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Survey of search technologies that can be used to find documentation on the Bahá'í religion, and a summary of results of such searches for the period 2003-2006.
Originally posted at, archived at Later published in Journal of Baha'i Studies 20:1-4 (2010), pp. 35-54; download the JBS version, hassall_search_technologies_jbs.pdf.

Accessing literature on the Bahá'í Faith:
Emerging search technologies and recent results

by Graham Hassall

published in Online Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 1, pages 587-619
Association for Baha'i Studies of New Zealand, 2007

1. 2007 version from Online Journal of Bahá'í Studies (New Zealand)


2. 2010 version from Journal of Bahá'í Studies (North America)

See also the later version of this article as published in Journal of Bahá'í Studies 20:1-4 (2010), pp. 35-54:
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