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TAGS: Eyewitnesses; Manshad upheaval; Persecution; Persecution, Deaths; Persecution, Iran; Upheavals; Yazd upheaval
LOCATIONS: Iran (documents); Manshad; Yazd
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Detailed eyewitness account of martyrdoms in Iran in 1903.
This is an updated version of the piece that was first published in World Order, Fall 1996; revised and expanded for online publication, 2005, as volume 6 of Witnesses to Babi and Baha'i History. See also image scans of the original World Order article, rabbani_astani_martyrs_manshad.pdf, and image scans of the original Persian text, manshadi_martyrs_manshad_persian.pdf.

See also Treatise on Persecution of Bahá'ís in 1903 and The Events and Tragedies of Manshád.

Written in English and Persian.

Martyrs of Manshad

by Siyyid Muhammad Tabíb Manshádi

translated by Ahang Rabbani and Naghmeh Astani.
published in World Order, 28:1, pages 21-36
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