed Its Rays upon the expanse of the universe and that mysterious Beloved hath rent assunder the veil of concealment and appeared in the Assemblage of Humanity so that the wooers of His heart-captivating Beauty attained to His meeting, and torrents of spiritual teachings have descended from His Holy Lips, that we may be enabled to hear with the ear of the spirit, walk in the Path of the Beloved; see His Attributes and Manners; behold His Character and Principles; drink the Cup of Bestowal, taste the sweetness of His Reality, obey His Religion and emulate His glorious Example.

O ye friends! His gentle nature was excellent and His sweet disposition sublime. He was in the utmost humility and submission, and perfect kindliness and praise. Worthy courtesy adorned His Being. He was a refuge for every affrighted one; an asylum for every discomfitted one; a fountain for every thirsty one; a Highway of Salvation for every wandering one; a healing to every sick one, and a dressing for every wounded one. In brief, ye have undoubtedly heard and read His Holy Instructions. But alas! we have entirely neglected them and are pursuing our own desires, following our own opinions, seeking our own ideas, and chasing our own shadows! Is it not a shame to change His Rose Garden into a bramble patch? His Delectable Paradise into a ruined abode? To seek to eradicate His Foundation and completely destroy His structure? To forget the Divine Instructions and cast behind our backs

page 4

the Commands of God; with our lips to speak of the waves of the tumultuous Ocean, while inwardly we are dying of thirst; and while claiming divine wealth of consciousness, we are so poverty-stricken in spirit as to be but illusive phantoms — blown about by every wind?

I declare by the Bounty of the Blessed Perfection that nothing will produce results save intense sincerity! Nothing will be productive of fruit save complete advancement toward God! Everything is condemned save severance and every idea is fruitless and unacceptable save supplication, communion, prayer and obedience ! We must entirely collect our scattered thoughts, purify and sanctify the house of our existence from every attachment and make the palace of our hearts the nest and shelter of the Dove of Holiness. Then, and not till then will the significance of confirmation and assistance become evident and known, the power of the Kingdom become apparent, and the hosts of the Supreme Concourse run swiftly into the arena of heavenly conquest, to gain victory over the East and the West of the hearts, and make the North and South of the spirits of men the flowery regions of the Love of God!

Praise be to God that the Province of Caucasia — Baku — is a glorious light in the Lamp of Oneness, a wonderful effulgence from the Sun of Beauty of the Divine Beloved. Its believers arc sincere and its friends are the favored ones in the Threshold of Oneness.

Truly I say this is a most great Bounty and a most eminent Gift!

Upon ye be the Glory of God

Vol 2:6 page 5


Thou hast written concerning the meetings and gathering- places of the believers of God. Such assemblies and gatherings will greatly aid the promotion of the Word and all the audience, whether friends or not, will become affected. But when the friends have the intention of entering into these meetings they must disengage the heart from all other reflections, ask the Inexhaustible Divine Confirmation, and with the utmost devotion and humility set their feet in the gathering-place. Let them not introduce any topic in the meeting except the mentioning of the True One, neither must they confuse that merciful assembly with complex outside questions. They must either teach or open their tongue in propounding arguments, either commune or supplicate and pray to God, either read Tablets or give out advices and exhortations.


You have written concerning the spiritual meetings. The foundation of he spiritual meetings must be the teaching and delivering of the Cause of God. In these meetings the believers and maid-servants of the Merciful must proclaim the proofs and arguments and explain the signs of the appearance of the beauty of ABHA — May my life be a sacrifice to the beloved ones! Meanwhile they may read some Tablets, and Communes, and at the end of the meetings, if they desire to sing with the utmost supplication and meekness, it is acceptable. But the fundamental principle of the establishment of spiritual meetings is for the sake of teaching and delivering the Truth so that those souls who are present may become informed of the Divine Evidences and Proofs.


Thou hast inquired regarding the teachings and instructions of BAHA'O'LLAH! Thou must instruct the people of the world in the Love of God, that they may eradicate the foundation of warfare and strife, be attracted by the Glad- tidings of the kingdom of ABHA, lay the basis of love and amity, raise the melody of affinity, and the oneness of the Kingdom of humanity; transmute tyranny and persecution into love and faithfulness efface the traces of bloodshed and carnage; construct the edifice of reconciliation, dispel the darkness of estrangement, diffuse the light of unity; change the poison of animosity into the honey of sympathetic affection; destroy the religious, national and social prejudices from the individuals of humanity; live and act, with and toward each other as though they were from one race, one country, one religion, and one kind.


But regarding teaching the Truth: One must teach with wisdom, amiability, good-naturedness and kindness. And should anyone circumscribe conditions (for teaching the Truth) it will become rare.

But concerning the established (organized assemblies), altogether outside conversation must not be introduced therein. Nay, rather, conversation must be limited to the reading of verses, the perusing of Words and affairs which pertain to the Cause of God, such as explaining proofs and evidences, delivering clear and irrefutable arguments and announcing the signs of the Beloved of the creatures.

Those souls who are in that assembly before their entrance therein must be adorned with utmost purity, turn their faces toward the Kingdom of ABHA

page 6

and enter with infinite humility and meekness, and when someone reads Tablets they must be silent and attentive. Should anyone desire to speak, he must do it with the utmost courtesy and with perfect eloquence and fluency by the consent and permission of the people of the assembly.

Upon thee be greeting and praise!


The believers of God must assemble and associate with each other in the utmost love, joy and fragrance. They must conduct themselves (in the meetings) with the greatest dignity and consideration, chant divine verses, peruse instructive articles, read the Tablets of Abdul-Baha, encourage and inspire each other with love for the whole human race, invoke God with perfect joy and fragrance, read the verses of glorification and praises of the Self-Subsistent Lord and deliver eloquent speeches.


Thy mission in America for the present is this: Thou must travel as far as possible to every part and pass through cities and towns, summoning everyone to the Beauty of ABHA, raising the Call of the Kingdom and proclaiming at the top of thy voice

"A hundred thousand glad-tidings be upon ye that the Sun of the Reality of the Beauty of ABHA hath shone forth from the Horizon of the Contingent Being and hath illumined the regions with the lights of the Most Great Guidance. The realities of the Old Testament and the Gospel are already fulfilled and the Mysteries of the Heavenly Books have become manifest. This is the century of the Merciful One and the Period of Joy and Gladness. O ye heedless ones, become mindful! O ye sleeping ones, be awakened! O ye blind ones, become seeing! O ye deaf ones, become hearing! O ye dumb ones, become speakers! O ye dead ones, become living! O ye deprived ones, take a portion! This is the effulgence of the Merciful and the moving of the Depthless Sea. This is the outpouring of the wonderful and new springtime and the falling of the showers of the Bounty of the Most Great Lord!" This is thy mission.


Thy letter was received and read. Thou hast invited me to America, saying: "In that region and in that country there are many fragrant and multi-colored flowers; likewise there are thorns and thistles; but Abdul-Baha should not look upon the thistles of the desert. He must hasten to that country for the sake of the flowers." This simile is very beautiful; but when a gardener invites a man to his garden, first he will arrange all the flowers with the utmost elegance, beauty and art, then he will invite his guest. Moreover, there are differences among the flowers. Therefore pray thou that harmony may be created so that your country may find the capacity for the Presence of Abdul-Baha. I have the utmost yearning to meet all of you; but unless the conditions which have been previously mentioned are realized, my trip to those parts would be difficult, for it would produce no results.

I hope that all the friends and the maid-servants of the Merciful may be united with each other so that Abdul-Baha without any cloud may travel from the East to the West. It is hoped that this unity may become realized.

Vol. 2:6, page 8


Questions, sent by Professor Cairns, Edinburgh, June 24th, 1910:

(1) Is it right to speak of the Bab and of Baha'o'llah as Manifestations, or as Incarnations?

(2) Do the Bahais teach the doctrine of reincarnation?

(3) Did Baha'o'llah claim to supersede the Revelation of Jesus, the Christ?

(4) Did Baha'o'llah claim to be greater than Jesus, the Christ?

Answers of Abdul-Baha (the servant of God), Haifa, July 20th, 1910

O daughter of the Kingdom!

Your letter has arrived. Its contents caused spiritual happiness and heartfelt gladness.

I wish to answer in detail, but at present my health is not very strong; I am fatigued, so am obliged to write in short. When I feel better, I will write at length, for verily, you are occupied with the work of the Kingdom and are serving the world of Humanity, and therefore are worthy of correspondence.

Now I will write shortly.

1st Answer. The Bahais believe that the incarnation of the Word of God, meaning the changing of the nature of Divinity into Humanity and the transformation of the Infinite into the finite, can never be. But they believe that the Bab and BAHA'O'LLAH are Manifestations of a Universal Order in the world of humanity. It is clear that the Eternal can never be transient, neither the transient Eternal.

Transformation of nature is impossible. Perfect man, Manifestation, is like a clear mirror in which the Sun of Reality is apparent and evident, reflected in its endless bounties.

2nd Answer. In the teaching of BAHA'O'LLAH, the reincarnation of the spirit in successive bodies is not taught.

3rd Answer. BAHA'O'LLAH has not abolished the teachings of Christ. He gave a fresh impulse to them and renewed them; explained and interpreted them; expanded and fulfilled them.

4th Answer. BAHA'O'LLAH has not claimed himself to be greater than Christ. He gave the following explanation: That the Manifestations of God are the Rising Points of one and the same Sun; i.e., the Sun of Reality is One, but the places of rising are numerous. Thus, Beauty is One, but it is shining upon several mirrors.

Your own answers were good; and now I have myself answered in short.

Upon you be the Glory of the Most Glorious!


Translated by Monever Khanum.
Vol. 2:7 & 8 page 11


Through Mirza Ahmad to Mr. Thornton Chase.

Upon him be BAHA'O'LLAH-EL-ABHA!


O thou herald of the Kingdom!

I received thy two letters, an old one and one of recent date, and both of them were read with the utmost attention. Praise be to God ! that thou didst not waver before the tests; nay, rather thou didst remain firm and steadfast. When the tree sends down its roots into the bowels of the earth, then, it will bring forth blossoms and fruits. Now, Praise be to God ! that in this day of the kingdom thou art firm and steadfast. Rest thou assured that thou wilt become the recipient of confirmation and assistance and the object of infinite bounties.

Thou hast asked about the statement in the Hidden Words, which reads: "O Son of Spirit ! Turn thy face so that thou mayest find Me within thee. Powerful, Mighty and Supreme." This is the statement to which His Holiness the Christ, referred His apostles in the Gospel, saying. "The Father is in the Son, and the Son is in you."

page 1


This is evident that, when the hearts are purified and through divine education and heavenly teachings become the manifestors of infinite perfections, they are like clear mirrors, and the Sun of Truth will reflect with might, power and omnipotence in such a mirror, and to such an extent that whatever is brought before it is illumined and ignited. This is a brief interpretation because of the lack of time. Therefore, do thou reflect and ponder over it so that the doors of significance may be opened before thine eyes.

In regard to the philosophy of the Theosophists, these people have borrowed some remarks and statements from the heavenly Books, but they have not attained to the Reality. Notwithstanding this, they have made these appearances the foundation of their faith and religion. However, the reality of the question of Unity is thus: —

The Sun of Truth hath shone faith from the Horizon of Unity upon all the regions. All contingent things are clad with the garment of existence through the rays of the sun. Were it not for the rays of the sun no being would step forth upon the arena of life. Everything would have remained hidden; nay, rather, the life of the terrestrial beings is continued through the light and heat of the sun to such an extant that all the infinitesimal atoms, which move through this realm of earth, owe their life to the reflection of the sun. Of course, each being manifests its inward tendencies according to its ability and capacity. However, no matter how much the sun reflects itself through all the contingent beings, yet it never leaves its supreme height and exalted station. It (the Divine Sun) is not divided among these beings, so that every being may became a part and a portion of Divinity.

Descent, division, transmission and transmigration in the stations of life are the conditions of the contingent beings, but the Eternal Reality is wholly beyond and above these conditions; for when you behold that a being is subject to division, descent and disintegration, this is a proof of the contingency and impermanency of that being. The Ancient, the Ever-living, and the omniscient Lord, who is above the comprehension of humanity and is qualified with self- existent perfections, will never descend to the stations of life, and will not be divided so that every man may become an atom or a part of Him. Children can understand the untenability of this proposition. This is the pure imagination of the weak minds.

Therefore, according to their theory, the Manifestations of God are infinite in number, and this would leave us to believe in the theory of the "Concatenation of life"; but concatenation is false, and change is the essential condition of the contingent realities, and not of the Eternal Reality. Ponder deeply over the above explanation, so that it may become evident to thee that by Unity is meant the outpourings of the Divine which appears and manifests in the realities of all existence and especially in the unity of man.

The story of the cock that you have written is very appropriate. (This refers to the play of Chanticleer wherein the Cock supposed the sun to be caused

page 13

to arise through his crowing, until be was chagrined to learn that its rising was independent of him and his voice.)

Associate with the utmost love and friendship with the Theosophists, and make them comprehend this unity of humanity, which is the unity of the outpouring of the Divine, so they may attain to the essence of the facts.

In regard to the verse, which is revealed in the Koran, that His Highness Christ, was not killed and was not crucified by this is meant the Reality of Christ. Although they crucified this elemental body, yet the merciful reality and the heavenly existence remain eternal and undying, and it was protected from the oppression and persecution of the enemies, for Christ is Eternal and Everlasting. How can He die? This death and crucifixion was imposed on the physical body of Christ, and not upon the Spirit of Christ. * * *

Regarding my coming to America, it depends upon the realization of conditions of which I have a]ready written to that country. If those conditions are brought into fruition, rest thou assured that I will present myself, otherwise, it will be difficult.

Upon thee be the Glory of God!


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, June 8, 1941. Washington, D. C.
Vol. 2:7 & 8 page 13

To the attracted maid-servant of GOD, Miss Juliet Thompson. Upon her be BAHA'O'LLAH-EL-ABHA!


O thou daughter of the Kingdom!

Thy letter was received and its contents became evident.

If America attains to the capacity of the Presence of Abdul- Baha, I will travel to that country and all the difficulties shall be solved.

There is no doubt that the tests are severe. The more a soul resists and shows firmness and steadfastness, the greater will be his progress, and he shall soar to the sublimest heights of the Kingdom. * * *

O thou daughter of the Kingdom! Thou hast expressed the hope of my Presence in America. It depends upon capacity and merit.

O thou who art attracted to the fragrances of God ! Endeavor thou as far as thou canst to become the cause of the unity and harmony amongst the believers of God. * * *

Announce on my behalf to Mrs. MacNutt "I do not forget thee and my beloved friend, Mr. McNutt, for one breath; nay, rather, I beg continually for your divine confirmations and supreme assistance." * * *


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab. June 3. 1911.
Vol. 2:9 Aug 20, 1911, Kamal.

page 3.

[Reprinted from the Christian Commonwealth, Aug. 2, 1911]

.... Great interest was aroused on Thursday during the discussion on Abdul-Baha's letter to the congress, the full text of which follows:

Alexandria, May 29, 1911.

"To the President, First Universal Races Congress.

My Dear Friend: — Your letter of invitation has been received, and I am much obliged for it. It is my utmost desire to be present at such a gathering, for I am thoroughly confident that beneficial results shall surely follow these meetings, and that they

page 4

will become the means of establishing friendship and love among the world's different races. Thus the basis of enmity may be destroyed and the tent of unity of the world of humanity be raised throughout all regions.

I regret much that circumstances may prevent me from attending, but I will endeavor as much as lies in my power to attend. Failing to do so, pray excuse me.

With a sincere heart I supplicate at the Divine Threshold that this congress may be successful in founding a noble institution which shall be permanent and everlasting; that it may ignite a candle from which a heavenly light shall beam, and plant a tree whose fruit may be friendship, love and unity between all the children of men, so that conflict and warfare may be abolished, and patriotic, racial, religious and political prejudices become unknown. Peace should replace strife, enmity be superseded by love, estrangement annihilated, and unity established. The what has been spoken of in the heavenly books will become well rotted in the hearts of all, and the glad-tidings of the sacred writings be fulfilled. In conclusion I offer my utmost appreciation and respect to such a blessed congress. (Sig.) ABBAS."
Vol. 2:9 page 5


When travelling about the world we observe an air of prosperity in any country, we find it to be due to the existence of love and friendship among the people. If, on the contrary, all seems depressed and poverty-stricken, we may feel assured that this is the effect of animosity, and of the absence of union among the inhabitants.

Notwithstanding that such a state of things is obvious to the passing traveller, how often the people themselves continue in the sleep of negligence, or occupy themselves in disputes and differences, and are even ready to slaughter their fellow-men!

Consider thoughtfully the continual integration and disintegration of the phenomenal universe. . . . Unification and constructive combination is the cause of Life. Disunion of particles brings about loss, weakness, dispersion, and decay.

Consider the varieties of flowers in a garden. They seem but to enhance the loveliness of each other. When differences of color, ideas, and character are found in the human Kingdom, and come under the control of the power of Unity, they too show their essential beauty and perfection.

Rivalry between the different races of mankind was first caused by the struggle for existence among the wild animals. This struggle is no longer necessary: nay, rather interdependence and co-operation are seen to produce the highest welfare in nations. The struggle that now continues is cased by prejudice and bigotry.

To-day nothing but the power of the Divine Word, which embraces the Reality of all things, can draw together the minds, hearts, and spirits of the world under the shadow of the heavenly Tree of Unity.

The Light of the Word is now shining on all horizons. Races and nations, with their different creeds, are coming under the influence of the Word of Unity in love and in peace.

The Blessed One, Bahá'u'lláh, likens the existing world to a tree, and the people to its fruits, blossoms and leaves. All should be fresh and vigorous,

page 6

the attainment of their beauty and proportion depending on the love and unity with which they sustain each other and seek the Life eternal. The friends of God should become the manifestors in this world of this mercy and love. They should not dwell on the shortcomings of others. Ceaselessly should they be thinking how they may benefit others and show service and co-operation. Thus should they regard every stranger, putting aside such prejudices and superstitions as might prevent friendly relations.

To-day the noblest person is he who bestows upon his enemy the pearl of generosity, and is a beacon-light to the misguided and the oppressed. This is the command of Bahá'u'lláh.

O dear friends! the world is in a warlike condition, and its races are hostile one to the other. The darkness of difference surrounds them, and the light of kindness grows dim. The foundations of society are destroyed and the banners of life and joy are overthrown. The leaders of the people seem to glory in the shedding of blood — Friendship, straightness, and truthfulness are despised.

The call to arbitration, to peace, to love, and to loyalty is the call of Bahá'u'lláh. His standard floats since fifty years, summoning all of what ever race and creed.

O ye friends of God! acknowledge this pure light; direct the people who are in ignorance, chanting the melodies of the Kingdom of God, until the dead body of mankind quickens with a new life.

Guide the people of God. Inspire them to emulate the lives of the holy ones who have gone before. Be ye kind in reality, not in appearance only. Be ye fathers to the orphans, a remedy to the sick, a treasury of wealth to the poor, a protector of the unfortunate.

Where love dwells, there is light! Where animosity dwells, there is darkness!

O friends of God! strive to dissipate the darkness and reveal the hidden meanings of things, until their Reality becomes clear and established in the sight of all.

This Congress is one of the greatest of events. It will be forever to the glory of England that it was established at her capital. It is easy to accept a truth; but it is difficult to be steadfast in it; for the tests are many and heavy. It is well seen that the British are firm, and are not lightly turned aside, being neither ready to begin a matter for a little while, nor prone to abandon it for a little reason. Verily, in every undertaking they show firmness.

O ye people! cause this thing to be not a thing of words, but of deeds. Some congresses are held only to increase differences. Let it not be so with you. Let your effort be to find harmony. Let Brotherhood be felt and seen among you; and carry ye its quickening power throughout the world. It is my prayer that the work of the Congress will bear great fruit. ABDU'L BAHA 'ABBAS.
Vol. 2:10 (September 8, 1911) Eizzat

Page 3

TABLETS FROM ABDUL-BAHA. Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab.

To Mohammad Ali Khan, Teheran, Persia.


O thou intimate companion!

The flame of reformation is ignited in the heart and soul of Persia and the spirit of every real reformer is longing for better conditions. For Persia is sick and is suffering with intense agony. But the children of the East are abiding under the shade of the banner of discord and are completely heedless and veiled Now, what remedy can be applied! The sick Persia is flying away from the physician; nay, rather that thirsty one is depriving himself of the sea of the salubrious water of health. Therefore, this exiled one has found no other alternative than to turn his face towards the West and raise the melody of the Kingdom; for to a certain degree the insight of the people in those parts is open and they are familiar and associate with reason and understanding. When Joseph found that his envious brothers and his jealous relations and friends were heedless and unmindful, he unveiled his face in the market of the Egyptians, so that in exile he might destroy the foundation of strangeness and raise the banner of unity. Therefore, it is the aim of this exiled one, that, God willing, he may become the Herald and carry the gladtidings of the Kingdom to the empires of the West. Perchance the splendor of the Beauty of the real Joseph — the Most Great Name — May my life be a sacrifice to Him — may shine from the countries of the Occident; and I beg of God that the glances of mercifulness may assist.

I hope that the bounties of the True One may become realized in thee, but it is conditional upon thy serving the Real Master and living in accord with the manners and behavior of the real Bahais and showing the utmost sincerity and beauty of intention. Upon thee be the Glory of God!


To Anna M. Dahl, Pittsburgh, Pa.


O thou seeker of Truth!

Thy letter was received and thy thankfulness became evident. Glorification of God is the cause of attraction of confirmation and draws down the bounties of the Glorious Lord. Therefore the glances of the providence of

page 4

the True One shall ere long encircle all the family. I pray God that Pittsburgh may be blessed. It is not permitted to distribute Bahai pamphlets and literature through the streets and markets.** On account of the lack of time a brief answer is given.

Upon thee be the Glory of God! (Signed.) ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS.

To Adolph M. Dahl, Pittsburgh, Pa.


O thou servant of God!

Thy letter was received. Praise be to God, that the call of the Kingdom of ABHA reached Pittsburgh. Should the friends of God show firmness and steadfastness, the ray of the light of the Kingdom of ABHA will shine and that state and city will become illuminated.

Endeavor thou that thou mayest study the Persian language thoroughly, so that thou mayest read the Tablets of BAHA'O'LLAH and comprehend their meanings.

**In reality, if someone should go to the Netherlands and engage in teaching the Truth great results would follow. Although such a person cannot he found for the present, yet before long he shall be discovered.

I supplicate and entreat at the Kingdom of ABHA and ask heavenly confirmation for thee. Perchance, God willing. at some future date we may meet each other.

Upon thee be the Glory of God! (Signed) ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS.

Through the maid-servant of God, Mrs. Helen S. Goodall, to the Members of the Assembly of Abdul-Baha, San Francisco, California.


O ye faithful friends!

The maid-servant of the Kingdom of BAHA'O'LLAH has written the joyful news that the friends in that region have established an Assembly, have engaged in the spreading of the teachings of God and have arisen with the utmost endeavor, sincerity of intention, and enkindlement with the fire of the Love of God so that that country may become a main-spring of the signs, and that city become illumined, and a number of souls like stars of the Horizon of Holiness may shine in the assemblage of the Kingdom of man (humanity).

This Assembly was organized at the right time. It is my hope that it may become a magnet of confirmation. If it remain firm and steadfast this Assembly will become so illumined that it will be a full, refulgent moon in the Horizon of everlasting Glory.

Report and write to me the services which are accomplished by this Assembly so that they may become the cause of spiritual happiness and joy to the heart.

Upon thee be the Glory of God! (Signed) ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS.
Vol. 2:10, Page 8

Extract from a Tablet received by Aga Mirza Taraz-o-llah of Gazwin, Persia, concerning the STAR OF THE WEST:

In regard to the STAR OF THE WEST which in Rasht fell into the hands of strangers. There was a wisdom in this. It will have great effect in the future. The editors of the newspapers are mistaken. The literature of the Bahais has encircled the world and not alone Persia. The derision and the scorn of the editors of the newspapers will be the cause of their own undoing and regret. They must loosen their tongues in thankfulness and praise and glorification that — Praise he to God! Persia has found such influence in America that a magazine like unto the STAR OF THE WEST is founded. This behooveth them to be thankful and not complain. This is the cause of the glory of Persia and the Persians and not their shame. How long this community does not behold the wonders and miracles of Thy Lord!


page 8

ADDRESS BY ABDUL BAHA [At the City Temple, London. This is almost identical to the version in 'Abdu'l-Bahá in London. Some of the differences (word order, plural for singular, etc,) may be simply accidental, others are corrections of minor grammatical errors in this version.]

"O noble friends, seekers after God, praise be to God! To-day the light of truth is shining upon the world in its abundance. The breezes of the heavenly garden are blowing throughout all regions. The call of the kingdom is heard in all lands, and the breath of the Holy Spirit is felt in all hearts that are faithful. The Spirit of God is giving life eternal. In this wonderful age the East is enlightened, the West is fragrant, and everywhere the soul inhales the holy perfume. The sea of the unity of mankind is lifting up its waves with joy; for there is real communication between the hearts and minds of men. The banner of the Holy Spirit is uplifted, and men see it, and are assured with the knowledge that this is a new day. This is a new cycle of human power. All the horizons of the world are luminous, and the world will become indeed as a garden and a paradise. It is the hour of unity of the sons of men, and a drawing together of all races and all classes. You are loosed from ancient superstitions which have kept men ignorant, destroying the foundations of true humanity. The gift of God of this enlightened age is the knowledge of the oneness of mankind and the fundamental oneness of religion. War shall cease between nations, and by the will of God the Most Great Peace shall come; the world will be seen as a new world, and all men shall live as brothers. In the days of old an instinct for warfare was developed in the struggle with wild animals; this is no longer necessary; nay, rather, co-operation and mutual understanding are seen to produce the greatest welfare of mankind. Enmity is now the result of prejudice only. In the 'Hidden Words' Bahá'u'lláh says 'Justice is to be loved above all.' Praise be to God, in this country the standard of justice has been raised; a great effort is being made to give all souls an equal and a true place. This is the desire of all noble natures. This is to-day the teaching for the East and for the West; therefore, the East and the West will understand each other and reverence each other, and embrace like long-parted lovers who have found each other. There is one God; mankind is one; and the foundations of religion are one. Let us worship Him, and give praise for all his great prophets and messengers who have manifested his brightness and glory. The blessing of the Eternal One be with you in all his riches, that each soul according to his measure may take freely of him! Amen.

After the service, in the City Temple vestry, Abdul Baha wrote a few sentences In Persian In the pulpit Bible and added his signature, as follows:

This book is the Holy Book of God, of celestial inspiration. It is the Bible of Salvation, the noble Gospel. It is the mystery of the Kingdom and its light. It is the Divine Bounty, sign of the guidance of God. — Abdu'l Baha Abbas.

— — — — end of Book 1 (Vol.1 and Vol.2 to Number 11) — — — -

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