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Last updated August 8, 2010

Dear friends,

Through this web site, I have tried to bring all the information I have gathered on the postal stamps and material related to the Baha'i Faith. I hope you enjoy the wonderful stamps issued to honour this glorious Faith. If you collect stamps, I sincerely hope this page will help you track down these stamps and add them to your own collection.

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Melbourne, Australia
Tooraj Enayati


I sincerely thank the following, who have assisted me a great deal in starting and compiling and presenting the information on this site:

Subsequently, I have received continuous support and assistance from numerous others.

Without the valuable contributions form these kind souls, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy sharing this information with you. 

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If you find any incorrect and missing information on this site, please email me and let me know. Feel free to share the address of this site with others, so the news of its existence may reach those who it useful. It is greatly appreciated.

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