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Lengthy overview of the Bahá'í response to Darwinism and the concepts of parallel evolution and species change.
See also a PDF of the complete issue of Solas 4.

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Evolution and Baha'i Belief, by Keven Brown and Eberhard von Kitzing:
Review and Commentary

by Eamonn Moane

published in Solas, 4, pages 86-104
Donegal, Ireland: Association for Bahá'í Studies English-Speaking Europe, 2004
Evolution and Bahá’í Belief: ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s Response to Nineteenth Century Darwinism
Authors: Keven Brown and Eberhard von Kitzing (eds.)
Published by: Los Angeles: Kalímat Press (2001), 278 pages
Review by: Eamonn Moane

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