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TAGS: Alfred Lunt; Conspiracy theories; Criticism and apologetics; Mirian Sevasly; War (general); World War I
LOCATIONS: Germany; United States (documents)
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Seven pages of FBI files investigating Alfred S. Lunt and Mirian Sevasly and possible Baha'i opposition to the war.
Scans from Files named after the date given in "DATE WHEN MADE," not "PERIOD FOR WHICH MADE" (visible in the upper right corner of some pages).

Because there are gaps in the dates, some pages may be missing. Email me if you can find these at

In re. Bahá'í Temple Unity (Alleged German Religious Propaganda):
Alfred S. Lunt, Case #304495

by Federal Bureau of Investigation


1. PDF with OCR-ed text

Because this PDF is large — 4.5MB — it is not automatically displayed on this webpage.

Click here to download it: fbi_bahai_temple_unity.pdf.

2. Scans

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1918-10-15 p. 3

1918-10-15 p. 4

1918-11-07 p. 2

1918-11-07 p. 3

1918-11-07 p. 4

1918-11-07 p. 5

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