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Starting places for studying the Baha'i Faith: introductory books, articles, and magazines.

About the Bahá'í Faith

This is a sample of introductory materials on the Bahá'í Faith. See also many more here.
For the official website, see
(see also the non-official

1. The Bahá'í Faith: A source guide for reporters
2. The Bahá'ís, a magazine-format introduction to the Bahá’í Faith
3. Light to the World, an introductory film in many languages
4. A brief article: A Short Introduction to the Bahá'í Faith, by Peter Smith
5. A full book: A Short Introduction to the Bahá'í Faith, by Moojan Momen
6. A Brief Course on the Bahá'í Faith, compiled at the Bahá'í World Centre
7. Bahá'u'lláh and the New Era, by John E. Esslemont
8. The New Garden: An Introduction to the Bahá'í Faith, by Hushmand Fatheazam
9. The "Warwick Leaflets": 60 pamphlets on many Bahá'í subjects
10. Detailed Arabic & Fársí transcription list and glossary for Bahá’ís
11. Short glossary of Bahá'í terms, places, and people

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