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TAGS: Shamsi Sedaghat
LOCATIONS: Brighton; Central America; Cyprus, Bahamas; Iran (documents); Ishqabad; Italy; Kampala; Liberia; Palermo; Trinidad and Tobago; Turkmenistan; Uganda; United Kingdom; United States (documents)
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Early years in Ashgabat and Iran; pilgrimage in 1955; pioneering to Africa, Cyprus, and the Bahamas; travel teaching to Kampala, Brighton, Palermo, Kampala, Brighton, Palermo, Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean, Central America, Liberia, and United States.

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Also available in Word format, with higher quality (less compressed) pictures: sedaghat_chapman_memoirs.docx. [29 MB]

The Memoirs of Shamsi Sedaghat

by Shamsi Sedaghat

edited by Hillary Chapman
Background: Ms. Sedaghat is a lifelong Bahá'í pioneer (Cyprus, Trinidad, Southern Iran, Odessa, and Turkmenistan), travel teacher (West Africa, the Caribbean, South America, Western Europe, Central Asia, United States), and administrator (Spiritual Assemblies of Port of Spain, Nicosia, Alexandria (VA), Georgetown, SC; National Spiritual Assemblies of Trinidad and Tobago, the USSR, Turkmenistan; Regional Spiritual Assembly of Central Asia). An extraordinary life by any measure. This compendium is all the more remarkable because it was assembled when she was in her 90s. [-H.C., 2024]
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